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5,000 new stock images in Google Drive—thanks to you!

A few months ago, we asked you right here on our Google+ page ( to help us expand the selection of stock images in Google Drive. 

With your suggestions, we curated the next generation of our stock image library—adding 5,000 new photos of nature, weather, animals, sports, food, education, technology, music and 8 other categories for your use in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. More than 900 of these photos were selected directly from your submissions. We really appreciate your help!

To spruce up your docs with an image from our stock library, go to Insert > Image, click on Search, filter to Stock photos, and search for the images that you want.
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One feature that Google Drive needs : push notification when someone add or modify a shared folder !!! 
Awesome feature, but its kind of 'hidden'. It takes me 7 steps to insert one of those images and your hardly find this function by accident. They should integrate this into the research-function.
Awesome feature. What is the licence for that pictures ? 
Thanks everyone for doing Google’s job. You saved the company some money. 
Christmas apples are good and good sweetie. Well, I have to ceck my posts.
So this pictures are free to use in private and commercial projects in every media +Google Drive ?
+Mario Vial From any of the google products that allow you to insert an image. One of the choices is now 'Stock Photos" along with the usual browse the web or D/L from your computer.
+Holger Ahrens the images are royalty free for both personal and commercial use.

+Peter Isemann thanks for the feedback, that's something we'd like to look into changing
+Matthias Janeck there is always an easier way ;-) that's the beauty of technology. Discovering and applying it to an already very well working system is the magic (das Bessere ist der Feind des Guten)
And of course thanks for all those beautiful images. A job well done.
4 days, and still no response to some clear questions. - again, google at it's worst -

You guys should simply disable the comments for your posts to clearly state you are not able or do not want to communicate with your customers.
Luv it :-) 
This is great.  Is this library of Stock Images available at a specific URL that we can link to?  We have students creating Google Sites and would love for them to be able to access these same images but SITES doesn't have the same functionality when inserting an image (yet? feature request!).  Thanks,
Just where is the option to add a stock photo? I don't see it
+Andrew Salt Insert->Image->Search, click on "stock images", type search criteria.  Would be nice to be able to browse...
Can I access the stock images outside of docs, so I can use them on a website for example?
If so, how?
Thanks so Google Team really felt touching. Excellent job
U silly ass a me skin really wants to chill out already but u keep doing dis stupid shit making me say fuk it let's see who's slick
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