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Have you tried adding apps to Google Drive to help you get more stuff done? There are hundreds of handy ones to choose from, and now it’s even easier to browse for and add them to Drive. 

From the newly updated Create button, click on “Connect more apps” and you’ll be able to browse, search for, and add apps to Drive in one click. Give it a try, and let us know which apps are your favorites. 
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sweeeeet, autocad in google drive! i am close to just using google drive for my docs now!
We need to work with MSOffice files.....Every time I convert an MS Office file to GDocs it changes!!!!
Hmpf. I think we'd also need to have (in-app) editable open document files. 
Why is the command Connect more apps under the CREATE button?
It's not of its context.

Edited: My mistake. It's the first step to add the apps commands to the CREATE menu and use it then.
Please add an easily accessible Google docs folder on my mobile.
+Mark Stronge there are apps which sync it for you.

You might also want to try my little application , which allows you to directly download files from google drive, to your mobile device! :) Just download and install it, enter google drive, select a file, tap "send", select Save To Phone and boom, you should have saved it to your phone :)
Does Google have a nice mindmapping app?
I have only a few Document and Spreadsheet docs in my GDrive, the rest is saved in my Evernote notebooks. 
Please put back "from template" under Create. Now several steps are required to create a doc from a template, i.e. Open new doc->File->New->From template (and then yet another doc opened, meaning you may have two new doc opened to create one new). 
ignoring linux and paying for tiers of storage - i don't use drive much.  #bitcasa   is the way to go
Where is create from template?
Not (yet) supported for Linux.
There needs to be a great Google Tasks by Google
+Scott Johnston  so I create a new document and then inside I create yet another new document from template. I've spent hours convicinng and showing people how to use templates, now I am getting calls from people complaining about not being able to use templates...
I a huge Google product user didn't even know there were apps specific to drive. I wonder how many others did/do not know?  This needs to be better communicated and easier to find in Drive
+Peter Sitterly What "redesign"?  The create button has been there for a long time.  If they are saying that adding "connect more apps" as a redesign something is wrong.  I honestly think "connect more apps" should be place elsewhere, but I'm not an engineer or programmer.
+GoogleDrive, I want to add to the comments above about Templates. I'd like to have some way to create-new-from-template added back to the Create button. I'd also love to see the Template Gallery updated to be consistent with the new look of Google, or even better, have the Gallery somehow better integrated into the Drive experience, perhaps in some type of modal window.
+Kenn Harlem Sorry... I was just referring to the redesign of the create "menu". Previously, the create menu was a small list with tiny icons and a sub-menu where other apps hid. This is also where the ability to connect more apps was hiding all this time. With the redesign of that menu, the ability to connect more apps is hard to miss and the icons for these apps are much larger and not hidden under a sub-menu.

As for whether or not it makes sense for "connect more apps" to live under the create menu, it's all a matter of discovery. The reason to connect more apps is to increase the number of file types you can create. In other words, it could have been named "add more file types to this create menu" and it would still be relevant. I just think they're trying to get people to stop thinking of "files" and more along the lines of "chunks of data that live in the cloud". That would have made it "add more types of chunks of data you can create with this create menu". I guess "connect more apps" will suffice for now.
now if only we could share non-public files with Google+ circles.
So how do I remove a connected app again?
Thanks, now I can open my OpenOffice docs without downloading them.
Google, you're turning into something messy, so many products, so many devices. Get simpler back! 
Your doc editing so buggy...last 1 Hr i am just refreshing page after your error....'something went wrong...'
It's not safe to use google drive, i would prefer some drive out of United States, your government browsing all google files like they own it. 
But google ought to give all the files to the US government on request according to google transparency report. So basically they'll copy every file i own when us government demands which is very annoying. Right now China or Iran seems more secure.
+İlker Arslantürk I think that might be a little bit too exaggerated. Unless you're doing something illegal then you don't need to worry. If you are, then it doesn't matter where your files are.
I'd love to know when we are going to see #DriveForLinux more than these kind of tips.  It's almost been a full year hasn't it?
+Jarek Niemira-Adamczyk It's unlikely to come out in the near future. They've been saying its in the works for almost half a year now. I would have learned coding in 6 months.
love the G Drive apps that work in collaboration with G+ Hangouts. Super fun. 
Great idea, but what happened to the Create new from template option? Bow do you get to the template gallery now?

+Google Drive looks interesting! as soon I manage to move the folder to other location than c:\users\myName\Google Drive I'll give it a try. I promise
Any chance there is an app that can throttle the upload rate so it doesn't kill everything else in our house, as is google drive is useless atm.  We only have dsl and with no upload throttle it kills our intertubes.
I would like to see an epub reader like Readium connect to Drive, so I could store and read epub books from any computer.
I had no idea until today that there are other apps that can be installed on Google Drive. Very Cool. 
Hey! you guys have removed the FROM TEMPLATE GALLERY option! #fail bring it back please.
Please put 'create from template' back on a more prominent place. It doesn't make sense to put it in "file=>new=>from template"; "insert => template" would make sense, however I prefer it in the create menu.
It was a lie when you said Drive for linux was coming up.
Create from Template needs to stay where it was.
I recommend Drive Notepad (works alos in firefox) which adds syntax highlighning for various programming languages
Good, but we still need comments in Google Drive iOS, just saying....
it would be nice if you can do more stuff with tables/documents on Drive App on Phone/Tablet (like Coloring cells, creating tables in documents)

and it would be nice too, if you can share stuff on drive to custom ppl from G+ too :)
How secure is Google Drive?

According to Google... "When you choose to open files with Google Drive apps, these apps may request access to all or individual files in your Google Drive"

Based on the above is it possible for a hacker to write an app that appears normal to the user but steals sensitive information from Google Drive in the background?

If this is possible, then I think a lot of users will be vulnerable to this kind of attack. This might even be a greater concern for corporations that use Google Drive.

* Users should be able to restrict the app's access to a folder
* Apps should NOT be allowed access to all files and folders
* Apps should not be allowed to read or write to  files in the background that they did not create.
* Apps should NOT be able to perform operations when the user is not using the application
+Raymond Irving The level of access needed by the app is stated when you connect it. If an app needs more access than you're comfortable with, just don't connect it.

It's not much different than installing software on your computer, except computer software doesn't tell you whether it will only access its own files or whether it has access to your entire hard drive.
Removing templates from the create menu is a horrible usability idea. Please bring it back.
Bring back the Templates functionality that was there before. There was never any reason to change it. If you want more people to use Google for school and office work then you would be wise to keep the template work flow fast, easy, and a no brainer to find on screen.
I agree - move the "Create from Template back" it was bad enough as it was - now its worse.... - I was having a situation where My browser is left with 3 tabs open to create a new document from a template.

Now i'm left with 4 tabs and 2 documents - totally useless....
I agree.. If you enable the Google docs Lab function, you can create it with one click..!
+Peter Sitterly It's a little different for chrome apps. On a PC you can install virus scanners and use a firewall, etc to prevent an app connecting to the internet or from stealing your information. On Drive  there's no way you can stop that once the app has access. The point I'm trying to get across is that users will install apps that appears perfectly safe but behind the scenes they are doing things they should not be doing. It's best to make Google Drive secure by default and limit App access to specific folders/files. Apps should NOT be granted access to all files and folders
Where is the Create from Template option?  For schools using Google Apps for Education this is a very useful feature.  Why was it deleted?  Why weren't we asked or even warned?
+Raymond Irving I hear what you're saying, but I think you're still painting an inaccurate picture. Virus scanners are meant to detect known viruses that can sneak onto your computer without you knowing. An app can't connect to Google Drive without you knowing. You have to actively connect it. Mentioning a firewall is irrelevant for the same reasons.

Imagine, for a moment, that the coders who programmed your web browser put code in it that waits until 2/14/2013 and, after that date, shows you nothing but pictures of cats when you browse the web. There's no firewall or virus protection software that's going to save you from that. After all, it's not a virus. It's just a web browser that favors cats.

I suppose, if you're using Chrome, you could make the argument that it's open source and that the community of developers would catch this silliness before it is distributed, but unless you're downloading the source code of Chromium and compiling it yourself, there are still ways or these types of things to slip through.

That aside, your web browser has access to your entire hard drive right now. Not just the files needed for web browsing, and not just its own files... your web browser currently has access to your entire system. It didn't ask for permission. Any software installed on a computer has access to the whole system. Compare this to connecting web apps to Google Drive, there are various restrictions that can be placed on these apps. Upon connecting the apps, it tells you what access these apps need. If an app starts doing bad things to a bunch of users, Google also has the ability to nuke this app's connection for all users.

I'm not saying that connecting an app to Google Drive is 100% safe, but I think you're under the impression that installing software on the computer is somehow safer. It isn't. Not even with a firewall or anti-virus protection.
Since Google Drive has added this feature they've removed the link to Create from Template. Now instead of users selecting Create > From Template they must open any existing document in their drive and select New > From Template. THIS IS A MAJOR STEP BACKWARDS. My end users have a hard enough time wrapping their minds around Drive, now you've added several confusing steps to accessing a template... Please rethink this. Put the link back in the Create section.
May I ask when will the drive be available for Linux? If it's not coming please let us know. It's almost a year now.
Thanks! I was also thinking about this direction, you beat me. Great work!
 +Stephen Hind Coincidentally I also coded a similar app which adds the "From template..." link back to the Create menu. Though users who are usually logged-in multiple Google accounts should use mine so that you get redirected to the correct Template Gallery URL ;) or search for "Drive Template Gallery" in the Connect menu (Stephen: It's open source if you want to update your code :)) +Richard Ferrick +Tony Doyle  +Poul Lindholm Christiansen +Justin Thiel  +Thomas McMahon +James Mansell +Jonathan Stoltz  +Sean Ware +Richard van Delft +Luciano Panepucci +Casey Hancock +Robert Smol +Lars Glimbert +Michael Gural
+Nicolas Garnier Well we'll see how it goes.  You've got to give me some credit though: before today I didn't know how to make a Drive app or add it to the Chrome Web Store!  Not bad for an afternoon's work ;-)

In reality neither of us should have had to do it as it should never have been removed from the Create button in the first place!

I'd love to see your source code: where do I find it?
When will there be a 64 bit version of Google Drive?
Actually you can hold the apps, can we just have a stable version of Drive first that doesnt hog all the resources of my machines and my network and is at least as good as the basic feature set of Dropbox and Sgar sync. Goog are a billion dollar corp thats acting like a cash strapped start up and its starting to PXXX people off in a big way
Still waiting for Drive for Linux!
How am I supposed to embed images in Google forms with the new update? 
+Dustin Ingram the forms update is mainly a user interface update there were very few new features, adding images is not one of the new features.
Please, allow opening files in "Read Only" mode. Especially since you have "Auto Save".
This feature is great, but, you should have kept the "template" feature as stock.  I can't add it, and it kills critical functionality for organizations that utilize templates.  Bad move.
Suggestion. Why not turn Google Drive into a what its name suggests a "file management system" app for the device, (phone or tablet..since Chrome books have it in the file manager" as well as the cloud. Then in turn bring back the docs, forms, etc as Google Office... The office suite apps could then be made accessible from its own individual app location (just like on the Chromebook) as well as G+, Gmail and messaging apps, for attachment.
Reason. No proprietary Google or Android file manager on tablets or phones...only Chrome books. Each current Google "office app" is its own web app on Chromebook as well as Google Drive... But is one unified Google Drive app on Android. Why is that? I HATE all third party file managers but they are a neccessity since Google does not have such in Android. Its is sorely needed just as it is on the Chromebook. I am not an Apple fanboy by any means, but what wins with them is their unified ecosystem! The Google ecosystem is coming along, but SHOULD BE WELL AHEAD of Apple in my opinion...iOS 6 is at best, an good equivalent to Group, so Android is WELL AHEAD in phones and tablets... To unify it with Chrome OS, will take more ideas from folks with better and brighter ideas than me, but I strongly well that a device file manager "Google Drive" with cloud storage integrated would be one step in that direction.
Also.... Once people KNOW that they can use web apps just as local apps within the Google ecosystem from device to device...then Google can truly stand apart. Only one setback I can see in Web and local apps in all devices...Chrome OS is a web based only OS... The apps should be local as well as web based... Just like on phones and tablets. If the user can do more offline on a Chromebook...then they will be more sold... Then as a "user based" ecosystem Google would leave Apple in the dust. All is needed it some tweaks then advertisement.. Put the word Apple constantly does.
Sidenote. People listen to anything...even if its bullshit... Google should advertise more... Its like the fanboys are always on TV spreading bullshit... But they are on constantly spreading it thick!
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