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We have another Google Earth Scavenger Hunt for your Friday!

Clue: Jump with Chrysostomus

Please leave your guess in the comments and don't forget to share coordinates from Google Earth.
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some area in egypt maps not update since 2005
Salzburg? If I had to guess something a bit more precise, maybe on the Rudolfskai, not too far away from Mozartplatz (just trying to build off the clue).
47,48,01.49N 13,02,37.59 E

Ahh, damn, I passed right over that spot during a phase when my internet got a little laggy! Ahh, well, at least I got the city right. Nice choice for the pic :)
It is the corner of Straatsbrucke and Griegasse is Salzberg, Germany. Home to Felix Baumgartner and Mozart! Can't get coordinates due to google earth not on work computer. Will post pic to confirm directly to +Google Earth page
Ok, small prob - can't post pic directly yo +Google Earth G+ page. I can shoot an email to you to confirm if you'd like.
dang. Just refreshed comments and saw I was too little too late! Great job +Jeff Colayco + company!!!!
wait, what? Felix Baumgartner and Mozart were born in the same house? can I have my kids there too?
47.800313 13.043566 Salzburg, Austria :P I lived there, so I recognize this spot even from space :D
+Gerald Smith  That would probably require a corresponding image already being on the web, and I'm guessing the +Google Earth might have deliberately gone with a shot taken from Google Earth itself rather than a previously distributed photo to avoid letting people use the 'Search by image' tool. Now that I tried it, I notice that they've also cleverly used the file name 'No cheating' :)
Sooo, exactly what does the clue have to do with this?
Or, is it really 2 completely irrelevant subjects in one sentence!?
Yeah. We can search for specific Google Earth files, but only in regular text by search (with the [filetype:kmz] command). And that has nothing to do with looking up a satellite image from Google Earth. Using corresponding images for a search by image, on the other hand, would only work if someone has rather coincidentally used the same image somewhere. With dense urban areas, though, I guess there would be too many 'similar' images to get results that are as good as most other 'search by image' queries.
A Little Off Topic >>>>  I'm curious what the Bluish Streak is at  48° 0'40.00"N,  15°35'10.49"E when viewed (in GE) at an Eye Elevation of about 4000 Feet ?
Could it be a Condensation Trail from a Jet ?
Thanks +Matthew Coressel    So what do you think about my choice of locations for this Posted Question ?  I didn't find the exact location but there is a river AND I got to this town's location by looking up/searching for Chrysostomus and reading about it.
I went to Salzburg recently...very nice 
the answer was given Chris....Salzburg correct country....just put the coordinates in the search field of googleearth itLL take ya right to it.....this is the first time theyve giveN us a pic that wasNt top north....well first time iVe searched for one....( i wouldVe been first if i had suspected, passed over it like 3x before it clicked)
Oh....  I never thought to read other posts. Didn't want to cheat !  At least I came up with Austria !!
47 48 01.49 N, 13 02 37.59 E

However, North is NOT at the top of the image. The River is to the North.
Go to that location (or anywhere else in GE) and click "R" (no quotes) to orient N at Top.
it was intentional....its my own lil "style" of conversing ....anyone who knows me knows my if they get a msg "from me" and it's not in that style....well, theyRe being punked or it my authentication (i still contend i used "uR" like 10yrs before P!nk did)
is it something like, remove all apostrophes and capitalise following letter? am I even close?
Incomplete maps to city's fron Central America
hi i  think  google earth is great but i'm having problems to download
No entiendo nada de lo que comentan ja ja aprenderé inglés portuges 
 e muito menos Eu abraços Josué vamos ter que voltar para escola.  Boa Noite...... estas preparado Jesus Voltando.......
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