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Behind the scenes with Google Web Fonts

In the past few months, we added over 450 new fonts to Google documents and presentations, making it even easier for you to create beautiful work. 

The 450+ fonts available to you in Drive are made possible by Google Web Fonts, a directory of open source web fonts for the world to use. Many of Google's own web pages are already using Google Web Fonts, such as Google's About page and Google's World Wonders Project which use Open Sans. And the use of web fonts is surging: Over the last year, Google Web Fonts has seen a 10x increase in the amount of requests, recently crossing 1B font views per day across 100M+ web pages.

Watch the video below with Googlers Ilya Grigorik and David Kuettel as they take an in-depth look at the technology behind Google Web Fonts. 
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Open Sans gives printing problems from Docs (missing letters etc), even in preview. Anyone else got this problem?
Been using Open Sans for about a month with no rendering or printing problems.
i loled "exciting episode about fonts." sounds like an oxymoron but im still watching :D
Unfortunately they haven't been integrated into Google Spreadsheets yet :(
Open font's awesome, i'm happy with ubuntu font in my website. Super easy to setup!
+Riël Notermans there are a number of the fonts that drop characters when printing. This is still a use of documents not just on screen viewing, and even the the printing fails to PDF as well.
Jay Yao
this is really exciting. I hope the typeface options are well thought out. I wonder who picks the typefaces...
Jay Yao
I wish they had typefaces that are more common. Or if they hooked up with famous foundries as well. 

they should also organize them by Display typefaces (which are for headers) and other ones that are
more for paragraph typefaces.   
I would like to see only those fonts, that have áéíóöőúüű. Basically which have hungarian support. Can I filter by supported languages?
It really annoys me that these hangouts cannot be fast forwarded when watched on a mobile device! Is there any explanation?
i just joined google drive a couple days ago :)
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