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Oh and one more home screens on the web
As you hopefully saw in our post earlier today, Docs, Sheets, and Slides got some major updates to help you get work done on any device, any time, on any file. But there’s one more thing that we still need to tell you about.

Since launching the mobile apps, many of you have asked for a consistent experience on the web that makes it easy to get back to your most relevant and recently edited documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be gradually rolling out new home screens for Docs, Sheets, and Slides on the web, similar to what you have seen on mobile, at:

Your most recently edited documents are available right at the top, you can quickly create something new with a click on the + button, edit Office files by installing the new Chrome extension (, and once you enable offline editing, everything on your home screen is editable even when you’re not connected to the Internet. 

Stay tuned to the links above—the new home screens will be rolling out to everyone over the next couple of weeks. 
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This will be very useful and easy to explain to new users. 
I'm excited to see the new layouts and give them a try!
"And one more thing," even Apple can't bring themselves to say that anymore, you cheeky Googlers lol 
well this sucks... what about ppl who don't use touch screens for drive?
will this be available for google apps users soon?
Andy P
Looks nice.
Will we be able to add the short cuts into our apps launcher in Chrome?
Funny.. I had just put something on the lines of "please add 'recently opened' under file in Google Docs" in my review. Well, this will do. :D 
+Yiz Borol not to worry, the home screens are not just for touch screen, they will work in your regular desktop browser.
That's how they always do this, you get use to seeing one thing and they change it yet again i still love this easier than what i'm use too
Anyone saw Google drive for Linux? :-/
Still annoyed that they separated the apps on mobile
Can I install a shortcut for Chrome? 
Thanks. I appreciate this update.
This is a top notch high-tech appointment with precise performance for real important document's with folders and .files that you can really trust it's like having a professional notary right at the end of your fingertips
This is amazing. Can't wait to try it. 
Google drive is one of my favorite online storage sites.
+Google Drive can we get the Docs, Sheets & Slides apps opening in a Window instead of a tab when opening a document from within Drive or the individual apps in Chrome OS please?
Brilliant news! Couldn't be happier as an Admin still struggling to get people to give up MS :-)
+Paulius Štutas I was meaning in the way you can make The Drive & Docs apps windowed with no visible tab.
+Dominik Kugelmann How do you set docs to open in a window when opened from Drive, all my shortcuts are set to open in a window, but opening documents from Drive or from the individual apps opens a Chrome tab?
google on the web starts looking like Android L! can't wait to see it!
" you can quickly create something new with a click on the + button"
This drove me crazy on G+ for Android
Hi Google, these new homescreens do not work
what is the brand of notebook in pic?
Leon M
+Roland Hurt I'm not near my computer now, but doesn't SHIFT + CLICK open in new window? Try ALT + CLICK otherwise. Might be a Windows thing...
+Leon M Shift + Click does nothing, ALT + Click does a right click, but Ctrl + Click opens a new Chrome window with the document in ( not the same as the packaged app look, but beats having to drag the tab out of chrome to have a new window).
The android apps are strange. Need to create in ms office mode to add pictures because google suite doesn't allow that.
Quite "springpad" (RIP) inspired!
+Donna Smith yes! I would dump microsoft in a second if the would allow us to merge tables in docs. No one ever says why the will not give us this feature
Me gustaria tener para ver como funcons
Any news on proper Chrome Apps for Docs, Sheets, Slides?

Also, what's happening with Google Drawing as it seems neglected?
Hi Phil, Go to the Google Play Store instsll Google Drive #1 appointment better than Chrome Google Drive has 3 options, folders, files, and documents, for storing important information it's like having a professional notary right at your fingertips install the Drippler Appointment also for further updates that is were I found Google Drive check there first, take care. Donna
Has this been rolled out yet? I don't see the new layout yet!
What about Quick Books for Google Chrome?????
todo esta muy vien peto no le entiedo porque esta en ingles y no lo se
So I opted into the new Google Drive today, but it's nothing like the screenshots in this post. Why roll out an update today when this is coming so soon? Very strange.
Please bring back open document format support! That's a real enhancement.
First YouTube, then maps, now drive, I'm noticing all these site updates are reminiscent of their corresponding mobile apps on android.
Stop fixing things that aren't broken and breaking things that are already somewhat broken. Buy Zoho and use their interface to start over again and build google apps up to be a FULL featured suite instead of this half assed functionionless crap. Where are my choices for columns, sorting by whatever column I want. A normal file folder view? Stop building everything for people stuck on tablets. Some of us like computers and not being hobbled by touch screens.
Hmm, in my experience, most folks don’t organise their “documents” (in the broadest senses) according to what application created them, but rather by project or some other classification meaningful to them, e.g. Reports, Meetings, Appraisals, etc.  So, I’m a bit dubious as to how useful this will actually be…
+Marc Bernard Schauber I agree, but I also want to be able to edit on my mobile devices. And I don't want to use zoho. Better use rollapps and libreoffice in the cloud.
For those that want docs.sheets, presentations to open up in a seperate window, download the various chrome shortcut, right click it in chrome and go to open as window or however you want it to open.
new URL's like still NOT starting the new homescreens for me (they start a new doc).  Anything wrong for me? Gradual roll-out, should be finished yesterday I believe? Anyone else?
Awesome...I'm really looking foward to the change!
I want to know if we my organization can create a document in Google Doc where we would collaborate and send it to clients as a Word Document?
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