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Introducing Google Drive, the new home for all your files.
There’s been a lot of I’m excited to officially introduce Google Drive. We have really focused here on letting users create & share with others and this is a natural evolution of Google Docs. It’s not just storage, it’s about helping you live and work in the cloud and making sure your data is seamlessly available everywhere. You can use it across platforms -- Mac, PC, Android, iOS (coming soon) -- and you can use it with many third party applications - we’re working with many developers to expand the Drive ecosystem.

So, between the Loch Ness Monster and Google Drive, looks like you’ll have to keep looking for Nessie.
Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist. Today, we're introducing Google Drive—a place where you can cre...
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No Linux client? That's just disappointing. Why would I bother?
At last! Very long time waiting for this, thanks Google!
But where is my free 100GB!? Lol.
Oh, but my subscription to Google Storage just renewed, which is what I had been using for storing my docs and picasa photos. Too bad the storage is billed and managed separately.
Did you guys remove the "Do Not Show in Home" feature that Google Docs (now Drive) had? Removing that function makes file management less efficient
Wait, what's this? "You can choose to upgrade to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or even 1TB for $49.99/month. When you upgrade to a paid account, your Gmail account storage will also expand to 25GB." … what about the +20GB for $5 a year plan?
Does not support Linux, so I will stick with #dropbox , and #foliocloud .
Linux client? even #Dropbox offers one :( - and I am already paying for the $5 for 20 GB - what about that?
+Jeffrey D. It appears that Drive is just a replacement for Docs, so it should be flawless and transparent.
+Jeffrey D.: Google Docs becomes Google Drive … I also have 25600MB in my new Google Drive. But I'm wondering for how long… (see my posting above)
and why does the Google Drive windows client only work with IE? It asks for IE cookie settings - Chrome is my default browser >:(
I've just +1 every post about the lack of linux client. Please, at least blog about it !
Looks like the pricing is increasing ... I'm paying $20 / year for 80 GB now ... can't I keep this price ?
Seriously? My 200GB subscription just went from 50 to 120 per year?! What happened to Kryder's law?
Make a Linux client and I can consider going in for the paid version...
Guys this is been great so far .... Stop complaining about lack of linux client ... I believe it should be pretty easy to implement using the APIs provided by Google ...
So, am I correct in assuming that the storage that I pay for will no longer count? Am I knocked back to 5GB and then have to pay monthly? Just wondering how it will work.
I 100% agree with those complaining about no Linux client.... why is google now ignoring #linux and its roots?
Their slogan was, 'Another Way'.
I have not seen a single mention of automatic syncing folders to/from Google Drive - is this a desktop client feature only or doesn't it exist at all?
Ooops. I have some docs shared with me from people I don't know (online). I'm sure that will go away shortly when the dust settles. It makes me wonder if any of my docs have popped up in someone else's account.
+Troy Windhorst, those are almost definitely public files. When someone shares a link with you and you open that file, you'll see it shared. I wouldn't worry about your documents popping up anywhere unless you've made them public.
How about the Google Storage some of us already have paid for - is it enabled for use in Drive?
+Sundar Pichai, firstly congratulations on releasing +Google Docs (Drive). I was also very pleasant to see that only non-Google files count towards the allocated space (5GB).
The only issue was the .gdocs, .gsheets etc on the desktop cannot be opened/edited locally using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. Recommend looking at Insync ( it has the same sync capabilities and users can view, edit and save files locally using locally installed applications.
Not yet available in the UK? Mine isn't ready yet. Booh.
+Graeme Standing Thanks. Sometimes things appear to be what they are not; especially when new products are being introduced. If these other files are public, I've tried unfollowing/removing, but it seems I can't do that... at least, not yet. This has my files cluttered up a bit. Again, I'm sure all will be fine later.
The best thing about the new Drive is that you can create proper folders now. That might help organise things a bit.
+Nrupesh Soni I guess I'd better make sure my current account with 200 GB on the old payment plan is kept running ;o)
It tells me that Drive is not ready yet and will notify me when it is :(
+Thomas Christensen Yep, I got that one too.... Glad Google kept the existing guys happy.. I know a LOT of people will be tempted to upgrade at the old prices ( Because it still shows up as an option in settings ) and then forced to move to the new pricing.
OK - just compared the new Google Drive prices with our old friend DropBox; At Google you get 4 times the storage for the same price, so Google is still cheap, just not dirt-cheap anymore...
Still wondering what MS was thinking downgrading their 25GB Skydrive to 7GB unless you explicitly opt-in for 25GB!
I have paid five euores per year for 20 gigas in picasa. How does the implantation of Google Drive affect me and users like me?
+Bruno Roig As long as you keep your current account active, you will keep the old payment plan - if you want to upgrade or downgrade you will migrate to the new payment plan. So as long as you make sure your Google Checkout/Wallet is updated with a valid credit/debit card there won't be any change for you...
awesome, now google needs to roll this out on my account
No Linux support?!?! I love Google products but at least Dropbox can be used on Linux.
So... the web app supports multiple sign-in. The Android app supports multiple sign-in. The desktop app (at least the Mac desktop app) does NOT support multiple sign-in. That means that I have to sync either my personal Google account or my work Google apps account. Any chance that might be fixed soon?
I'm a little bummed there is no Linux support since other Google services like Google Music have it. Will that be coming in the near future?
Add folder sync ability like instant upload and dropbox to the android app
Does Google Apps have support?
The fact that there's no #Linux client makes it completely useless for me, and I think that fact will annoy very many other people on Google+ as well.

Better to have no carrot at all than one dangled just out of reach!
Yes!! It's done. I'm a happy man. :). It was a necessary feature into Google Apps ! A centralized storage.
If Google fails, we can always hope for a third-party application, if that is possible. It's not exactly an ideal solution, though.
+Dan Bochichio
You can remove it from the "My Drive" folder and keep it in any other folders and it won't be visible in the "My Drive" view but can still be found by search and by visiting any other folder it is in.

+Thomas Christensen +Mike DiMatteo +Saravana Kumar Karthikeyan +Markus Birth
According to this link:

You can keep your current plan as long as there isn't a lapse or you don't upgrade or downgrade. Otherwise, yes, prices went up. It's to be expected though. Previously, you were paying for basic storage. Now, it's about the combination of storage and the bandwidth of syncing.

+Robert Strickland
The extra storage you pay for Picasa should also count for this. The pricing structure has changed, though.

+Rikard Skogberg
Kryder's law applies to just storage or harddrive space. Technically, now that Google Drive auto-syncs, you're paying for the storage and the increased amount of passive bandwidth usage.

+Niket Parikh
For that, you may want to look into Google Cloud Connect.
Works really well, as usual with Google products, it's much faster than Skydrive
Google Drive, yay! More intrusive terms of service than SkyDrive, boo! More expensive than SkyDrive up to 100GB, boo! Cheaper than SkyDrive after 100GB, yay! No LAN synching ala Dropbox, boo!
+Steve Anderson More intrusive terms of service? You're not serious, right? Have you actually read the terms? Better yet, non-lawyers shouldn't really be reading the terms. It's all full of legal speak and often gets misunderstood by laypeople.
I have some problems with the Google drive app. It doesn't show up in my menu with the apps. The only way i can activate it is by going to Google play or going to settings => installed apps. And it can't be moved to my SD card. That's a problem because my phone is running out of memory
+Marco Roepers You might want to turn your phone off and back on again. Then, when you look for the app on your device, look for just Drive as opposed to Google Drive.

As for storage, I feel your pain. I had the original Motorola Droid and constantly sought out the option to move apps to the SD card and constantly had to get rid of other apps to make room.

Now I have the Galaxy Nexus and those problems are a thing of the past. I'm thinking this is where everything will eventually be headed.
No, the #Amiga #community is angry. We want #DriveForAmigaOS , not #DriveForLinux . No #google #gdrive for #smartphone nor #DriveForLinux , just #DriveForAmigaOS ! :D
+Marco Roepers That's fantastic news! It's always nice to know that my random ramblings actually help on rare occasions.
Where's the #DriveForLinux. Google has build their entire ecosystem on Linux - payback time to the community Google!
Please #Google think! Microsoft Skydrive also have a Windows (7+) and Mac OS client. Whith a Linux client you should have an additional group of users without struggle! Microsoft never will release a Linux client of anithing!
is there any web archive feature?
+Peter Sitterly I have a 20Go paid storage for 5$/year only ... Do you think i have now a different quality of service or lower bandwidth usage? :s
A terrible upgrade from Google Docs to Google Drive, with $5USD you got 20GB/year and now for $30USD you get 30GB/year
For Google Drive... There should be a setting for me to allow new versions to always be saved. Even though it will take up my space, I would like the option. In my business I have to always go back to previous versions. For years, not just 30 days. It's kind of like a timeline of when things were signed, etc. Please give me the option.
anybody notice that google drive is just a renamed Google Docs? This Google+ site says it all - it's supposed to be Google Drive, but the name still says google docs. And uploading of virtually every file was there before. Its just that now that they have it for basically every mobile or stationary device with internet.
How long does my Drive take to set up, I have been waiting for a day and a half.
+Markus Birth you won't lose your $5/ year, but if you need upgrade count a 2 times more expensive option...
Why the line between the navigation windows and contents windows is still not dynamic?!?
IM ABSOLUTELY BEGGING - for you guys to leave the ability for "Collections" to remain on the left side of my navigation on Google Docs. I use G Docs for work and personal. As a web designer, I have many clients where I need to keep separate folders for work that we collaborate on. Also, while at work I manage multiple websites as well in wich I have different 'collections'.

Currently, the only way that I know of to bring my Collections folders back on the left navigation, is to switch to the classic view.

Not good.
I am getting an error when I am trying to download the desktop application along with many other users so please look into this. The error is referred to as Error 1603.
+Justin Urich You can see collections in the new look by just using the triangle icon in "My Drive" that will maximize and show you all your collections.
This is great for those who don't care about their privacy. Google (which I am a humongous fan of) already knows enough about me, and they have been victim of cyber-attacks. Your data can be subpoenaed pretty easily under who-knows-which-government's laws. Given these two points, and the fact that I pay $5/mo as a student for 100GB, I will stick with SpiderOak who is less prone to these privacy issues (all of your data is stored as encrypted .bin files).

The Win7 client will make maintaining documents for my Google Site much easier. Keep up the good work Google. It's not that I don't trust you. I know you won't be evil. I just hesitate to think that you can protect me from the other evils of the world.
This is fantastic, it took me a while to organize files on the web, but with that new Synced folder in my mac it took me minutes!! Keep up the great work +Google Docs
+Google Docs
Two queries:
Does google drive for consumers i.e. the one with $2.49/month for 25gb also comes with enterprise kind of security, reliability and SLA 99.9% availability guarantee?

Will google drive read my files for providing relevant ads as in gmail?
I'm thinking the reason the Linux client hasn't been released yet probably isn't porting the OS-specific code, necessarily, but more the difficult issue of desktop integration. People want to double-click on their .gdoc file and have it open in GDocs. That's not always necessarily straight-forward on Linux, and there's a huge number of ways to make it happen on Linux.

Is this the issue, or is there something more complex going on here?
+Dan Jones It's just a simple matter of time. The ones writing the Windows and Mac clients finished first.

+renard w Yes, the Google Drive web interface is just Google Docs renamed. Of course, it also gained a couple of advancements. The most significant one is the ability to add apps and to associate certain file types with those apps. For example, you can configure JPEGS to open in Aviary by default. The other advancement was the ability to automatically sync files to your local hard drives via an official application.

+Marcin Ciszewicz The folders you see are just the collections renamed. You can still use them like you'd use labels in Gmail. A file/document can exist in more than one folder just like with labels/collections. Just hold down the CTRL key to select more than one when using the Organize button at the top.
+Soham Chatterjee, I have no idea it would be asking you anything about IE. It didn't do that for me. And when I double-click a .gdoc file from Explorer, it opens in Chrome (my default browser). For me, it seemed happy to let the browser handle the browser stuff.
Can you make it so we can change the location of +Google Drive folder after the install?
I just migrated to Google Drive and all of my google docs (anything created or owned by me) from 5 plus years are no longer there. Thousands of hours of work on the line. Major anxiety attack and of course nobody at google to reaach out to or help me. They are gone from my friends folders too. I'm so afraid of not getting back this work.
I don't mean to be rude at all, I totally get you are having a panic, I've been there. But I just have to say, I always keep a local backup of all my Gdocs. I've been there when a hard drive dies and there was no backup. I make sure I always have at least one backup of everything now, one online and one offline (and often two offline backups for irreplaceable files)
Dear +Google Docs . Drive is a nice start. But I want to see it taken much further. Currently on Win7 there are three Google icons in the task tray: one for Chrome offline for gmail/cal, one for Google Music, and now one for Google Drive; and additionally I have the separate Picasa program.
I would like to see all this MERGED. One program, one icon for all my Google data, Music, Docs, Books, Photos, everything. And a single access interface where I can easily see all of it. Then it will be truly "Google Drive" and not just renamed Docs.
Get on that! :D
Could you please update Cloud Connect? I am trying to work with it for PowerPoint and the add-on won't upload my slideshow because the file is too bug and Google Drive won't upload it because Cloud Connect is supposedly already uploading it when its not.
When will all users be able to use Google Drive??? Some really are missing this!
Feature request: Being able to buy extra storage for family and friends as gifts.
A cloud only makes sense if it syncs to all machines. As long as there is no Linux client, GDrive is useless for expert users which use Windows only for gaming stuff. At all it is not nice from Google to benefit from Linux and then giving no Linux client. But we know this from Mac. I thought Google is different...
I would like to have a choice wether to mount the GDrive as a sync service (how it works now, like Dropbox) or a virtual drive, which is how I need it (like Wuala) - even if a Linux client emerges I will have a hard time using it, since my files will exist in two places on my server - in the folders I want them and in the GDrive folder - it's a big waste of my local space and I'll still have to rsync folders between original place and GDrive...
Google more than doubled the price! On average price on the old plan was 0.25$/ GB and now it's 0.60$/ GB. Visit Google+ page "Google keep the old price, please", give it a +1 and share your ideas. Let's make Google change is price policy...
+Miguel Gama Their prices are still 1/4 of Dropbox prices (50 GB Dropbox space = 200 GB GDrive space) - but I agree, I didn't see it coming, I'm just happy I already have signed for 200 GB storage and will be staying with the old plan (as long as I don't need more space).
+Thomas Christensen the problem is that if you need more space it will cost you double! Join the Google + page above and let's try to make Google change this.
+Miguel Gama I still think it's cheap - still cheaper than Dropbox and Ubuntu One. But maybe I'm just an atypical user - my photo library grows approx. 1500 photos a year, that's 3-6 GB - it will take a loooong time before I use up my 200 GB (40+ years!). Also I could easily do without the online storage, if I decide to do so - I have my own server and I can already get to my files - movies, music streaming, photos etc. wherever I might be.

To me the online storage is only an extra layer of security (backup) on top of the local backup I already perform. I could actually buy a new USB harddrive every year for the money the online storage costs and have several backup copies...
What I'd like the G Drive to do is offer an UPLOAD ONLY feature and download/Sync on demand. When I'm on my employer MacBook sometimes I only want to upload, not download. Hopefully they will offer this soon.
+Timothy Oliver Google Drive is a very flexible service, but the intent is for users to stay in the cloud, so no need to download or use files locally.
+Douglas Baumwall Thanks for the response. The point I am making is that the current Google Drive client FORCES a download of all my Google Drive items and this is not at all what I want it to do. I only want to upload items and NEVER download. I want the Google Drive client to act like the Amazon Kindle client in that it is a convenient and quick way to upload documents created locally. 
It would also be good if a Save As feature or plugin could be added to the Microsoft Office suite that would allow me to save items created locally to the Google Drive in the cloud
+Timothy Oliver You could just remove the local client and upload files from within Google Drive. That's what I did on my PC (which I never use anymore since I got my Chromebook).
+Douglas Baumwall In fact that is exactly what I have done but I still miss the convenience of being able to upload quickly. How do you like your Chromebook I am very interested in getting one I think
+Timothy Oliver I love my Chromebook. I rarely use my PC any more. When I need locally installed software I just remote to my PC. When I need to download virus signatures or run CCleaner or defrag, I remote to my PC. Basically it's become vestigial.
+Douglas Baumwall Nice. Which one did you get? Besides the Google branded device there is not much investment there. I'm thinking about the Samsung Chromebook 
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