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In the past month, we've introduced new presentation themes, three new languages for our spellchecker, and a couple of other updates. 

Read our blog post to learn more:
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+Google Docs Keeps getting better!!! What is the official communication channel to send in feature requests?
I love google docs. I really, really hope your next update will include the ability to do a double bottom border in your spreadsheets. I'm an accounting person and it's a common and important symbol, and it's crazy that a little thing like that means I have to use excel for everything. Thanks for the products and all the hard work. I use google docs whenever I can.
The only time I've fired up MS Word in the last few months is when I need a word processor that's a little more processor efficient and won't cause stuttering on a video being played on a separate monitor.

I know, I know, using a Microsoft product for system resource efficency seems backwards, but like +Anthony Ridley said, Docs can get a little laggy when you get more than a few pages in. At least, it does on my little netbook with 2 gigs of ram.

Other than that, since the introduction of #googledrive  integration with Windows, I've found less and less need to use desktop software. If full offline functionality could be guaranteed, then a #chromebook  might just be worth the £400 they charge for it here in the UK.
Add a notifie on update feature, so people that are working on the same collection of items get an email if something was added or changed! Please!
and there is not yet a drive app for linux...
Please get the iOS App out! I really need it (much more important than offline editing)!!!
+Aitor Garagarza check out an open source project call "Grive" some linux guys got tired of waiting for a linux client and built their own using the drive api. Gitta love the *nix community.
+Max von Beust I'm sure they are working in the iOS app but I am also sure that like every other Google app Apple is taking their sweet time approving it. Wish these two (Apple & Google) could just get along
+Google Docs please add vertical margin ruler like in MS Word. It helps to align Page content and setup Page margin more efficiently
+John Grosshans I have read about the Grive project, but I am waiting for something official to avoid problems because I'm going to use it on my work account... I'd rather avoid any problem waiting for an official product.
Does anyone know if there is a way to get an attachment directly from an email to Drive (without downloading it or converting it to Docs format)?
Anything on the horizon for Google Sites? Launched a new site this past week , it was a lot of fun to design.
Yup, you need to add a vertical ruler.
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