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Working with images in Google Docs, Slides and Drawings just got easier with two new features:

1. Reset an image: Unhappy with the properties and formatting you applied to your image? You can now go back to the original with the reset image button. Open your document, presentation or drawing, select an image, right-click and select 'reset image' from the context menu.

2. Replace an image: Change the image in your document, presentation or drawing without affecting the layout and formatting of the original image. Open your document, presentation or drawing, select the image you want to replace, right-click and select 'replace image'. You can then use our image picker to select your next image.
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I wish we could resize the images based on the screen size. 
Can someone tell me why I still cannot use the new google drive?
Its working for me? What phone you using?
Maybe let the new update rollout everywhere before teasing us? 
+Google Drive Google should provide us some beautiful frames for pictures in google docs, sheets and presentations. Thanks.
The replace image functionality is truly a life saver!
I wish Google docs could evolve beyond the requirement for cntrl c and v and use the right click menu.
Anyone else want to see "Set transparent color" as a feature?
What about a send to back feature?
I would be happy if it would acknowledge that the images have been uploaded are there. The show up when I use a PC, but show empty folder when I use my nexus 4 phone or my nexus 10 tablet.
Nice feature!
I hope in the future it'll also be possible to download an image from a presentation and to compress images to make a presentation load fast and to make it possible to upload images of 5Mb or more.
How about an ability edit (including drawing on) pictures directly from within the drive suite? (With an option to do so destructively, which is critical for things like permanently obfuscating protected patient information in medical education)
Nice addition. Is EXIF data also listed in the image details?
+Google Drive it would be really important that Google Docs gives some feedback about remaining upload time or if it is not possible to insert an image (e.g. to big) if Copy&Paste is used. I already heard from people that Google Docs are nonsense because inserting images is not possible. In one case I saw that the person tried to insert an 100 mb image. You must handle such situations or people will think Drive just not works. A lot of people have not the expertise to know such things. They think they can paste an image like in MS word and don't think about the fact that it has to be uploaded for example. 
Yes! Something a lot of (ex-)word users have been asking for. 
Excellent. Now how about Insert Image on iOS?
I will try sometime later
Looks like they finally added image rotation too! Awesome!
+John Maguire Snapseed is still the default editor in G+, it would be awesome to be able to use Snapseed natively from within Google Drive.
+Arco de Bonte You can use VERY large images in your presentations.  We have used images 20MP+ in our presentations without a problem.  Just put them in drive, and then double click them from the chooser... it will say the image is to large, but it will use it without a problem.  You just ant use the button, you have to double click...
Google just lags way behind MS and Apple tools. Google's drawing module is still a pain and does not work well with all Google Apps.

I decided to give Google Apps finally the pass and only use it for text collaboration and file storage.\

Within a short period of time Apple did with iCloud what Google was not able to do over years ...
Small steps here again, transparent colour, insert multiple images and improved speed when inserting from drive are all badly needed.
 wish they would also work on Paintings and Forms. Also, I wish they had something like PhotoStory
How is this different than undo (ctrl + Z)?  Just quicker?
it looks like theres an option to cut the dog (like literally)
Merging cells in Tables is a feature that is needed more than even these features that you have just implemented.
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Thank you for sharing.
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When will we be able to insert images in Google Docs documents using Android App.
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