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It’s easy to convert Office files to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. But sometimes you need to open, edit, and share a file in its original format. 

The new Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps come with Office editing built right in (iOS is on the way). Just tap on a .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx file from your app’s home screen, or even from an attachment in Gmail, and you’ll be able to edit it without any conversion. Then tap the share button to send a copy back in its original format. 

The same thing works from your browser with the new Chrome extension ( Once installed, you can open and edit Office files directly from the new Drive, Gmail, your local storage, third-party websites, or our new home screens ( Please note that the new Drive is rolling out over the next week.

Check out the Help Center for more info on getting started with editing Office files in Docs, Sheets and Slides:
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Sounds good, but on Android L I can't install Docs and sheets. Slides is working interesting.
This should have been integrated from the start. Maybe then I wouldn't be a excessive Kingsoft user. Guess I'll give Google another shot. 
Can't wait until I got the roll-out
Google is buying me with this.
Great feature - however seem to have some compatibility issues when it comes to word docx with pictures embedded. If you manage to improve this further it will really rock...
+Andreas Ronacher a new version of Google docs and sheets for Android are rolling out. I haven't gotten them yet, nor have I seen an apk
Superb. So can I uninstall Quickoffice from my phone? 
Unable to get it to work in Chrome. Do I have to do something besides install the extension?
Still waiting...excited about this though.
I wonder that so much people still use MS Office formats. I do all to get people working with me on Drive formats, because cooperative work is about 1k times more efficient than syncing MS Office files by hand. If I need print ready documents I transfer the result to Latex in the end. 
+Andreas Ronacher We cannot support any L release issues quite yet.  If that's important to you I would suggest rolling back to Kit Kat.
+Martin Hoffmann Can you privately share with me a file that does that?  That way I can take a look and see what it's doing!  Thanks :)
+João Arêas Send this feedback through the drive app on your phone!  I'm sure the team would take it into consideration!
When is this likely to happen for Chromebooks? I have an HP Chromebook and Googl Docs / Drive appear not to have updated yet. Incidentally, this is an excellent new feature. 
Nice one.Hope I had more storage for my shots.i found out that google doc is alittle complicated to store for picture.wish I can get sme 15G for free again.jux wishing thoufh & learning Doc for storing my images.Cant wait for the new one.Is this new one can handle 20k,roughly,my images & mre easier than d old one?
+Jonathan Jones I use a pixel and Drive was updated about 1 hour after the keynote. New editing features are great
sometimes you need to open, edit, and share a file in its original format.
built right in (iOS is on the way). Just tap on a .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx
file from your app’s home screen, or even from an attachment in Gmail, and
you’ll be able to edit it without any conversion. Then tap the share button
to send a copy back in its original format.
Total awesomeness! +Google Drive getting better all the time. Thank you so much for the perpetual excellent work from your team. Top stuff! Looking forward to working with all the #New #Google_Drive options 
So why do we have to have ANOTHER extension to be able to edit the original docs? Why can't you build that right into drive? that to me seems kinda backwards. But I don't know the whole technical side, so I could be all like, dark like.

The main reason I ask is cause I have a linux machine that has a 1GHz dual core CPU, super slow, any extensions i add slow down the browser for that, and I want a faster experience when browseing on that computer.
Please, give me the new version of google driveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! please please please!!! 
+Ziggy Dziegman by any chance, do you think the android Google Drive app would get a password?
I can't just let it open widely while my friends or my family are playing with my phone. 
Any chance of a way to edit the custom dictionary?
+Aleric Johansen because it requires a download, which takes up space on a computer, which some people may not want.
google+, google drive, join them and the answer is sussefull
I meant the file conversion between powerpoint and slides through the slides app. 
If so I do hope they would either find a use for quick office or take it off completely it's kinda sitting there unopened.
Functionality question... I have .docx files in Drive already. When I "open" them, it appears to just launch Viewer. There's no option to "edit" the files. What is the best way to edit .docx files that are already in drive? Do they have to be re-uploaded and converted to a gDoc?
+Kyle Wickstrom you have to get the new drive UI before you can edit office files within Google Drive. It's rolling out slowly
+Ziggy Dziegman i guess it has something to do with embedded emf pictures. But strange enough if i drag and drop the file into chrome it does not display correct. If i first upload it to google drive and use google docs for editing its fine ? Although the drag and drop approach seems to leave it as docs where as the latter (open from gdrive) saves it as google docs. Making me think the NEW google docs is the one that does not display correctly? Maybe i will wait a few weeks until it has rolled out and test again.
I work a lot with Office excel containing lots of links and complicated formulas.  From experience, once opened with google sheet it formula contained cells display "error".  No problem though for simple excel.  Will this be any different?
BTW, whatever happened to ODF support?
Why cant i preview a m4a or mp3 file on my Samsung  SIII Android mobile device? It downloads de hole file and then asks wich app to launch to play the file???
Just giving a Google tools workshop. Hope I'll can present the new home screen. :(
Dan Ho
There a bug in Google Sheets on Android. When you inset a column, then try to edit other cells, the cell in the edit field is not the right one. Doesn't account or the column that was inserted. Don't know where I would report this bug. 
Not yet. But they changed the CREATE button to a NEW button so now I get to update my "about to be released" updates. Is there anyway to trigger it?
so sad I have no new Google Drive interface yet
Any idea when the update is due to happen for Google Drive (web version: I have an HP Chromebook and I have problems sharing documents in the Google Docs format and so the MS Word feature is really useful .... ). 
You think, I'm still waiting for the chance to customize the apps grid, by placing them the way I need. Such a drag this "rolling out", I'd prefer to wait longer, but as soon as they announce, all get the update.
The rollout for Drive is pathetic. Nobody knows when their account will be upgraded.
Christian, are you based in the UK (assuming that it is done geographically?!). Glad it is excellent. Can't wait! 
i had it right now, google apps account from italy
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