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Go paperless in 2013

It’s a new year, which means new resolutions. If you’re up for saving time, money and trees, going paperless might be a good goal for you in 2013. 

Google Drive is part of the Paperless Coalition, a group of organizations and products that help you live completely in a paper-free world. Drive makes it easy to keep all your stuff in the cloud and access it anywhere -- so you don’t have to carry around paper copies wherever you go. And if you use paper to fax documents, print receipts, track expense reports or jot notes -- the Paperless Coalition has apps to help with that, too. 

Take the pledge at and invite others to do the same. Happy New Year!
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Are there any "cloud scanners"?   ScanSnap is all fine and good, I actually own an older model, but so far as I know, none of them work with a Chromebook.
What's wrong with going global with such an initiative? Surely going paperless is to the benefit of the population of The Earth in it's entirety and not just the "US Office workers"?
I've been paperless for over a year now. Very hard to convince others to do so though.
Maybe when Google Drive supported Scanners come on the market. There are effectively none...
+Kristian Hermansen There are HP Photosmart and MFP ePrint enabled printers that supports scan to Google Drive through an app you can install on the printers :o)
It would be nice if I could search within all scanned PDF files in Google Drive. Limiting OCR search to the first 10 pages of PDF files <2MB is too limiting. Evernote does not have this restriction.

I can't even get scanned PDF document search to work on words in the first page of a PDF document stored in Google Drive.
I've started going paperless when I had my first netbook, that's the time before I had a Chromebook. Going paperless is the next level. And talking about paperless revolution, I started reading articles online, without needing to subscribe to conventional newspapers. We can save the environment, and the trees.
Using Google Drive with Google Docs is fun! I can able to use less paper.
Not only cost effective but helpful for keeping our environment healthy. I can't tell you how expensive paper can get after time. Using the internet is much cheaper in the long run and it's safer too because you will always have access to your work regardless of what happens to your home, weather, and so on. Paperless is the way to go!
I agree with your message. Paper is getting more expensive. So as ink cartridges for printers. Recycling paper can save a lot of trees. Going paperless can save more than millions of trees. We can able to cool down the planet,--to reverse global warming. The another paperless machine you can find can also save trees. Hand dryers found in restrooms can save trees too! No need to refill the paper towel dispensor.If you recycle 1000 tons of newspapers, how many trees you can save? Our internet had already gone paperless.If we had saved 100 trillion trees, how much CO2 will be removed from our planet? Maybe 2000 tons will be removed each day. Our planet will be saved for good. 
Building windmills will take over. And the coal plants will be disappearing in no time.
We currently have a state contract that has been hard file, we want to turn it in to paperless project using google  Doc and Hangout for meetings. Where do go for support??? emial me
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