New in Drive for iPhone and iPad

Today’s update to Drive for iPhone and iPad brings some handy features you’ve been asking for. Now if you have multiple Google Accounts (i.e. one for home and one for work), you can switch back and forth between them in the Drive app without having to sign out. And if you ever need hard copies of a document, you’ll see an option in the details menu to print with Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. 

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sheets update is most welcomed’ve been asking for..

You guys!! Oaarrr.. /&$%&%/(&(&()/%$&/()?=)(/&%$§.... (sorry)

Just try to say >> #drive4linux    
Google Now has reminders on ios and they also have a dedicated drive app. Can we please let ios users have Keep so we can share lists with our apple friends?
Hard copies of a document? [Laughs] I don't think so! What does this look like? 2010? 
I create a document on Google Drive on my iPad and it still doesn't have the ability to simply insert an image. I'm guessing this update still won't have that feature either. Maybe I'm missing the point of the order of the world but doesn't it seem like that would just be a basic feature built right in? Maybe I'm asking too much or just dreaming.
I'd love to see table support inside of a Google Doc. I'd love to see image support inside of a Google Sheet. :)

Edited: For mobile, of course.
Great, next i want to see Multi account support in G+(ios). I don't want to upload my pictures in company G+
Badly needed but now too late - already switched to Android
How about the ability for double spacing on mobile 
We still need: comments in Google Spreadsheets, links in Docs, and Forms! (Editing presentations would be nice too.)
Thank you! i was waiting for this for longggggg time
Yet, still no way to play audio files on iOS. I can see, but can't do anything with them. Amazon Drive does it, Dropbox does it, Skydrive does it. When, +Google Drive, when?
+David Collantes You really don't need to in Drive on iOS, because Drive in iOS can open them in another app. Try installing Oplayer, and then you should be able to hear them. If it still doesn't work, let me know.  
Problem in iOS6 is when opening pdf from landscape, the screen rotates to portrait to view file and remains in portrait until you rotate the iPad to portrait and back again to landscape.
+Google Drive why do you support such an immoral, aggressive and corrupting platform like iOS or WP fighting against innovations and IT freedom?

Is Google just a money focused company?
If you ditch iOS and WP they will die slowly so would be better for all the open source world in future...

Please, fight against these immoral companies harder, don't just defend.....
+Roman Kasal what planet are you from?? Yes Google is all about the money. It's a for profit company with shareholders. And no iOS wouldn't die if they stopped supporting it. It would cause people to use Apple services that is pretty much second to only Google. And Google makes more money on iOS than it does on Android. And lastly Android hasn't been "open" since 2011. When was the last time any of their open source apps were updated? 2010 that's when. Android is closing fast. I for one think it's for the better. Why? What's better gmail or stock mail. Chat app or hangouts? Stock browser or Chrome? Stock calendar or Google calendar. Hey Samsung still puts it in their phone but I'm guess people don't use it. Immoral companies lol. You're funny dude. 
Please add the highlight feature! 
just saw that feature! excellent addition! make multi sign on standard across all G services! one for work, one for play..
Mike L
Forget iCrap, what about Linux? I hope Cupertino is hit by a massive asteroid. And that all the iSheep are there then.
+Mike L wow wishing death on people because of the company they choose to buy from. Really mature. Well how about this wish. I hope you commit suicide and do the human gene pool a favor. 
Mike L
Um of course that was a stupid hyperbole. I personally am close friends with several Apple users. I just have an extreme dislike for lawsuit happy companies that try to sell status symbols. If we were talking about the same Apple from the 80's, my opinion would easily do a 180.
+Mike L and how does Apple try to sell status symbols? Which of their ads show any of their products as status symbols? You can dislike a company and their products but you don't have to insult people that believe in said company products. How boring would it be of everyone liked the same things. Besides hear fanboys argue over what mobile os is better is like being back in junior high school arguing over the SNES and Genesis. It's so immature and I'm just tired of seeing it on G+. 
I wish the feature to edit tables in Docs would be made available - I rely on these for the classroom!
Please fix the disconnection issue on iOS first!! It is very annoying that it disconnects after switching from another app!
Hello, what about supporting tables on iOS???? You can't edit a table on an iOS device which is stopping a lot of people with iPads of making this of this amazing tool - please please please make this happen!!!!!!
+Roman Kasal +Google can't do such a thing! They are a company that works for the costumer, no matter what operating system costumers use. 
Great, but what about editing tables and inserting images into a document? The Drive app is almost useless for students until this is fixed. Better yet, how about just making Drive work in the iOS version of Crome like it does on the desktop. Come on Google! 
+Simon Allison, you mean, install yet another app? Why? I have 120 GB on Drive, not sure how much space I do have on Google Music, I do not use it.

If I were Google (that's a stretch!), I would combine Picasa, and Google Music with Google Drive. Everything data storage in one place. It makes sense, doesn't it?
+Tiago Azevedo ok, the reason they are losing a legal ground (Obama corruption, EU, Rockstar, Android blackmailing fees).....If they fight the better for customers, but this state is really not good for the customers, so you're wrong
+Tiago Azevedo Oh yeah? So you can open the mobile app on Android and insert an image into a new document? Well they need to do that for iOS too. Seems so silly to just leave out such a basic feature. lol
Yup I've been enjoying them on the Android for some time now! 
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My friend lost all of her Drive docs when this updated. She's sick about it. Anyone have any helpful suggestions for her? She logged into her Drive on a laptop, and none of the docs are there, either. Thanks.
IOS 6.0+,  my  god
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