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Presentations take center stage in full screen mode

Starting today, your presentations will automatically begin in full screen mode: When you click Present, rather than opening in a new window, your presentation will display in our new full screen viewer as long as it’s supported by your browser (Google Chrome and Safari currently support this feature). You’ll still be able to switch to the previous default view, Present in new window, from the Present button’s dropdown menu.

Learn more in our Help Center:
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How about automatically selecting the second screen for set ups with projectors? +Google Drive 
Finally! It was obviously necesary!
no best :(
it not work!
How can i move Google Drive folder on my PC with all my files in there?
Would love to be able to go full screen on a second display, doesn't seem capable of doing that. Great feature, though, thanks for adding!
Once again, thanks to all of you for your hard work in implementing new features; it's quite hard to 'keep up'.
My students love the convenience and security of working on collaborative writing using Google Drive, and they also enjoy seeing my feedback on their work immediately (though they're not always excited about the actual feedback!)
Google drive desktop app sucks! And no fixes since it launched!
Call Dropbox or the box to know how to build an app like that!  I post a support request 8 months ago an no one answer it. All people is having same problems. The andriod app sucks too, it take to much space of your phone. You will say, so do not use it man, but the thing is I have 20 gb storage and all my data is already there. I also use ubuntu and no support there too, do not launch something is not ready. Fix it and fix it now! 
Great! I love to use Google Drive to do presentations!
 instead sort out googlecode on authorizes in more and better wayof protection
it works like firewall to allow authorize googlecode where find xml drive;you better make that sure.
nice feature :) but pls google, implement delta upload!
in g. drive there s no virtual input keyboard for spanish (latinamerica), i cant type "enie", like in the word "tamano".
I'll add some function like dropbox has to sync on my computer only selected folders. Rest could be in the cloud available online.
Los usuarios del SO Linux estariamos muy agradecidos que de los colaboradores de Google lanzaran una aplicacion del maravilloso Drive para Linux
how i an i download the edited file in online
I Feel olraidy exultransit..#oi..giga drive G++ Zilla
yay hoo
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