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If you've set up Google Drive offline, you can now create and edit drawings offline. In addition, all of your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides will now be automatically available offline (space permitting), so you won't have to worry about remembering that specific file before catching your flight!

It may take a few days to see these changes as we complete the rollout. If you haven’t used offline yet, give it a try today:

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When will offline editing finally be available for the Android App? 
Thanks Google, now if you guys manage to increase the storage size in your Chromebooks for all my files in Drive that i want to have offline, THEN I might consider buying a Pixel.
aaaaahhh.. this is too much.. 
must ... hold..... on....
+Lionel Dricot c’est pour toi, cette nouveauté :) J’avoue avoir encore du mal a capter comment marche le offline…
+Tiến Nguyễn sync is for files native to the desktop. Google Drive offline is for files you create on there. What if you want to upload something to google drive like a odt or a docx file?
Thanks for nothing. I use Linux. And got a beta invite for sync. Losing ground in the cloud storage department Google.
Still waiting for Linux drivers :/ Its taking a heck of a long time, surely you have Linux users who need this stuff?
When will we be able to create documents or spreadsheets offline??
+Albert Flores Look at the title again. They have been available to create offline for quite some time nowYou can already create documents, spreadsheets, and slides offline and edit them. Today they were simply updating it to add the drawing online as well.
can the spreadsheet  be edited in offline?
Where is the official Linux support for Drive?
Thanks for the update +Google Drive team. I hope that one day the documents will start using your fonts offline too.
At Google they use Goobuntu, a modified Ubuntu version. With those thousands of Linux desktops at Google, do you really think Drive for Linux does not exist?
I suspect Google does not want the Linux desktop to grow. As long as Linux desktops are rare, hackers won't invest their time in attacking them, keeping Google save. 
can you edit docs offline on tablet??
It's like I keep winning the lottery.  Keep the enhancements coming!
+Stephen Holst I agree with the writer of the article you refer to: "Something is not right". 
I think Google knows it cannot touch OSX (Tim Cooke takes care of Apple's decline). They also think Windows is toast on tablets and mobile. So they bet the leading OSes of the future will be Android and Chrome OS (which Google says are not to be merged). And my guess is Google does not want other Linux distros or variants to be successful. 
+Riemer Thalen I disagree only because competitors like Dropbox do provide full cross-platform support.  They want to bring as many people into the Google ecosystem as possible.  They're not about to let some competitor outdo them.

If they really wanted to shun Linux users they wouldn't have released Chrome for Linux.  It sounds like it is in the works - if the source is reliable. 
+Stephen Holst I would like to agree with you. Generally I trust Google. But this is such an epic fail that I find it hard to believe it is just a technical issue.
I hear ya.  Hopefully it comes real soon.  I'd love to have it too.
+Riemer Thalen I think it's often missed that Google likely still consists of a bunch of small teams working independently. This can cause all sorts of slowness for anticipated features. Give it a few more years and we'll forget all about this.
About time! My biggest complaint about drive has been that you cannot create files offline. I am glad to hear that Google has fixed this issue. 
holis estoy super feliz porque ire al teatro!
#google I hope you read these comments there are some great points and while I love drive it Can definitely be vastly improved 
Yes! Really happy about this! Drawings is actually the app I use the most of the entire Google Drive suite
Disappointed that 'Sheets' was not a priority.  I don't know what MS offers but will have to look....
+Geoffrey Base-Smith I imagine that Sheets is the hardest to implement, with the ability to to be able to do functions and such.  Also, if you were using functions that pull from other sheets, this requires that GDrive have those sheets already offline - how will Google handle that?  Figuring out how all this will work is probably the issue, and getting that Sheets filesystem to work (if possible) may why they have held off on it.  Hopefully this means that it's right around the corner! :)

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+Peter Sitterly in my last comment I presupposed that everyone knew what I was talking about: that, where is the option to edit spreadsheet offline. That is what I meant. Then Drive would be a viable option for companies instead of Office. 
Just a simple ability to capture data offline would create app opportunity.  Calcs could be exercised when online is available.
No drive for Linux yet... But you can always use Yandex, which also has a drive-like app and a client for Linux. Or Ubuntu One, Dropbox. So really no need to suffer.
this is new? I've been able to do this for a while now on my #chromebook  for the longest now. xD
will this work with the newest chrome beta on ubuntu 12.10?
*edit: it does! :D
That's a slew of updates for drive today..
we need CTRL key to select multiple "non continuous" cells or rows (in spreadsheets) and lines (in docs).
Also ability to create and edit spreadsheets offline.
Will this work with Firefox or do I have to use Chrome?
More than anything else, we should be able to create and edit spreadsheets offline.
+Nikhil Daga online?  Did you mean offline?  Because you've been able to edit spreadsheets online since day one.
I'd suggest to improve the synchronization of material with the offline edited version. Had some problems with missing slide notes lately.
Very good for the students who takes notes without internet connexion!
Lack of Linux client ... I reluctantly bought dropbox , gave up waiting for Drive.
+yang zhao it seems spreadsheets still cannot be edited or created offline on my system either. They did say it will take a few days to roll out, so hopefully it will be working offline in a couple more days...
I dont know who to talk to.. Google you are so bad with customer service.. I cant send and recieve emails.. I have purchased a google storage plan. Even though the plan is clearly seen in the settings.

It still doesnt let me send and recieve emails.

I dont know what to do.
+Kanuni Kuralkan Hi. What do you mean you cannot send or receive emails, are you using an email client like outlook or are you using gmail on the web using chrome or firefox etc? I had to laugh, if life is a constant push, then you might find it difficult, a push, to send emails ;)
No I am using it through the browser. When I go to the settings. I can see my purchased storage plan. 100GB. But It doesnt let me recieve or send emails, because still says I have exceeded my limit of 10GB.

:) I am glad you are entertained.. but having everything run through gmail. I cant recieve my bank statement.
So do you have more than 10GB used in your email or in Drive?
If you purchase more space, does the space apply to Gmail as well as Drive?
The two things that are stopping me moving completely to Drive are no Linux client and no LAN sync. Until these are implemented then all I use Drive for is creating on-line documents I need to share. I don't really care about these "bells and whistles" they keep adding.
Yeah they need a Linux client.  Is the Android app able to pin docs yet for offline editing?
I want google to do smartsheets for managing projects free of charge on google drive
It's just "Offline" in my Google Drive, not "Offline Docs", Christian. Are you seeing anything like that?

Also, great work the past few days, Drive team! Any plans to implement QuickOffice so you can edit Microsoft files online and save to Drive? As a Google Apps reseller, I can tell you that would be the KILLER app.
Ah I think I know what's up, Christian. The Offline option won't appear unless you're using Google Chrome as the web browser. The Offline apps suite is actually a Google Chrome plugin, so it cannot be installed into Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.

The nice thing is, you can set it up on Chrome, then continue to use your other browser if you prefer. But if you're ever stuck without Internet, it'll still be available in Offline mode via Chrome.

Please check it out on Chrome and let me know if that works, thanks!
Daaang, I should've thought of that. Good find. Odd that it'd be off by default!
i need edit spreadsheet offline too
#driveforlinux  There are just a few applications which hold us back from using a Linux distro regularly, and then companies say that Linux doesn't have a mass appeal. Just saying "It's in the works" won't do. 
Can't switch from Dropbox until a client for my Linux laptop comes out. The ability to sync file between my Linux, Mac, and Windows machines is my main reason for using this type of app. #driveforlinux  
That's why I just tagged kevin, silly why u can't 
OK google+ offline, i would so ask for that, or make everything compatible with offline resources......
Linux user needing for google drive for linux stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cuando sacan la versión para linux =( 
Another vote for rushing the implementation to edit google spreadsheets offline! Please hurry.
Nick S
If I am on an airplane making a document on my tablet, will it automatically sync when I get wifi and be available to my PC? +Google Drive  or anyone?
Yes it will sync once wifi is accessable

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I can't seem to find my Google+ uploads in Google Drive? Anyone has this figured out? Before flaming me because this is wrong place to post: it's the highest rank web page I find when searching for "Google+ photos in Google Drive" - thanks a lot for any help with this :)
It's not 100% reliable, not every docs, spreadsheets or slides are available to open them, also the search bar doesn't work, thumbnails don't appear on all documents in drive,  I've just create various document offline (docs, spreadsheet, slide), I saved them and closed them then I reload google drive (offline) but I can't find them on google drive, only they appear when I reload google drive online. Sorry googleDrive you let me down again with this topic.
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