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Sheets in Drive, now with comment-only access

You can now give people comment-only access to your spreadsheets, just like you can with Google Docs and Slides. This is useful when you’re looking for feedback on a spreadsheet and would like to review comments from others before actually making any changes. 

See how commenting works ( and give the setting a try the next time you share a spreadsheet. Don't see it yet? Hang tight -- we're rolling it out over the next week. 
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we need:

-CTRL key to select multiple "non continuous" cells, columns or rows (in spreadsheets) and lines (in docs).

-ability to create and edit spreadsheets/forms offline.

-ability to collaborate within a g+ community or circle (also between different communties or circles at the same time) on any:
g. drive file / gmail account / g+ account / g. calendar account / youtube account / g. keep account / g. maps.

Right now you cant collaborate with more than 50 people on any of the above (gmail account only 10 collaborators, g. drive only 50, "g maps engine lite" only 50, g+ account only 50 moderators) unless you make the files public (which is not good for ANY organization).
Bring back view together in Presentations!
Just a few days ago I noticed this feature was missing and now it's here. You guys have read my mind. Good job!
+Google Drive would the commenters be able to see the revision history of the document?
In my business I share a usage manual with a customer and don't want them to be able to change the document but if they are read-only then they cannot follow the changes in revision history.
Offline editing, please, please, please?
You know what BLOWS MY MIND??? I received ONE EMAIL that attempted to motify me that my credit card was not processing. As often happens, I did miss that ONE EMAIL warning. Yesterday, I received TWO EMAILS, notifying me that because the $4.99 monthly charge for 100 Gb Storage had not processed, that Hoogle Drive Team cancelled and WIPED OUT ALL MY FILES. I'll continue to post until these important file are restored, or will FOREVER strongly advise anyone and EVERYONE against this service as such interruption is reasonable and forseeable, and should NEVER result in such careless and thoughtless response. Postively Amazing my friends!
+Vince Courtney Does not compute. Stopping paying for Drive does not wipe out your files - you simply can't add more until you get down below the 5GB free quota limit. Please take your fairy tales elsewhere.
The ability to lock folders or files from being deleted would rock. 
I kind of already thought we had this. =) 
Cc issue is honest.

I have thousands of high tes immages from work events going back to 2005 that appear to have been reduced significantly to the point of being uniseful.

The size chart appears also to verify as these images collectively are far larger in

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I've been hearing for a while that Google is working on a Linux client for Drive. Hopefully that's something that will be introduced at I/O in a few weeks. In the mean time Insync may hold you over and it has some additional functionality that's not currently present on Drive, but it's beta and quite unstable. 
The process com.Google process.process.gappes has stoped.
Thank you +Google Drive. I've been looking forward to this. Now I'll change certain permissions.
Great feature, but can we have this for sites too please?
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Would like the sharing improved so I can set permissions based on a Google+ circle...
i need same thing for  videos please.
i have what is called smart-data processing which you can use to watch any channels on earth free of charge, if you are interested contact me on :
This is one of 1000 features Google Docs is missing.
Now if Drive would add the option to share items with Google+ Circles and Communities to the sharing dialogue it'd be almost perfect.
A highlight and sort (alphabetically or numerically) feature on docs would be an excellent feature to add - can code via simple "bubble sort" algorithm.
the is a bug when you share a doc. Doesnt matter what settings you choose to share, the link adove is always the same, and gives the same permisions.  Are you going to fix it soon?
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