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Your Google Drive is everywhere you are - on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. Tell us: What devices are you using Google Drive on?
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None of them as it is not available for me yet.
Win 7 laptop, Galaxy Nexus, and Chromebook.
A Google TV (Revue), a Windows 7 laptop, Samsung Captivate, this afternoon a Galaxy Nexus and whenever I can find it an Acer A100.
Android Tablet and Phone, Chromebook, Revue, and PC
My HTC EVO 4G, Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi, Windows 7 laptop, and an iMac.
Galaxy Nexus, windows laptop and desktop at home, windows desktop at work
Google Drive + Chromebook will be amazing... but... not yet avaliable for linux... =(
waiting for linux suport! #driveforlinux
Most of the stuff I store on Drive today is in Google Docs format - so for the drive app to be truly useful to me, I would like to see it auto-convert between GDoc and Office or ODF document formats.
MacBook Pro, iMac, Chromebook Samsung and Samsung Galaxy S. Very impressed, works smoothly, thanks
Not (yet) supported for Linux. #driveonlinux
Only Windows for now. Google Drive rocks!
Just my android phone and Web Browser, awaiting Linux support.
Well, its pretty fucked right now, make the offline mode better. sorry but no thanks :(
Still wishing it had encryption! Using on Windows PC, Droid Tablet, Droid Phone.
Linux (OpenSuse, Ubuntu), Nexus S, iPad2, Kindle Fire
#windows #ipad2 I can use gdrive via mobile browsers on ipad2
It would be nice if I could use #DriveForLinux. I do have the app on my HTC EVO 4G
chrome on debian and android for while...
Windows 7 laptop & Samsung Galaxy SII. I want tighter google drive - google play integration
I'm using it on my old computer, new computer and my EVO 4G. It's come in handy to move some documents I didn't have on Google Docs.
Laptop and mobile here. awesome! The non-profits I've shown this to love it and will be integrating this in their day-to-day world. Thanks!
Home computer, work computer, phone.
#driveforlinux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kjell, it's the same TOS you're using in G+ to write comments about how you're not going to use Drive.
My PC (I need the Spanish version!)
Windows 7 and read only on iPad & iPhone (looking forward to the launch of the iOS apps btw)
I sure wish I was using it on iOS. I still have 6 months before I can get android...
Everywhere I am? Really? Even places with no internet connection?
May you try google docs offline... but it still in "beta"
Its not on my computers yet maybe this month when they release
I will be using Google Drive on Kubuntu just as soon as Google get round to making it possible. It should have been the easiest OS for them to deal with, really. #driveforlinux .
Mac and Android and still waiting for #driveforlinux :-)
Working good on my Mac and Android so far.
+Google Docs I'd like to use it on a thumb drive...that possible? Other than that just PC and HTC Sensation.
Just want to throw my 2 cents in for #driveforlinux here. I've been holding off buying in to Carbonite or Mozy to backup to the cloud because I wanted to see what Drive was going to offer. At $5/month for 100GB, its just what I need, but not too much better than the others. On the other hand, the others don't offer Linux support at all, and only limited Mac support at that. You have an opportunity here Google. Don't miss out!
Three PCs, a Toshiba Thrive tablet, and a Galaxy Nexus phone.
#Android devices and my #windows7 system.
I have used many of them: skydrive very simple but very big, box for android, I have used dropbox, and many others. My favourite it's ubuntu one and my first impression about google drive has been very positive.
Windows laptop, Galaxy Nexus, and a Transformer Prime. I'd love to use it on my Linux box if there was a client available.
I double back up. I but my google drive folder within my dropbox folder. Have I got options!
+Google Docs I'd like contextual/shell options on my Drive folder in Windows please. Dropbox is killing you guys with this feature.
Work pc and laptop. Home pc and laptop. Motorola ATRIX 4g.
Galaxy Nexus, Asus Transformer, Ubuntu 12.04 laptop (web client), Windows XP in VirtualBox VM and Windows 7 :o)

Would like to mount it as a drive in Ubuntu (not a sync client)...
CR-48, Droid X2 and Windows 7 machine.
Android and web. I'd love to use it in my linux systems, but, you know... #driveforlinux
On my PC, and Android phone. I love Google and Android. Keep up the fantastic work!
Macbook Pro, Windows Vista and Galaxy Nexus
Android (on the road), Windows (at work) but I miss a Linux version.
I would like to use.. but there is no iOS app ;-)
I don't use Google Docs anymore. I've found a better alternative: Google Drive!
Galaxy Nexus and... that's all, my home and work computers are running Linux. Dropbox then, until #driveforlinux
I love Google docs / drive. Use it all the time!
I use it on my Galaxy Nexus, both of my Windows machines, my Linux notebook and my Chromebook.
Desktop, laptop, Droid 4, and my Motorola Xoom.
Laptop running linux (KDE) and hopefully soon Android.
I'm sure this has been said 100 times..... Everywhere except Linux #driveforlinux
Desktop PC, laptop and Android Gingerbread.
Holding out for multiple-account support. Will be using on iMac (Lion/10.7) and iPhone (iOS 5).
When will Picassa link in to Google Drive?
kubuntu desktop pc, kubuntu netbook, android 2.3.5 phone... dreaming about a chromebook :-)
Desktop PC, Work PC, Android Tablet, Android Phone (: I am really waiting for a Drive App that allows me to annotate .pdf files..
Windows 8, Windows 7, Android Phone, Google Chrome, The Internet
Desktop PC, laptops(win+linux), android phone, internet
Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Android. Have an iPhone but won't use the app on it.
To be honest, a bit stalled, at the moment. Google Drive does not (AFAIK) present a WebDAV interface, the iOS clients are late, and its much-vaunted ability to preview loads more filetypes seems to be missing.
Google Nexus S + MacBook Pro 13" + web application using Chrome on several OSes (Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, OS X)
I would like to using it on my Ubuntu systems! (And my Chromebook!)
just pc right now.
Desire HD + Windows 7, waiting for Ubuntu client. I'm having some issues in Win7: on shutdown googledrivesys.exe has to be forced to close
Two Windows 7 desktops, ASUS TF101 Android 4.0 tablet, and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
Windows 7 and Galaxy Nexus
Win 7, win vista, sgn, htc desire, archos 70
Lenovo t500, Alienware M15x, custom desktop all on Windows 7 and my beloved Droid Razr on Android 2.3.6 :D
Desktop, Laptop, Phone. Still waiting on Linux support for my Linux partitions on Desktop and Laptop, though.
Nothing, because you still haven't released a Linux version yet. :(
iPad, iPhone, Mac, windows pc, Linux pc...
Mac, Linux. Waiting for iOS!
Have it on the web. No app. Considering the Android app.
Mostly just web. Have the Android app, but I barely use it (I may use it as a replacement to my usual doc editor if you ever get offline editing up and running). Would also probably download for my Ubuntu netbook if you made a Linux version.
Windows and web app. Still waiting for ios version :)
Mine crashes my computer (an old Windows XP machine prone to crashes). So presently nowhere
Desktop PC with Win7 and Samsung Spica running Android 2.2.3. Waiting for Linux support.
well, the problem i'm using with Google Drive is It cannot merge with the current Google Drive folder, jsut keep saying "The folder is not empty, tray another one" :(. so sad
With #driveforlinux I would use it on my notebook and pc! For now, it's "only" my Android phone.
Droid Bionic, Toshiba Thrive tablet and desktop PC
With #driveforlinux I could use it on my Ubuntu notebook. For now only on Galaxy Nexus.
With Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, Asus Transformer Prime TF201, pc Windows and waiting for GNU/Linux Ubuntu support...
Mac Air...still waiting for iOS support...
waiting to try ios app
I hope docs can edit on offline
Mac, but on demand as I cannot stand having 4% CPU eaten all the time while idle...
Laptop,Desktop and HTC. It works fine and I`m very grateful...
TNX Google !
need google drive for my archaic symbian phone. android devices tempting... but i spent a fortune on this symbian and should use it as long as possible.
I use google docs/drive on my Macbook Pro, my Windows machines, and on my Galaxy Nexus. I also use it to collaborate between co-workers, clients, friends, families and loved ones.

Two really huge issues that I have with it though, both around usability.

First Google Spreadsheet on my Nexus is horrible. It is the most incomplete UI that I have ever seen Google release. Edit a row, but not really. It doesn't even have add column, or stretch columns to show content. Plus what good is a spreadsheet that I can do any calculations with. HORRIBLE. The part that really frustrates me is that even when I use Google Chrome on my Nexus, the UI defaults to a mobile version. WHY?

Second issue, is with Google drive. Why is it that Drive looses focus of what folder I am in when I create a new document. Everything is placed on the root, then I have to track it down then move it to folder that I want it to live in.

I love the idea of Google docs, and Google drive, I love the idea that my content can quickly be accessed on any device, but Google has a long way to go in usability.
when are you coming to Linux ??? And why are you ignoring the Linux  users?
Also C'mon Google where's the Open Document Format support. even MS Skydrive supports ODF apparently. Where's the Linux support. Google you suck the teat of open source how about supporting it !!!!
kubuntu 12.1, android phone, and occasionally, when I have to, windows 
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