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change the page name... still Google Docs :)
Are you not going to change your name from Google Docs to Google Drive?
oh, and this yellow icon is pretty ugly xD
Exactly when will we ALL be seeing this phantom Google Drive?
I got it 2 days ago. Eventually it will be available to you.
someone said #driveforlinux ? ;D
one would think that the community needs to be here and not google groups.
I just migrated to Google Drive and all of my google docs (anything created or owned by me) from 5 plus years are no longer there. Thousands of hours of work on the line. Major anxiety attack and of course nobody at google to reaach out to or help me.
Sean G
+Google Docs someone @ +Google should have a talk with you. Fist... Google docs & Google Drive should Merge. Or whatever. Make it simple... Because upload speeds for Google Docs SUCK. & untill its smoother (like DropBox) then its a joke. I Paid extra Money for storage, hardly use... Hope Drive Fixes!!!

Really!? Your Sending us a Link... To go to google Groups to talk about Drive???
Someone should have a Sit-Down.
Your pushing people OUT of G+ to a Group... That has No App & we must use web Browser.
The Future on the Fly is Mobile. +Google+ & +Google México & +Google , etc. Etc. All know this.
Agree... Lets talk about +Google Docs / Drive.
In +Google+

Oh my?! scratches head
Must be easy get a Job @ +Google Docs
+Jason Grout Is it possible you've signed on to the wrong Google account? do you have more than one?
No no the documents are even gone from all my friends (collaborators) folders too who haven't migrated yet. This is probably the worst internet thing to ever happen to me.
If I go to All Files they aren't there either, only things that were created by other people but nothing created by me. They've literally vanished from all my folders and all my collaborators that I shared with.
I have to agree with +Sean G, you should be encouraging discussion on Google+ rather than Groups.
Sorry if this has been answered already, perhaps I'm confused. Is the roll out still staggered? I have my personal Google account, which got Drive right away. However, my Apps account says it is not available yet. It's a free account, does that matter?
+Jason Grout What if you try to search for them? Some of my documents (shared or not) are also not visible on Drive's main page but searching finds them
dear google docs, all this is lovely extra space but I can't use it if you don't fix the out of alignment cursor issue... seriously, pages in and my cursor selects text four lines out of whack
+Matt Keithley, +Sean G, and +Phil Bates - we have passionate users on both our Google+ page and in our product forum, and we'd like to hear from users in both communities. +Nick Gover We are rolling out Google Drive to all users over several weeks - check this Help Center article for more details:
But why advertise to groups from plus? Does not compute. 
"hey guys, we're having a real heated discussion over on fb...come check it out!"
I am a Google family fan, I like GDrive , but the logo kind out the standars of Google colours , is another company GDrive or will be?, and why I'll lost the ownership of everything I uploaded? why?
I've noticed that my files have ended in the root folder
+Bobby Kapur I think that's what may have happened to me too...everything I had was put under a subfolder didn't carry over? I really really hope they can find my files but there is no one at google to contact because they don't have a product support team :(
+Jason Grout I know this will seem harsh, but if the files were that important you should of made a backup. Even if it is in the cloud you never know what can happen tomorow. You can actually very easily make a backup of all your google even before the drive.
Jason, make sure that you are signed in under the same Google Account. I made the transition yesterday, and it went flawlessly.
Não funciona! Porcaria
oops sorry google - missed a line:

Your Content in our Services:
Some of our Services allow you to submit content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours.
When you upload or otherwise submit content to our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide licence to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as those resulting from translations, adaptations or other changes that we make so that your content works better with our Services), communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content. ....The rights that you grant in this licence are for the limited purpose of operating, promoting and improving our Services, and to develop new ones. This licence continues even if you stop using our Services (for example, for a business listing that you have added to Google Maps)."
Is this really so? because this means that if I store my new novel on Drive, it belongs to you and you can use it anyway you want??? You could upload my book to google books without my permission.
Not happy.
+Anne-Maree Gray Surely that doesn't apply to Gmail, Drive and that sort of private service... If it did, I'd have to rethink everything I use Google for.
+Pascal Garneau Dude the files are collaborations with like 10 other people. I can't back them up every day. I should be able to trust google not to magically delete everything. It's amazing how little sympathy people have until something like this happens to them.
Sean, all those on paid accounts before gdrive will be grandfathered. As long as your account's up to day and you don't let payment lapse, you'll remain on the old plan.

Jason, you tried searching, like what others suggested?
+Pascal Garneau +Stéphane Lavergne +Sean G +Matt Keithley Google documents had been flawless for years. I didn't even know that Google Drive had anything to do with Google Documents until after I installed it, otherwise I would have backed-up before. I thought I was just starting a new dropbox folder with more storage, that's all.
+Patricia Pinto Yes, I tried searching thanks. It seems Google Drive doesn't carry over any google documents that lived within subfolders, I saw a few other people report a similar problem in the other forum. I just hope they have a way to retrieve the files for me.
I had multiple sub-folders, and everything came through.
+Google Docs How about Google Drive product forum in other languages, such portuguese?
+Jason Grout You could try and see if they are still available for data liberation. just click on your name then account and data liberation. Download everything you have and see if it is in the zip file.
Thanks for the help all! I actually just found a workaround - went through my sent folder in gmail and tracked down hyperlinks to most of the important docs I had shared. From there I was able to download and back everything up. Huge sigh of relief :)
Jason, I'm glad you got everything recovered, and I'm sorry you had to go through this. I think having Google Drive synching will help, especially if you use Carbonite or another backup service in conjunction.
+Jason Grout Sweet stuff you got it figured out.
And Remember the internet is like a box of chocolate, you never know when your going to get one that taste like shit!
Make a backup of your stuff once in a while. I do it monthly I have a remember in my calendar :D. If you work plenty with it make it a weekly backup.
+Kevin Bartolome You can buy more easily enough.
Give google a cookie and support them :D .
They already gave us enough.
+Richard Booth well you can upload up to 5GB of files, so im sure as long as u put those files on the Drive folder of ur laptop/desktop and sync it, you'll have them on the cloud.
+Kevin Bartolome and how many do you think would actually buy more storage if they had 25GB?
It's logical they offer limited space.
30$ a year is damn cheap for the upgrade.
But I guess if you give a kid a cookie he will want the whole factory for free.
I pay $20 per year for 80GB, now 85 thanks to the expansion of Drive.
Any info about a Linux client #driveforlinux ? For me this is the killer feature of Dropbox...
Hello, love the Google Drive app, with the exception of 1 feature shockingly missing : when do you think we will get LAN sync ? At this point will it become the no-hesitation winner of the cloud game
Sean G
I take back most of what i said... When first setting up the Drive. Better to Organize & create a DriveBox (so to say...) That way its not sync your entire drive to PC. When you install drive Program.

It still seems Very slow... Have not really tested. But when first sync. Seemed slow...
BUT this, after few tweaks will be Nice(:
Enough to leave Dropbox...
& once speeds are up to par. Prolly when ALL phones are on ics or Jelly Bean. & 4G is Standard.
My guess ... Mid to Late 2013.
But the Future looks bright(:
Bravo once again +Google Team!!
(Now even more a reason to be All-IN with +Google , One Acct. ALL my Stuff... Just about there)
With the Addition of G+, Drive... Now we just need Drive to sync with Music & Picasa.
Then it would be SO NICE!!
Docs, Pics & Music (sub folder from there)
I have found my experience with Gdrive to be quite a disappointment. I bought 100GB and tried to sync 27GB of data. 2 days later, I have 20 of the 26GB synced. Gdrive crashed and also randomly failed to sync some files. I am walking through the 7,072 files now to figure out which ones did not go over. This is on a Mac. When I examine the totals in the entire directory, the Finder reports 7,068 files on Gdrive and 7,072 locally. When I walk through the directory tree, 12 files are missing not 4. So the file counts reported to the Finder are also off. This is quite the mess that is going to take me a while to unwind. I expected better.
Mee Rak
the only problem is that it doesnt have offline editing or offline docs usage..which is kind of pointless. at least dropbox lets you do that
Sean G
Think offline editing is next. As is a Chrome OS. They might have to make docs for PC, Mac & Android. But if they Really want to take out MS office. This is a Must! They should just buy Adobe(: haha.
& upload speeds seem still to be very slow?!
Biggest thing i see is speed. Like Google is scanning threw every item before upload.
Other than that. Think its great Start... It should only get better.
+Sean G I agree especially about the speed. This is a great 'Start' and I'm hoping it will improve with continuous improvements. I use it often but I do wish there were more functionality, etc.
google is telling me that I am out of storage and I trashed everything that except for a few items and it is still telling me that !  what gives
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