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Did you know that the Earth client has an airplane mode that lets you to fly around as if you’re in an F-16 or SR22? No pilot license required.

To enter airplane mode, open the client and press CTRL + Alt + A (command + option + A on a Mac). Visit the Google Earth Help Center to learn more about flying around the world (
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Looks like Google is preparing drone controlling software and masked it as Google Earth :)
When are you going to fix it for widescreens?
Ah in elementary when we had indoor recess my friends and I would get on Google Earth and start at the same point somewhere (usually an airport), and race using the directions to some place famous (like Mount Everest).
Yesofcourse. :)
I did some geographical trips by this airplane..
For example on the way of Danube river from the spring in the Black Forest in Germany to the end in Romania, when the river arrives to the Black Sea. :))
Thaat was a good airtrip ;)
Ugh by the top of the screen I can tell that this is a Mac -.-' Apple fails...
anybody try crashing the "plane"?
Мой браузер удивляет меня ежедневно!!! ЭТО ПРИЯТНО!!!
not new to me. seems like google+ basically focuses on andvertising.....
I knew this long ago, but it takes forever to download the landscape so it's pretty useless. They need a feature to download the landscape of certain areas of interest in advance, then this would be pretty cool.
No shit. The opion is in the toolbar
it is in the tool bar if u pay attention's really hard to fly that thing. Unless there's a legend I don't know of?
Flying the plane is a suicide mission
who did not already know about this?
I agree and i didnt know
would rather swim to great ocean depths but land is cool too
Haha lol just crashed into the tower of giza
This is what people play on the school laptops
thats exactly where i was born...cheers man
i knew that its a bit boring though ...... if it was like flight simulator x i would play it
All this time I've had Google Earth, I've never known about this.
Can you blow stuff up?
I thought of the Helicopters in BF3
hellow arent you gonna writebake
OOOggg... Took me a while to figure out the controls.
Reminds me back in the day... c.1986, Flight Simulator.

Can one land at area airports? Or is that considered a crash?
this is the best thing ever during school
u guys are sloooowww!!!!!!'s AWESOME with an e in there..... and's while, have u been to school ? ever ? really?
I have had so much fun with this! Landing is pretty tricky.
Ya I've known it for a few years now. Landing is very tricky, you have to have flaps on (with gears of course) then take flaps off and slowly, very slowly, land. But if you land on a hill or something your toast. Although, I never knew you could use CTRL-ALT-A to get in...
I used to love doing this. I should do it again.
fyi i learned that a while ago and im 11
its fun though (crash crash) :]
what are you guys talking about????????????????
How about a particle view, so I could race around the different accelerators of the world?
Leo T
I didn't know that /: Now I feel dumb.
I'll have to check that out soon. I love you guys!
I'm not a hipster or nothing but me and my friends have done this at school on the macs for a few years
cool i like to crash into the Australian Parliament house
It took me a while to learn how to turn the plane and not flip it :P That was fun!
The plane ride is fun at first, but it gets a little long. But it's nice. ;)
I've nown that 4 about 6 years now
OK I'ce opened it, now how the heck to I CONTROL it? its so hard to keep it steady!
wow brett, aren't you special
yea landing's tough, im choosing to just crash-land...ha ha ha
I would love to blow up stuff like in COD with the AC-130
it's just gettin better and better
I forgot about that Easter Egg :-) love it!!
That's incredible, but I feel privacy is being violated a little too much. It's disguised as entertainment but who's really watching us..
Actually I didn't know that. Cool! Sharing...
+Angel Escareno how is your privacy being violated? These are just images from space, and Google has software to blur out objects like people's faces or license plates. If you find anything that you don't feel should be in the software, just let Google know and I'm sure they will take a look into it.
Fly Man
amazing didnt know that
If you didn't know that then your a dumass 
I've known this since Google earth came out
Yeah this is old stuff. Theyve had this like 2 fucking years ago... cant believe u guys didn't know... o well have fun its not that great as it looks
dude I'm bout try it out!
Eric He
im a butterfly
Still waiting for Google Earth integration on Chrome OS.
I crashed an F16 into my house, is that a bad thing??
i fail at the keys
(keep stalling)
It's cool and all, but it should have guns and missiles, radar, and enemy jets we can shoot down. Also, the maximum ceiling is a JOKE.
Knew it too! Lots of fun, very accurate physics.
Can I drive the car on the street next time? I will be waiting for this! Anyway, I'd control any plain..
Good ol' Google. At it again.
Ofcourse i knew that silly
duh every 1 knows that jeez
Last time I tried, was not too good. But slow internet, and slow laptop could have been to blame. I'll have to try it again, looks like some enhancements have been made.
You can use the joystick too!
Wow I never knew that, I'll have to try this out!
It's a great feature, but it would be better if there were more aircraft to choose from.
Yeah i crashed into mount everest.
but u should have explosion effects!
i wish i cn go with my half of my hearth. the background so beutiful
Knew that. But its worth to mention that it is not easy to use
yeah, i just downloaded the google earth software, thani did the ctrl alt a thing, so i choose los angeles airport to depart, but i dont find the way to move( to start flying)
Unfortunately none of my 2 flight control systems is supported :( And clicking/dragging is not such a fun..
Played around with it just now. Crash and burned.
I knew and did get it in airplane mode way before google plus arrived and a few year after being introduced to google earth and less than a year after having a Mac! I had already used flight simulator in windows, so when flying with google, I prefer plugging in the flight simulator joystick which also make it easier! But now I rather fly in augmented reality! Sweet nature and technology!
I can land, you just need to train yourself the trick!
I think we should add effect to it, missle, sound, boom, more aircraft, float on water, multiplayer flight, global flight, war, private flight for discovery… by the way, I did swim under water with my aircraft in google earth! It fun! You can also make it swim like a dolphin because of it, my favorite part! Wish we could also bind it with our future uav we can have so we can fly anywhere and map it all! More 3d would come to it we do that!
But how can I fire a missile? Pew pew!
This is so amazing. I actually landed right on the fucking JFK Landing strip!!!!!!!!
Just make sure that you're not trying to fly over the Persian
Now if it was possible to combine il2-sturmovik flight simulator with google earth B-)
only a brave man and would make a direct Testament with God by reaching Everest
Nice, but extremly basic. I tried to land in our international airport, but the terrain looked like an offroad disaster. I'm also missing heading and power settings display. But above all I really like it.
Did you know you can land underwater !!!
Can you do it on the mobile version,
And if so how?
I wish you could drop grenades on people #GrenadaBooshwa
Thank you for sharing such a SUPERB GIFT all around! A true BEAUTY! ;-D
i just be there last night !!! :p
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