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A few weeks ago we launched Suggested Edits ( in Google Docs--a way to make edits that can be accepted or rejected by the owner of the document.

We know that some of you work with people who still use Word, so today we’re making it easier to collaborate with them by mapping tracked changes in .docx files to Suggested Edits in Docs and vice versa.

Happy editing!
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Much thanks - I've been waiting for the feature for a very long time.  It was a major impediment to the adoption of Google Docs for anyone working with contracts - lawyers, real estate agents, and government contractors.

I only have one other major hangup when it comes to converting people -  I'm begging to be resolved - PAGE BACKGROUNDS.  They like to make their proposals look pretty - like it's on letterhead or other frames.  I've tried every workaround I can think of, it's impossible.

Oh, and tables - while they're pretty cumbersome, we can work around the limitations, but when the team decides to revise tables in documents, please consider adding a "text wrap" feature for them - exactly how text wrapping for images works.

Other than that - I think you're just about there. :)  Nice job.
Brad G
Great, now can you please fix headers and footers? Allow different first page.
Great feature... Can somebody tell how the illustration image is created or which tool/software is used to create this animated gif image.
Tom S.
"Who still use Word" is a very bold statement from these guys...
+Brad G Yes! I agree 1st page diferent is a very important feature and sorry by my arrogance but I think it could be implemented by a baby. Whats the problem here?
I like Google Docs and its new features, however, MS Word is still much more powerful ...
Google docs sure is awesome, but offline use is a must. While this run only in a browser it is definitely not an option.
Big improvement - thanks +Google Drive  !  Keep up the good work.  Now let's get those last few missing criticals done?
Thanks! Great... Show must go on...!
+Jan Odstrčilík Word is more mature and has more features, however it is not necessarily more powerful, depending on how you define power. If you take into consideration all the liabilities associated with legacy solutions like Microsoft Word (necessary attachments, delays, backups, version control, malware risks, etc.) then Google Docs is more powerful in my opinion.
Excellent. Now just make it possible to search within individual folders, and we'll be cooking with gas.
+Douglas Baumwall Well, what I really miss in Google Docs: real styles (user-defined, shortcuts etc.), integrated ToC, better footnotes/endnotes, real support for bigger documents etc. etc. MS Word is not perfect (I miss something like "user-defined commands" as in LyX), however, it is still better for real work.
This is easily one of the best additions to Google Docs.  It has come in very handy with a group project I have been working on for school.
Great addition! Every time Google Docs is updated it makes it more and more the central word processor in my life.
Now all we need is the Google Drive IDE
Love that: "some of you work with people who still use Word".  Unfortunately, yes...
Markup in Google docs! Awesome 😀
Nice, but what about the long-sought collapsible outline view in Docs?!
anybody know how i can open and view xls documents in Google Drive? but i dont want to convert them because it breaks the document.
Google please, add rotate a word for 90 or 270 in spreadsheets cell, or how to bold and italic in the same cell, the basic features like that. Don't waste time and money on stupid features.
When will we be able to markup PDF documents?
Google Docs is getting better and better! Good job +Google Drive
Now we need numbered (and hierarchal numbering) headers and 1st page different layout
Everything is getting to be on the INTERNET now. 
Nice. Now if different headings on different pages functionality could be added...
I really enjoy Google Docs. I just wish I could turn my college papers in this way. Exporting the doc to Word format changes the entire format of the paper. This is why I am forced to use office... Sigh 
This is cool but WHEN we can have proper table functionality like merging cells. Surely would be easy implement in the grand scheme of things.
Excellent news! Google Docs keeps getting better and better!
Excellent. Now add the ability to make collapsable/expandable draggable by section outlines like Word has so I can write a book in one document. That's the only thing I really miss. 
I'm glad they've finally added this feature.
Can't ever trust that Shinra company! LOL Nice touch Google. 
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Next, make the mouse more usable by allowing copying and pasting without using cntrl c and cntrl v. This would increase productivity by allowing use of one hand vs two.
I'd like to see "Can suggest edits" as a sharing option for docs, that would be a step between commenting and editing. 
You have a problem better clean your PC , recommend glarysoft.

Asombroso, ya lo usamos en la empresa y estamos convirtiendo varios .docx archivs directamente en google docs horrendo un 70% en el tiempo de edición
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