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Do you know what's going well in your life - or what's not? +Lifehacker teaches you how to use Google forms and spreadsheets to help you analyze how you think, act, and feel.
Ever wonder why you're having a bad day, or even a good one? Is there an ongoing problem in your life that you just can figure out? If you've got a free minute, just fill out this daily form to help ...
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First comment! That sure is a different use for Google Docs...
Does anybody else get the following error when the form is run?

Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested does not exist.
I'm getting nothing but error message. Each time, thereby, lowering the number at which I would rate my day. Thanks for making me sad, Google Docs.
I get the same error too. I love the idea.
When you have the spreadsheet open, click form/edit form, hover over one of the questions and click the pencil, personalize the text on one of the questions, click done, click save. This should make the form go live...
Why is +Lifehacker redirecting me to theire mobile frontpage? Makes no sense and i can not find the article there. Mayor #fail
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