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Are you a nonprofit with a great mapping idea? Make sure to apply for a Google Earth Outreach Developer Grant by August 1st!

Learn more on the Lat Long blog ( and be inspired by other organizations mapping for good featured in the video below.
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+Google Earth When will you release a new App for the iPad - I really would like to use the 3D Maps on it!
Is there a google grant like that to support Robotics engineering. Check out our link:  At Open Robotics University, you take courses for free. Let us know if you would like to participate in our university as a student, advisor or sponsor. The university is currently forming robotics project circles for the undergraduate through doctorate levels in robotics engineering for the September, 2012 term.  Right now we are head quartered in Dublin, Ohio. Our goal is to create circles based on cities round the globe. The university would use hybrid approach that integrates virtual learning and meetup to collaboratively build robotics projects for college credits leading to bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees.  We are working on North Central accreditation.
Open Robotics University is the first university to provide people around the world, based on Google+ platform, free access to study for undergraduate through doctorate degrees in robotics engineering. We have recently secured a partnership with OpenRov Robotics  to use their robotics platform to conduct research and build world-class oceanic robots to explore the world’s ocean.  Other area of research includes space, defense, surveillance, recreational, rehabilitation, person assistant, and medical robotics applications. Since the program is for working and non-working professionals, students will be in total control of their level of participation. Open Robotics University is working with practicing engineers to serve as mentors to our students.  If you decide to be a student, we would include you in our September robotics circle classes. But first, we would like to know your level of education and your major area of study to enable us place you in the right level and projects.
The founder of the university served as a FIRST robotics coach and mentor to three teams in central Ohio, and he was a presenter at the 2008 FIRST Robotics World Championship at Atlanta, Georgia. He has completed four masters and a doctorate degree. His experience, while attempting to complete fifth and six masters degree in software engineering and electrical engineering respectively, influenced him to open this university. He strongly believe that future engineers should not be subjected to outdated text books and high cost of tuition in this digital age. Any dedicated individual can receive high quality education via social media infrastructure. Prospective students should seek admission by sending invitation to join a circle here. Admission will be granted after successful review of letter of interest, resume and transcripts. Circles will be based on area of interest in robotics engineering. All admission procedures and students’ completion of courses will be completed via Google+ platform. Join this revolutionary effort to educate engineers that will change the world.
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all pictures were taken by either helicopter,,or plain,,!! who doesent see that is realy blind,,!! just think,,you take a photo of a tree,,outside,,say these days  you could have  a camera,,of 30 mega pixels,,!! how coeld it be so,,that the closer the picture comes to the service,,the better the vieuw,,!!  so simple,,why does anyone beleve that,? i`m amazed,,how people could be so blind,,why do we have glasfiber cables running thruw the oceans,,would not need to,,with all of these so cold,,satelite`s,,!!  crab a picture taken from suposed to be Mars,,!! lighten it up,,and what do you see,,,a pancake,,!!or just cut out af carton,,just some artwork,,!! and they have even landed on venus,,,no bit of tin can could make it near,,just imagine the heat,,!! Ground Control to Major Tom Animation_Space Oddity, David Bowie
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