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Enable offline to get more stuff done on the go. 
A couple of weeks ago we made Google document editing available offline, so you can keep getting things done even when you don’t have a connection. 

For example, if your WiFi drops while collaborating on a document with a few friends or co-workers, you can still keep typing and commenting. Once your connection comes back, all of your edits will be automatically synced to the doc, making sure that your voice isn’t lost.

Once you’ve enabled offline editing via the gear menu, you can preview which files are available offline, select More > Offline Docs in the left navigation pane while you’re still connected to the web.

You're able to view Google documents and spreadsheets even when you don't have an Internet connection. You can also edit Google documents offline. This is particularly useful when you're on an airplan...
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Can't wait until this can be added to mobile! Unfortunately where I am I don't always have wifi or 3G access, which leaves me stranded (often at those times I have a moment to think about my writing!). 
Grammar/STYLE suggestions would be nice too. You have to hopefully catch those split infinitives. 
We badly need Google Spreadsheet offline editing.
I just noticed that I can edit my docs on my new Nexus 7 in Google Drive!!
Since a few days i have a little problem with spreads: i can´t print them any more!! Every time i press the print-button there is directly the conversation-window where i can select the destination-folder for the .pdf. That is really confusing, i just want to print. Is there anybody else with the same problem? Textfiles can be printed as usual...
We want to hear from Google Docs if you have plan for Google Spreadsheet offline editing.
+Peter Brown Thanks for the information. Google Spreadsheet offline editing would be another landmark for Google Docs. 
I wish it was possible to make an entire folder/collection offline I have to many documents :-)
+Benny Jansson Open the GoogleDrive application locate the document you want to make available offline and click the arrow on the right of it, it will open an overview of the document and you can select make available offline in there

By the way.
In this moment, I m editing a sheet.
How can I change the amounts, from European format to American Format? 

Thanks friends.
Anyone else find that making docs available offline only works for about 100 of them?

Am I missing something?  Seems like most of my docs aren't available offline, which I honestly can't comprehend - I must be doing something wrong...
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