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Have you ever wondered how a story comes together? Watch this story unfold in real time in a Google document. 
Fantasy author Silvia Hartmann is reinventing the editorial process by letting her readers follow along as she drafts her new novel – The Dragon Lords – in a public Google document. Hartmann started writing last week, and has already drafted 20 chapters.

Read the story so far and follow along to find out how it ends:
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Interesting project, good learning process to see how writing a novel unfolds, which I am interested in learning. Sometimes a VISUAL tool can be better than just telling me what to do, seeing it unfold gives one the insight needed to proceed as well as the LIGHT-BULB moment!
How can she handle troll though? You know at least one nimrod will comment on every paragraph "good, but needs more cow bell".
That does make more sense.  I'd still want a filter though.
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