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Today’s update to the Drive Android app lets you easily upload, create, or scan documents into Drive with the press of a button. You’ll see these three new icons at the bottom of the app; give it a try!

While you’re at it, notice the lighter color theme that makes content easier on the eyes, as well as some under the hood speed and stability improvements. These changes will rollout over the next several days--stay tuned.

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Would like a "download to Drive" option in Chrome for Android.
Frickin awesome! Google is my friend. haha.. Will look great on my new Nexus 5....ooops!!!
I want EXTENSIONS and "show bookmarks bar" on Chrome for Android, if not i cant ditch Microsoft Windows. Thanks.
I don't have the 3 icons at the bottom. I have the updated app installed.
How about requiring a password to open the app? 
+Vevek Selvam tap the '+' in the right top when you are in Drive and all the options will appear in a pop down menu. I use it all the time. 
Just tried the scan option and it worked perfectly on my N7.  This is a great update.
+Ben Liebrand I can't see the plus button. I can only see the search, grid/list view and the menu overflow button..
+Tim Wallace +Google Drive i say same as Tim Wallance a theam should be awsome one light and one dark, if man work at nights light scren relly destoryes once eyes. Day time is light okey. 
+Mikael Jakobsson even when I try to update manually there are folders and documents that doesn't show up... They are still in my drive when I access them from my computer though. Scary +Google Drive 
+Martin Cernvall its works for me if i do a manuell update so far i have try it, but the automatic update is destoryeds dosent look like it works. 
I've been using this feature since day one, pretty useful, I use it at work, I keep my PO's organized on my drive. Super easy! I even gave my scanner to a coworker because I no longer needed it. Thank you +Google Drive   you're Awesome! 
I still want the ability to make presentations on mobile! 
+Nathaniel Baratta is alot man wish when its come to the cal, documents and everything, if man downloads it man get it for Office and if man change something in it in the computer you can never upload the file again and take part of the update again in the clouds at Drives. the fileformats should be changes. 
I use this scan all the time to scan documents into pdfs,nice to have it part of this one widget
I would LOVE a mail merge tool in Drive. I'd never touch office again if I could do that.
+Google Drive Can you add offline document creation and editing? Sucks not being able to use the app on my Nexus 7 when I'm not near WiFi and need to create a document.
+Vevek Selvam that's odd. I don't know what to tell you. I've been using the feature to scan for a few months now.

Make sure you are getting updates through Google Play. 
I don't get the feature even though I have the September 11 version supposedly...  Anyway to force an update?
+Douglas Knisely 
you can allways downloads it frome a webpage and install it Android police has it upload frome early today i downloads it and upload it before its was releset, but you must have a Android version some support it i guess. 
They update the mobile version, which is all fine & dandy, but they don't have ANY news about #driveforlinux  , I wouldn't mind if all it did was sync the non-google files to my system, cha thats wat I want it for, as Google Docs are synced from the Browser, but my normal files are not.
Access to the files I have in Google Drive for someone who is a Linux user would be nice.
+Ben Liebrand I think you have misunderstood, I can scan. I just don't have the 3 buttons on the bottom bar yet. Thanks for the help though :)
+Vevek Selvam I get it, but as I explained earlier, I don't have 3 buttons at the bottom. I get them from a pop down menu after tapping the '+' in the top, which you said you don't have as well. I've had these options for at least 2 months now. 
I didn't get the new scan option when it first became available for my Galaxy Tab2 P3113 model. It is now running JB 4.2...But my phone, which is running GB 2.3.6 has the scan option. Any ideas why the newer tablet would not get it?
+Google Drive Something I'm surprised I haven't seen Google implement in their apps yet is an option to switch between holo light and holo dark.  Holo light is much more readable during the day but I often use my phone at night or in dimly lit rooms.  In these circumstances I would prefer that my phone not be a beacon for incoming planes.  Ideally I would like to see a "night mode" option that allows supported apps to change theme when enabled.
+Google Drive please optimize the size of the pdfs created using the scan option. I usually find that the b&w files created using drive are about 10 times larger than those created with a typical office multi function printers. E.g., a small ID at the center of a white sheet scans to about 150kb instead of 15kb (using GNex in bright day light or flash). Better noise reduction for white areas is probably what needs to be done? 
After update I cant view my files anymore on samsung devices, reported it on play store and no response why??
This feature has been there in the Google Drive app for more than a few months now. I have used it myself. It can be accessed through the '+' button that was previously available at the upper right corner of the screen. It is indeed intriguing that no one, apparently not even Google, had noticed this before.

Why would Google 'announce' a feature that has been around for a while? Any explanations +Google Drive?
When can I able to use Drive Android app edit presentation?
Finally!!! Thank you. Now all we need is auto uploads to drive from the phone
+steven C you better be seated while you wait for the client to arrive.
hello +Google Drive the gdrive sync is NOT good, its slow and it keeps disconnecting. Your Gdrive competitor (Mr D) sync is sooooo much better, havent seen any sync issues.  

BTW, i use gdrive on Mac.
+J. L. Smith auto upload for your pictures to Google Drive does already exist. You just need to turn the feature on. When you are in the Google+ app, go to settings and and enable Auto-backup. Then check the settings for this process. I would recommend setting it to only upload your pictures as soon as you connect to a Wi-Fi connections, else your mobile device's battery will drain too quickly. 
+Ben Liebrand I know about that feature as I have been using it since day one. I want to auto sync files, documents, etc to my drive from my phone not just photos. Should have clarified that 
+J. L. Smith sorry, I misunderstood you as you didn't mention documents, so I assumed pictures :-) 
Lee Li
wa!These images are very beautiful.
So, is the new update still rolling out?  I have yet to receive it on my device.
+Nicole Spivey are you sure you have automatic updates enabled in Google Play?

Go to Google Play and see if there are any outstanding updates for any of your apps. 
+Ben Liebrand I manually check everyday for updates for all software. Sometimes ti get updates to apps after I reboot my Nexus 4.  Also, Google Play on the web no longer show any outstanding update.  They took that option away months ago.
+Nicole Spivey it seems odd that you don't have this update yet. I've had this for 2 to 3 months now.

You could try this. Uninstall Drive, reboot your device and reinstall Drive again and see what happens m
I received the update today but don't have the 3 buttons at the bottom of my N7. Have them on my GN2 
+Randy Lott you may have a plus sign on the right to of the display. If so, click that and the options will be there.

For some reason there seems to be a difference in the layout from different manufacturers. 
+Chris Ingram I know you can do this on a PC. Scan the document to a PDF file the upload it to Drive. At the start of the upload procedure you will be offered the option to covert the file to an editable file by checking the appropriate box and then continue to upload the file.

Once the upload is complete the OCR process will be complete.

When you open the uploaded file the first part of the file will be an image of the original PDF file. Scroll to the end of this image and you will find the coveted text. You can delete the image whenever you are ready and the coveted text will remain.

I hope this is useful for you. 
+Google Drive it would be great if it was also possible to upload a PDF file and convert it to a text file the way we can do this on a desktop computer. We are not always at a desktop computer and need to do OCR from time to time.

Or have an option within Drive that can create an editable copy file from a PDF that already resides in Drive. That would be really neat. Be one up on all other services or there. 
+Google Drive it would be pretty useful to have tags or labels in Drive in order to better organize our documents :-)
great app guys. Thank you. however, it would be great if you can integrate this with google Keep. for example, i scan and store my BILL invoices on drive whenever it arrives by post. I want to put a time reminder of the bill to be paid on a certain date and tag or link that scanned bill on my KEEP from my DRIVE. This way i don't have to open that DRIVE app again and search for bills. i know that i can do that by simply taking picture and attached on KEEP but that's not how i store my bills on DRIVE. i like the PDF format as it is searchable for future ref. thanks
ah well at leasts its better than apple!
I just wanted to give an update based on my previous comments on this post. I have mentioned that it was possible to get to the scan button via the '+' sign on the right top of the app, which was working fine for me. Anyway, I received an automatic update today which now gives me the 3 buttons along the bottom as mentioned in this post. So I guess for those who have not received update, just be patient.

+Google Drive All of my documents open in the mobile browser on my Android 2.2 device. I don't know what's wrong. This doesn't happen on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. 
Any idea when email functionality on the iOS app will be available? I have noticed it is available on Android. 
Still seem to be ignoring the requests for auto upload photo/video for drive aren't you.  

I know you want us all using plus but NOT for all my photos.

I want my photos uploaded to my drive which syncs to my PC.  Then I choose what I want on plus or fb.  

Why not have this discussion with your users?
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