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Celebrate Earth day with Google Earth 7.1

Today the world celebrates Earth Day and to mark the occasion, we're releasing new versions of Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. 

People love getting lost exploring new places in Google Earth, so to make virtual flight even better, Google Earth 7.1 now supports Leap Motion's touch-free 3D motion controller letting you navigate Google Earth with simple hand gestures. The Leap Motion Controller will start shipping globally soon, but check out the video below for a sneak peek at it in action (

While you're flying around the globe,  take a minute zoom out to outer space. We've updated the star field and Milky Way to bring added realism (and fun) to space exploration.

If you need even more power, consider upgrading to Google Earth Pro.  Google Earth Pro helps you visualize, analyze and share 3D map data and imagery so you make informed decisions about a location without physically being there. The latest edition of Pro adds new map-making features to create legends and add titles directly to a map, and new viewshed functionality helps you evaluate a remote site from comforts of home or work. 

To update to the latest version of Google Earth, download it from our website []. And head over to the Google Enterprise blog to learn more about latest edition of Google Earth Pro. []
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When will I be able to use Google Earth with my Chromebook? Or better yet, can I use the Leap motion on my Chromebook?
Leap motion. Will it happen with everybody one day.
Davi Lu
unfortunately GE doesn't works on my computer :( if I click on it it doesn't starts, and if it starts the world is not loading althoug my computer is connected to the internet. I redownloaded it but it doesn't works. I loved GE because the 3DModels and the F16 fly sim!
BREAK THROUGH!! Now, please, some link to any work being done to get Google Earth in Oculus Rift!!?  Google Earth + Oculus Rift + Leap Motion = Goal.
☆なになに『すご~ぃ!』遣ってみたい パソコンのバージョンupか?
Nadia K
decodeur  SVP 
Si esta genial, por el momento +Andres Morales estoy desarrollando como complemento para manejar paginas web
Ok every thing was fine until this latest version. . .now I'm told I need to upgrade my graphics card. . . .what I now see is. .nothing! Unless I click on boundaries, roads,  'my places' I see the lines & icon's However,  No Imagery!!
Always something!! 
I thought GE was supposed to auto-update?  Mine isn't, still have 7.0.3.  Is there a way to tell it to check for updates?  Not obvious if there is.  
Estes recursos do Google estão cada vez mais superando!!! Parabéns à equipe por mais excelente trabalho.  Associação Global
Art G
No way I'm going to download the newest version if there is a problem interfacing with certain graphics cards. Please fix the problem.
I used to enjoy Google Earth but now everytime I try to use it it crashes my system - what have you done - cant you fix it
Like others, I had big problems with the last Google Earth update (7.0) & had to revert to 6.2.2. When I opened GE I just got in a loop with the system telling me to use a) DirectX and then b) OpenGL, then back to a) then b)................. Google need to sort out the graphics card issues or at least warn users that older cards may not work.
Just pre-ordered a Leap Motion controller on the back of this ! Thanks Google Earth guys :)
+Alan Thomond I have exactly the same problem and can no longer use GE. How do I get back to earlier versions? Harry
I have now uninstalled GE and re-installed 6.2 and disabled updates. It works fine. What a load of nonsense from GE.
GE was great but now it is useless. It crashes on opening on my iMac OS 10.8.3. I've tried everything to no avail. FIX IT!
I had major problems with Gooigle Earth 7.1 and am uninstalling as we speak.  Would not stop when I hit exit.  Had to go into processes and kill.  It would not update when I zoomed in to other than initial location on the map.  I'm going back to the previous version
I have the same problems with GE that a lot of others have commented on, such as not focusing at closer range, not responding, and crashing. It had worked fine on my computer previously, but when I needed to reformat my hard drive, I reinstalled GE ( many attempts) is when the trouble all started.
hi , can i ask a question please, my google earth application fails to work , street view is jamming when i search for a link i am not sure if i am getting the real link and not virus ect..does anyone have the proper     earth link and can you give to me ..thanks , Ray 
Hi Joshua, can you give me a proper earth street view link ..when i try to search for google earth street view 2013 i seem to get a lot of versions and i am afraid that one or more of them could contain a virus ? i used too have it installed like last week i could get a small town in Romania in street view and now i only get a blurry picture and it seems to be the same in every city now..are google doing maintenance on their site as we speak?? thanks, Ray 
I would like to google  Paparatava mission.
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