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This week, we've released some updates to improve the import/export experience for Microsoft Word and Excel files to and from Google Drive. 

Now, when converting a Microsoft Excel file to a Google spreadsheet, you'll be able to import embedded pictures - plus radar and stock charts. When you're exporting to XLSX, charts will be exported as native charts, and your chartsheets will export properly. Additionally, your pivot tables will be fully imported and exported, except for those pivot table features not supported in Google spreadsheets. 

When you convert a Microsoft Office file to a Google document, you'll notice that fonts, document background, table borders, and Equations are imported more seamlessly, too. 
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Can you also include download/export to SD option to the Android App? Seems we can only open but sometimes I may want to keep files in my phone rather than the cloud. If there is such a function then I must have missed it. Which means its not clear. I spent hours looking for it.
The equation editor in Google Drive is still very limited and not well behaved.
Please, do improve it.
no CTRL button to modify multiple cells at the same time, NO BUY.
Which Google+ account would be best to use to discuss Picasa Web and some future features that would help it?
Glad to see improvements with the Word conversion! I had problems converting a Word document with tables just last week. I'll have to give it another try. Thanks
Looking forward to trying out these new updates. Keep up the good work all :-) 
I love to see these additional off-topic request for change that will be completely ignored unless done through the proper channels :-)
+Mike McLoughlin And thats why I asked what the official place was. Picasa needs folder management for those who have paid for extra storage. It gets to be a bit out of hand without the ability to do subfolders.
+Mike McLoughlin I am getting a bad link on that but I will just use Google to find it. Thank you for the suggestion.
+Joel Dinis if you check "Make Available Offline" a local copy is stored to your phone. If you hit "send" in the menu, then you will be presented with a few places you can store the file too, but sending a native Google Doc will convert it to a PDF I believe.

The best way to move actual files off Google Drive is through a file manager app like Solid Explorer that has cloud storage connections.
Embedded images did not come across for me. Do I need to wait for the update? Never mind, it has to be .xlsx format for it to work!
+Joel Dinis Much needed functionality indeed, for now you can use the free send to sd ap in the play store. Works perfectly. 
Thanks +Shawn Dreelin I also had to disable file encription for it to work. Still I would like a way to select download and where I want it to be saved so I can open it with another application. Make it offline implies that I'd still need to use Drive to open it.
Although saved in my phone the path to get there is not clear to most.
Excellent! I look forward to Google site page editor receiving all the docs editor functionalities! Were can I follow info on sites for business clients?
Awesome!!! I keep teaching my friends about the HUGE benefits of using Google Drive and one of their biggest fears is the transition from MS Office to Drive...this makes it even more seamless and allays any fears they have. Go Google!! The updates across the whole Google spectrum are nothing short of amazing!
We need an App to create/edit text, data sheet, keynotes, drawing etc. for both iPads and Android devices
What about the hundreds of .doc files I imported months ago? Is there a way to reprocess them without downloading and re-upping?
+Andrea Doimo From the Google Drive main screen select the file(s) you want to convert and then drop down button labeled "More" and select "Export to Google Docs". It will make a converted copy of the file. You can do this in bulk if your wish to convert several docs at once. It will not decrease your space since native Google Docs do not count towards your space.

+Nicolas Ibarra You can now edit and create Google docs in both Android and IOS in the Google Drive Apps. If you are looking for something a bit more (such as offline access) I suggest QuickOffice available on both platforms and connects to Google Docs.
Please allow selecting multiple cells that aren't touching each other using CTRL.  I need this bad!
o yeah thats geart ........
I'm looking forward when we can embed soda sheets in documents. 
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