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An easier way to copy and paste

When using +Google Chrome, you can copy slides from one presentation to another, bring shapes from drawings into a slide, or even take tables from a spreadsheet and paste it into a +Gmail message -- and formatting stays exactly the same. You can access copy/paste using keyboard shortcuts or from the right-click menu. 

On a different browser? Try the web clipboard which will also help you copy and paste:
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Appreciate the work rather than demanding features and spamming the post...
How about updating windows client so it does not duplicate files automagically? And the possibility of linking already existing data after re-installation of windows OS?
+Google Drive I wish you would either test what you say works or reword what you say: the statement "and formatting stays exactly the same" is very misleading and inaccurate; merged cells and individual cell borders are lost when pasting from a Google Sheet to a Google Doc!  Why?  Because you still have not introduced merged cells and individual cell borders in Google Docs; and the strangest thing is they're available in Slides and Sheets! 

Why can't Docs have the same table editor as Slides?
+M Bybee I've been using Google docs professionally for some years now. Works fine, if you ask me.
why wont you let me view my document i tried to share it with myself and everything is gone now 
Which probably means it's a nice tool for about 90% of the population that needs those tools. :P
What about have the option to choose SD card as location for cache and off line view? Right now this is impossible!! 
I m not talking about the person who MADE the form, but the person who FILLS the form.

I want a feature so the person who fills the form can add files to the forms (pictures, small videos, pdf, small audio, etc).

Also in g. drive we need:

-CTRL key to select multiple "non continuous" cells, columns or rows (in spreadsheets) and lines (in docs).

-ability to create and edit spreadsheets/forms offline.

-ability to collaborate within a g+ community or circle (also between different communties or circles at the same time) on any:
g. drive file / gmail account / g+ account / g. calendar account / youtube account / g. keep account / g. maps. / g+ hangouts with more than 10 people.

Right now you cant collaborate with more than 50 people on any of the above (gmail account only 10 collaborators, g. drive only 50, "g maps engine lite" only 50, g+ account only 50 moderators, g+ hangouts only 10 people) unless you make the files public (which is not good for ANY organization).
I wasn't aware we can now paste tables into Gmail, which used to be out of format. A handy new feature indeed! Nice work!
still with basic flaws?
1) just copy paste tables in spreadsheets?
2) still no add a row??
3) still very slow scrolling with thousands rows?
how can anyone make an excel like product without these features??
it's time to change the strategy a little....
This sounds very old school, yet more special functions for chrome only... and where did that get internet explorer 10 years ago?... and so the walls in this garden continue to get ever higher! Open source? Open standards?
Formatting is still lost when I copy from one spreadsheet to another.
Maybe the brush formatting tool can help?
how do i make a Google Document one page, even though there is 2 pages
And yet no Linux client... Seems that Google only wants to use Linux to make money not to contribute to the community...
Hey, I am facing a problem using google drive`s spreadsheet, please can anyone help me?
I noticed spreadsheets paste into gmail - looks great!
Does Google Chrome work with Nokia C3? Iv bn tryin to download it so many tyms
+steven C I love your enthusiasm but have you actually thought about that number in context? It's tiny! It's not even the same size as the number of Google employees! If it were nearer 18 million then Google might be interested.
"If it were nearer 18 million then Google might be interested."

I imagine they don't give a damn about the petition, but -- unless they're just flat-out lying -- they are interested in building a Linux Drive sync client. They've said so on multiple occasions. 

The question is why it's taking so ridiculously long. 
+Google Drive  请问怎样在以 google  docs 打开的文档里面合并单元格?不是以google 电子表格打开的噢,谢谢。
 Docs 不能合并单元格 即使spreadsheet复制的表格粘贴后合并的单元格也都会复原 文字粘贴在首格
How do you add audio to a presentation (like an oral presentation)?
Hola soy Luis de Formosa argentina. y me gusta compartir  con Google es mi pagina favorita je je
Please keep busy with the updates. I hope that the end of summer will see an uptick in the number of posts. You are so close to ready for so many people. You simply need a couple more features (especially the oft-mentioned tables in Docs).
I've been trying to upload my first Google+ post for days. I thought at first it was going to be really easy to do. The problem I'm facing is this copy and paste situation. The words copy and paste fine, it's just the images. I've tried E-mailing them to my self to try it on the computer but it doesn't work.

How about the functionality to copy a shape from Slides directly into a Gmail message?
Well I am using chrome and it won't let me copy or paste with right click
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