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We continue to expand 3D coverage around the globe in both Google Earth and the new Google Maps.

Check out the latest batch of 3D imagery in the following US cities: Jackson, MS, Sumter, SC, Sioux City, IA, Newark, NJ, Brunswick, GA, RockyMount, NC, Mankato, MN.

In Europe, coverage now includes: Beziers, France, Blanes/Lloret De Mar, Spain, Nancy, France, Modena, Italy, Reading, UK.

Happy exploring!

The image below shows new 3D imagery in Newark, NJ with Manhattan in the background!
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How do you choose what cities to scan? I find it stange that London and Paris is not scanned but other smaller cities are. 
awesome just went st louise now try on google earth
Truthfuly this is yet another way technology is advancing the world. thank you Google!
Nice I love the Google earth
1101 panaoramahills landing calgary alberta canada
o google aerth pra ficar melhor é só fazer a cidade de Apui AM brasil
As you are adding new cities to the map, will you also expand existing cities such as San Antonio? I am really eager to see what Randolph AFB looks like.
Can I ever expect to see my city in the new 3D imagery? I spent a whole year busting my gut to model my city in Google Earth but now I can't add any more buildings because of the new '3D Imagery' system, but I'm sure America-centric Google will never get around to modelling Launceston or any other Australian cities that don't hold "state capital" status even if they are of major historic significance to the nation.
when are you guys coming to Africa, Uganda particularly! am obsessed with GE nevertheless.
The render distance is too short now. You cant see Manhattan from this perspective anymore.
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