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Date and time questions now in Google Forms

Enjoy using Google Forms? Now you can add date and time questions to those questionnaires you’ve been creating. You’ll see the option for these under “Question type” the next time you create or edit a form. 

Any other question types you’d like? Let us know in the comments. 

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Thank you, thank you! I've been hoping for date fields for a long time!
lol!  YEEES!!  Finally!!  Thanks again.
Great stuff guy's... will re share :-) 
I want a feature to add files to the forms (pictures, small videos, pdf, small audio, etc).

Also in g. drive we need:

-CTRL key to select multiple "non continuous" cells, columns or rows (in spreadsheets) and lines (in docs).

-ability to create and edit spreadsheets/forms offline.

-ability to collaborate within a g+ community or circle (also between different communties or circles at the same time) on any:
g. drive file / gmail account / g+ account / g. calendar account / youtube account / g. keep account / g. maps. / g+ hangouts with more than 10 people.

Right now you cant collaborate with more than 50 people on any of the above (gmail account only 10 collaborators, g. drive only 50, "g maps engine lite" only 50, g+ account only 50 moderators, g+ hangouts only 10 people) unless you make the files public (which is not good for ANY organization).

Regarding to G+:

each person should have on its profile the ratio "+1d comments / total comments made" to see how interesting he is to follow on G+, that would boost the usage of G+ DRAMATICALLY.

Regarding to G+ communities:

-the community itself should be like a google account: it should have its own gmail, drive, keep, g+, calendar, youtube, maps; to collaborate within its members (also to collaborate with other communities or circles).

-the chat bar should give the option to chat as usual AND to chat with the members of a certain community that are connected AT THAT TIME LIVE.

Regarding to hangouts:

-the public hangouts should be under the hangouts icon on the left bar of G+ (as it was at the beginning...), if not no one can find them!!!

-i teach in a rural school, where children need to travel long distances to attend classes, it would be EXTREMELY useful if we could have hangouts for more than 10 people (something like 50 or 100 or even more).
That would save the school and the children A LOT of time and money on transport, physical infrastructure, extra teachers and it would reduce CO2 emissions.
Oh boy. This is exactly what I've been waiting for! Finally!
+Google Drive - I would love to see a question type of "profile ID". Not mandatory, of course, but an option for me when I create the form.

Have it clearly displayed that the ID is collected before they hit submit... but give some way for us to verify who is submitting a form.
+Google Drive Yes, question, to which I can't find a definitive answer in the help documentation and, btw, cannot get resolved:

How do I move a document or folder that has been shared with me back out of My Drive to shared with me - so it's not syncing?

Great new feature! Thanks! 
Does the time also support 24 hour time notation (not everybody is using AM/PM)?
As another question type I'd like to see an image (canvas) for people to draw on. This is useful in class rooms (drawing a figure) or in mobile applications to collect a signature for example.
Another great feature would be to make the questions (or at least the possible answers) programmable.
And custom(izable) themes would make Forms even more perfect!
+Jessica Obermayer I think the easiest way to do it is to go into the web interface, select the check box on the file/folder in question, go to More and click Remove. Remove has a trash can icon next to it but it just removes it from "My Drive" and from syncing. I'd test it on one doc first to make sure this works in your case. 
+Joe Tierney So it doesn't delete it entirely from my viewing it?  I still require access to same....  Saw the remove option and trash can and was concerned that I might regret my action.
+Jessica Obermayer Correct. It's still in your "Shared with me" and easily found with search or manual navigation. 
and still no Linux support...
+Joe Tierney Sounds reasonable, but ... in my analysis, the folder isn't in my Shared with Me now since I moved it over to My Drive - thus my quandary.

I'll get a friend to share something with me so I can test this.  Frankly, I'm a bit irritated - ok, more than a bit - that this isn't addressed by Google's documentation.  One should consider full round trip functionality, imho.  
Thank you much, Joe, for your help!
+Jessica Obermayer If you're the owner, it'll automatically be in your Drive. You can choose which folders to sync in the desktop app preferences/settings if you don't want to sync everything. You're welcome. 
+Mark Liebrand Google has now added an option to select dates from a calendar in the Google Forms. That is a great feature. 
each person should have on its profile the ratio "+1d comments / total comments made" to see how interesting he is to follow on G+, that would boost the usage of G+ DRAMATICALLY.
Nice addition +Google Drive !

The only thing I've ever needed that Forms couldn't do was "ranking," i.e., "Please rate the following items from 1 to 5" in a way that each option (1-5) could only be chosen once.

As for the templates, well ++1 from me . Maybe something akin to what Events has - animated covers, static backgrounds, and user-uploadable images.
Can you add this question type to an existing form or do you have to create a new form?
wohoo! yay thanks - been looking for this from the start!
This must still be rolling out.
the new types are not showing up in an existing spreadsheet form, how can I use them in an existing form?
will the date and time format adapt to the user's date and time formatting preferences?  (and always store the data in a normalized form)
+Keith Heard not showing up for me here either, I've rolled out GAFE for my school but chose for stable releases not the rapid release, that might be the reason it is not showing up for us.
+Dale Schultz those look like jQuery components. they are localized for almost any time and date format. the values can serialize to strings in spreadsheets. but its the spreadsheet applications responsibility to interpret the strings properly. as for existing forms applications, you might be out of luck, because its a different data format. 
Nice. Been waiting for that one.
Love this enhancement - Go Google!
Feature request: the ability to upload a file from a form and have a link to it put in the spreadsheet.
Feature request:
1. attachments to forms - users can upload a file, of any type, ot the form. For example, the form is an application and requires an attached photo.

2. numeric field validation - user forced to enter a number

3. add your own logo to the template/form - I know we could do this w/ embedded iframes, but we don't always have this option.

LOVE Google Forms, glad to see this improvement!
Wish there was a way to set default values for any form field.  Current date and time would be good here.
+Larry Speeb Have you linked a form to a spreadsheet?  It timestamps the submission, so it's not really necessary.
+Armando Ortiz It is if you want to enter a date/time that isn't the same as the submission of the form. An accounting transaction as an example that might have an actual date of something other than the form date but thanks for telling me that my requirements are not necessary. ;-)
Request: after choosing from a list, other text boxes would auto populate based on list selection.
I'd really like some limits on how many people can fill out a form. Also how long a form will be open for. 
The ability to add an image above or beside the question.
Maybe also an embedded YouTube video or video inserted from Google drive. 
I use lot of website form but i never used google form because there is no email field option. So no +1 for this post
Really cool update ! Thanks !
The ability to hide/show questions based on previous questions input. In other words dynamic branching. Thanks !
Attachments to forms would be great indeed. I've been trying to use forms for some expense reporting, but it is not quite there yet. I still need to use a lot of scripting in the background. Being able to attach bills, etc. would be an important step.

Some more built in date calculation functions would also be great. What I'm doing in scripts for now: WEEK_NR; FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK;
But this is rather concerning sheets than forms actually. I just wish they would work together more easily I guess.
Excellent addition!  This will be very useful.
This is a great improvement, thank you!

One thing I would really appreciate is a mobile theme because I use forms often on my +Nexus devices.
En voila une idée qu'elle est bonne 
A Google-populated list of countries, so we don't have to type them out.

Some kind of validation so we can make our own requirements, e.g. does it look like an email address; must be a postcode (Zip code for the US) etc: this would lessen the burden on you (+Google Drive) having to provide new field types.

Context sensitive/User sensitive fields so they can be dynamic from the signed in user or the options on the list can change dependent on previous answers.

Not field-type related but making our own Themes would be very handy.
Oh...I forgot images!  Please let us add a URL to an image to be displayed on the form.
Basically new to computers, have a bit of general knowledge, but have used google drive to consruct a resume, cannot seem to figure out how to transfer completed copy to my documents so I can send out the resume to prospective employers. Am I missing something?
+Steve Nazaruk Go to the File menu, and choose "Download as" > "PDF document", and select your storage location.
We use forms loads - have a very complex one using the old-style forms and would love to add dates, but this option doesn't appear to be available? Is there a way to convert old Google forms to the new variety? 
Great.  I'd like to see a table or list that people could add to so they could add multiple items like adding expenses, you won't have to fill in a form for each one, just add lines to a grid for one expense form.  

I'd also like to the ability to have owner populated pick lists so you could say choose from the following, and I don't mean 1-5, I'm talking about 100's of stock numbers for example.  

+Joshua Talley I think you can do what you're trying to achieve with the Grid, just add rows for each thing you want rated and number columns 1-5, you can have you "please rate the following..." at the top of the grid.
Nice feature.
Feature request: emailvalidation!
An ability to create choose-from-a-list validation from a range inside the response spreadsheet!
Why is this only available in my personal account and not using my organisation's Google Apps account? Always embarrassing to alert users to new features only to find they don't have access to them...
+Amber Gregory Your organization's administrator hasn't updated you yet. Depending what your administrator has their Google App's setting's at, you could receive it shortly (within a week after the official launch) or at their whim. 
I have spent one day drill down to every setting in Google Form but fail to find so call Date and Time question, I understand it is exciting to have this update, but could you validate the update with proper manual  ?
I'd like to add on to the requests to be able to embed images, video, and/or html in the question stem. This would be awesome.

Thanks for an already awesome product. 
+S.Jaafar Al-Mosawi If you are in a domain you can collect usernames and then run a script to delete multiple entries by that person. 
Looks nice. It would also be nice if you could use this tool to collect a few time slots - maybe integrate it somehow with appt time slots or something (which could use some UI improvements).
Just discovered this update yesterday. Great addition. As others have said: rank order as a response type, limits to number of responses, and more memory per spreadsheet. I bumped up to a limit on one and had to copy the file and clear out the responses on the original to keep getting data. Will have to download into Excel to run analysis, which is a slight pain.
Another request: Hide an input field
I want to use this feature to put a specifiek code into the link and to select a specific answer on a multiple choice question (to go to a page based on this answer).
And one more: An option to redirect to a custom url after submitting the from.
Can't wait til they add more user flexibility and options bit so far so good. I am utilising their services where and when I can.
My biggest request is automatic coding. I often want to do analysis on results but I want the respondent to see more than numerical choices. I want to be able to have the first choice for a given question be "I believe that malaria is a significant danger to met" and when the respondent chooses that, I want a 1 in the spreadsheet.
I'm using a Google Apps Script to pull data entered in a GDocs Form into Google Calendar. It's been working like a charm, but folks have had to enter the event start- and end-times in 24-hour time, which has been a hurdle. I was so happy to see this update, but when I rebuilt my form with the new question types, the Google Apps Script no longer worked. I'm not sure why. Can someone help me troubleshoot? Or maybe point me the right direction? Thank you.
+Michael Benninger Which script are you using?  The formMule script was built to do this, among other things.  Maybe give it a try?  What formatting is being applied to the date column in the spreadsheet?
Lovely! But what really need is the ability to delete duplicate responses from the form itself--not just from the associated spreadsheet--so that they don't show up in the handy-dandy summary.
+Andrew Stillman I'm using a custom script that a colleague of mine created specifically for this purpose. I'm not a programmer myself and hadn't heard of FormMule before now. Regarding formatting, the information populates into the spreadsheet as follows: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS.  Would you have a moment to take a look at the script and let me know why it might not be working?
I want to update an old form with these long-overdue DATE and TIME fields.  But they don't even appear as choices when I attempt to edit the old form.  How do we update an old form?
I'm pretty sure you have to create a whole new form. That's what I did.
Ok so I how can I provide a custom response to somebody who has filled in a form. For example they have just completed a numerical test I created using google form, submitted the answers. After they have submitted the answers, they should be able to see if the answer was correct and how close. Is this possible?
Please add the date/time that the form was opened. Also, if this info could be sent to the results page as a "hidden" field this would be good.
I need more themes in Google form. Now the available themes are very limited :(
to create more designs or your own designs possibility would be a dream! sorry for my bad english.
acg run
time questions adding 24 hours  format input will be great.
Thank you.
Do you guys think you might allow people to create lists for "Choose from a list" ? 
Another thing you could do is have a "choose your State" thing for "choose from a list". 
Choose from a list is great, if someone wants to have form users choose one state from the 50 states, the person creating the form has to type out all 50 states. 
It would be really cool if you could get Google Maps, and Google Forms to work together, so a "Choose where you live" or "Choose where you want to go" field in a Form on Google drive would actually open a little Google map, and more info would be typed into the field, depending on how close you zoom in. This would be kind of difficult, if you zoomed in on a border, I suppose the autofill thing in the field could type out a couple of options, and the person filling the form could just choose one of those. 
Okay - I see the option in American date format MM/DD/YYYY .. now is there any chance of the format being switched to YYYY/MM/DD.. I reealise it seems arbitrary but I have a different regional setting on my machine which results in the input being paced in the spreadsheet not being recognised as a date.. Please Help!
Please add predefined entries for textboxes and dates. I need a form which gives suggestions like the date of today. There is no way (or at least I havent found it) to fill it in before the user can fill it in.
Is there a way to get more themes for forms?
This is good, but I have old forms that don't have the new date-picker feature. How do I update my old forms? Otherwise, I would need to resubmit the embed code on HUNDREDS of pages. I need a simple form update option! HELPPPP
You will probably have to do the forms all over again. I'm not sure though. I noticed the spreadsheets into which form data was fed were kind of old style on some of my forms. It didn't change until I rebuilt it from the ground up. 
+Google Drive - A seriously answerable question here (I hope) - How challenging would it be to add a button next to the time input field that, if checked, will use the current time from the system clock?
Ex. I want to use a form that part-time employees can record the time they complete regular duties. Hopefully just by clicking a button they can record the time they locked the building doors, and then move on to the next duty.
just have them click "submit" the first column in the spreadsheet into which data is fed is "timestamp" 
You could have them answer a very simple question like "Door closed?" 
answers "Yes" or "No" 
When they click submit, the date/time are automatically recorded. 
+Jared Allaway thanks! I was hoping that each task wouldn't have to be on a separate page. This is your suggestion however, correct?
that is a good point. I guess Google might be able to build the thing you are talking about. Just types in current time so you don't have to type it out, several places in one form? 
I would just use pre-filled form URLs. 
Create one form, with the steps you are talking about, but have the pre-filled form URL take you to a form that has the section you want already filled in. Then clicking submit will record the time too. You will have a spreadsheet that looks like the inputs are moving down at an angle across the spreadsheet, but there is a script you can run (at least on excel) that will turn a spreadsheet like that into a normal one. 
Is there any possibility where we can let the viewers let upload files via Google forms?
I would like to see the option to edit the time options - 24 hour clock would be nice and an option to have the minutes spaced out at 5, 10, or 15 minute increments. I'm using this as a scheduling form for an auditorium and to the nearest 15 minutes would be better than scrolling through every minute for my users.  
Great to see this improvement but needs 24 hour format option.
That's odd - in IE I get 3 controls for the hour, mins and AM/PM and no help text.  On Chrome I get some help text "Example: 11:00 AM" but then it asks me in 24 hour format (there is no AM/PM option).  Possibly that's reading my local settings?
Could you add the option to have users fill in the time zone as well? I am sending this form across time zones and I am worried that I won't be able to get accurate information.
Great to have this feature. How about making the date/time picker better though? Setting the date and time is a terrible experience.
If you're using Chrome, change the regional settings of your Windows PC (so two assumptions there!).  With IE and a PC, I don't think you can change it.
+Esther Yanglan Wang I believe so. Been a while since I experimented. Seems Google is using a feature of the browser to get the date so very browser dependant. Can't remember what safari did! 
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