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Brighten up your documents with one of the 450 fonts we just added. Read today's blog post for more on our newest features, including default page sizes, Apps Script improvements, and more.
In the past month we've made updates both big and small to Google Docs, and today we're announcing one more: web fonts in Google documents. Often the best way to get your point across is to pr...
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Are these fonts available on Google Sites?
Wow, very nice. Also Fraktur I saw. Dont know if it is of much use but it is way cool!
guys, these are definitely great features... i'm looking forward to find some fundamental feature, as well... such like full compatibility with the Office Suite, you know... Please, improve your Doc app and turn it into a full-feature suite!
When my document, with different font, is open for another user without my specific font? what he see?
I've liked better the updates from the end of the post! Mainly the photos one and the Scripts!
This year seems promising for Docs

I wish we could create our own fonts, and better customize Styles (like numerating 1; 1.1; 2; 2.1 and making a style with capital letters only, this kind of things)
Fonts or faces? 450 fonts could just be variations in style and size of one typeface.
+Google Docs just to bring in to your consideration that the templates page which open when clicking on the "From template.." option under the create menu in google drive is still in that old weird theme of google. Please transform it into the new google theme which is very beautiful and awesome. Template page really requires a redesign.
Also presentation and spreadsheet does not have these new included fonts. Presentation requires new fonts as much as google docs require it for making beautiful presentations. Should include new font support for all at the earliest. +Google Docs
how do i add these new fonts (please say you have roboto!!)
Great collection, lots of excellent choices. This should encourage more production of Web fonts, that's for sure! Hopefully some of the holdouts that provide proprietary fonts can at least make some available for a fee.
Oh good more shit to do on the computer.. I have been wondering what to do with all my free time in the day now I know I can get on google docs and spend countless hours figuring out how to do something else that is a complete waste of time. Thanks
Awesome....a(nother) long wished for feature makes it to G-Apps world...Cheers!
+Mark Layton There are a large number of fonts available in Sites. You have to go into the customizing areas of the settings, but they're in there. Not sure if there are 450, but there ARE a lot.
Yes! Great!
Now we are waiting for Offline Editing on Chromebook, full offline capabilities. and it will be the Paradise :)
Better MS Word and powerpoint document import and conversion is needed.
The formatting of imported documents is broken especially with tables inside a word documents.
Include Knuth's "Computer Modern" typefaces. They are free, very good quality, and very popular in mathematical publishing.
Wow! More features that will make Docs awesome if/when it ceases to be irrelevent by not being available to edit offline. PLEASE! How can you not be seeing these requests from your users? This was something promised ages ago.
Templates are cool, but presentation templates are all unstructured blank documents with cool things on top to copy-and-modify. I'm still waiting for a way to upload new "Themes", just like Powerpoint does, so I would change the old theme to the new one (coprporate re-branding) to easily re-stylish them, or just to change the page layout from one-content-column to a two-content-column without copying-and-pasting the actual content to a lorem-ipsum-template-page.
Hello dear friends, I am a teacher and student and I love to use google docs, but ....
some prominors who erritam and does not help you work with him fully.
1 The dictionary is poor and does not comply with the new agreement spelling. (extremely important!)
2 should be able to add formatting buttons on the toolbar google docs ...
3 should be able to introduce tables with formulas along with the chart in doc.

I am Portuguese by uisso sorry for my English.
I want to make a suggestion:
use Oasis embedded in PDF as default option, or at least as option for G docs.

I am using in Libre Office this solution, i can edit spreadsheets, and share or send it to print. - Most people do not know to configure well spreadsheets for printing - but as well write docs are not printed at different computers the same way, even having the same programs, but with PDFs the difference is less than with OASIS or other formats.

I think this OASIS embedded inside PDFs are so good and so unknown that should even have its own extension as .O.PDF or .O.FDF, yes, you can make a PDF form - FDF - with this system.
Can users create envelopes yet?
This is nice, yes, BUT.... what about fixing very basic issues FIRST before rolling over more advanced ones? Google Docs has so many quality lapses... I hardly would be able to recommend someone Googfle Apps because of that. For me, there are 3 main things:
1) lack of spellchecker of Latvian ( Chrome, LibreOffice, Firefox, Opera have Latvian spellchecker, but Google Docs does NOT have ), setting File-Language-Latvian is of no use(it is relevant only to Translate document) , spellchecking continues in English(??). And this concern by far not only Latvian among languages available under File-Language. I wonder aren't Google Docs guys doesn't see that modern text editor without spellchecking is rubbsih? And that English is not the only language spoken(yes, spellchecking for English with last improvements, is very good). WebApps - yes, do have Latvian spellchecker, and in general I like WebApps's spellchecker, - so just have moved there already like a year
2) lack of vertical ruler - no business templates, with farmes and borders available;
3) this is a disaster to copy/paste intoa document form other document or webpage - styling is just not manageable, with all the last improvements is still doesn't deliver ; there is no default setting of default style - when creating a new document you shouldn't forget to set Normal styling to default - it becomes real embarassment, if you forgotten to do that (of course!), and then paste a bulk of text; I wish to have thatonly font woyld be applied to the pasted from clipboard, but the size, effects would come from clipoboard, otherwise you have to redo all styling by hand.
And if you past a lot (from another document, as there is no merge function), then you are getting can't connect... etc. - for using individual, not Google Apps account, all those coniderations on Help forum are irellevant. When I paste in smaller bulks, it all works well. To post on Help forum I just save my time and efforts, as may be 1% of bugs are getting Google employees attentiosn, just don't want to get (again) responds form cyebrtrolls who will ask various detauls about circumstances what and how hapenned, and then sadly pronounce, Oh,yes,it's bug.
Can add web font is a very good function. However, if I want to use this function, since I set my google doc language as traditional Chinese, I need to change the language into English.
Also, if I create new documents after I add new font and I change my language back to Chinese, the font selection bar documents won't display the fonts I add. I need to change the language to English again to use the fonts. However, documents which has used web font do not have this issue.

Hope Google can fix these issues.
Fantastic!! I request +Google to provide these fonts also on +Blogger for making blogposts more attractive
I would add OASIS embedded in PDF as default saving format - if you wish - I also would change the extension to *.POF Portable document embedded Oasis Format
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