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The all new Google Sheets--coming to a spreadsheet near you

Back in December, we invited you to try out a faster, more powerful version of Sheets ( If you haven’t already given it a go, over the next few weeks you’ll be automatically upgraded to the new spreadsheet experience, which has since been updated to include a bunch of additional features like multiple cell selection, easier hyperlinking, and Add-ons ( to name a few. 

Once you’re upgraded, all of your new spreadsheets will use the new Sheets format. Stay tuned in the coming months for details about upgrading existing spreadsheets to the new Sheets.
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Thanks for that last line. I really don't feel like rebuilding a bunch of sheets to upgrade.
New sheets are having some pretty big bugs. Some of them (read: many of them) apparently are not able to be open from gdrive on android?! It is already a common bug many times reporte in last few days. Any news on that?
PDF export doesn't work properly in the new sheets. Images in the sheet move to the wrong place and large fonts just don't appear at all in the pdf
Great! Now if you were to add track changes to Google Docs, I could completely abandon my Office 365 subscription. I'm doing 95% of my writing in Google Docs but have to switch to Word for the final edits entirely due to track changes.
What about +IFTTT support? I recently switched one of my recipes to the new spreadsheets. But had to revert it because to my knowledge they don't support it yet. As it was not reporting/logging anything.
+Michael Bond It isn't proving sufficient. Unfortunately. I had high hopes but it's way too slow when working on large documents. I've tried it on my HP 11 and on a Mac with a Core i5 and 16 GB of RAM. I've got great internet speeds, too. This was on a document with 35k words. I regularly work on documents over twice that size.
Glad to hear we can convert old docs soon
+Andy Page - the problem is that Google changed how other programs can access the new Sheets... and hasn't told anyone how to do it yet. So IFTTT can't change until Google makes the old API work with the new Sheets or announces a new API. They have done neither yet.
Still having trouble to open new sheets on Android... Must be reviewed by Google 
I have a question... I had searching but didn't found a way to change the date to the format we use around here as is DD/MM/YYYY.

Any guess?
We need all our notification rules in the new sheets... currently it looks like you can only notify on any change - no specific ranges, etc....
I hope you'll introduce an automation for upgrading old sheets to the new sheets format. Otherwise I might spend days to convert them by myself.
The PDF conversion of docs and sheets needs improvement. Some files are not correct converted into PDF yet. 
Nick A
I'm really hoping the track changes feature gets restored before this rolls out. Otherwise, this feels very much like the new Maps where many features were missing for a long time.
Is this rolling out to Google Apps for Business anytime soon?
Google can stop banging about this shit until they solve the problem that crashes the app on N5 and N10.
I can open new spreadsheets on my N5. Haven't had an issue yet.
Need the ability to publish sheets to the web with a specified range in the new sheets. Very useful for taking an area in a sheet and publishing within a Google Site. Think KPI dashboards as an example.
+Luis C. Dorado Yeah, wondering when the new Sheets will work on Android and iOS. I hope they fix that before they roll it out across Google Drive ...
+JS Ng there is no problem on Android. Ensure to run the latest version of Google Drive. 
Hi All,

If you're still having problems with the Google drive app, please go to the Google drive help forum. They'll be able to help you there!
+Google Drive The new changes look good, but when will you give Sheets a simpler, more usable "Sort" function?  Sorting a spreadsheet is incredibly simple in Excel, yet I've never been able to sort in Sheets without it completely screwing up my data.  Currently if I want to sort a Google Sheet, I download the file, sort in Excel, then reupload to display the sorted sheet.  This seems like an easy fix - why is it so difficult in Sheets? 
Awesome video, and yes i will start using sheets. 
Walt B.
Is print from an embedded sheet or public sheet included?

Can I insert a row across sheets?

Awesome, had this a while now (3 weeks or so) what would be nice is the ability to migrate old spreadsheets and workbooks to the new format. To date I've had to copy paste all of my current sheets into the 'new' format which was pretty time consuming.
+Roger Cauvin that's a possible explanation. The sheets that don't open on mobile might have very complex formulas, right?
+Thomas Beling Yes, pretty complex. It might not be complexity per se but specific formulas that the Android app doesn't support in the new sheets.
Limited functionality was always a concern of mine. It is great to see comprehensive functionality.
Rob Ban
Nice! I hope we get to see some improvements to the Android app too regarding sheets. Got a tablet with keyboard and it's rather limited and far from a desktop experience. Same goes with Docs. Would be cool with page layouts, headers, footers, image editing etc.

Oh, well. Back to topic... Good job!
I use the new version, for some reason I can't open some of my new spreadsheets in the Android app. It keeps telling me that the Google Drive app is too old to open some of them, on both my N5 and N7 2013, when they have the very last version of the app installed.

So beware before you switch to the new version...
Need to make Gdrive app for Android work with the new sheet first, it's annoying.
Awesome new set of features. But we are still at the point where it disappoints me. The android app should be just as functional as the desktop version. Just in a different layout of course, but same functionality and no less. When I think of Google, I think that of them doing the unthinkable. Yet, any Google Android app is still limited. Equations aren't supported in Drive, as far as I can tell, some of these spreadsheets won't open, and aren't creatable on these devices. Both should he in tact in terms if functionality. One should not even have a slight bit more functionality than another. I think Google is doing a fantastic job and can't wait for them to update their application functionality. 
Nice, but like many applications, they rarely have the same functionality on a mobile device. There are good alternatives available for Android and iOS that will save to G-docs/Drive and Word format.
Is the new Sheets mobile-ready? Or are we still locked to a PC? 
Old tables will not convert? Copy pasting one of my sheets to a new table showed me lots of formulas that will not work anymore re. need to be changed. :-(
Good news !!
But apparently it's not possible to submit a template with the new version :(
I don't understand why Google Drive for iOS won't let you edit while offline.
Even when you marked some files for offline use, you're still only able to view them, no editing.
No love for local files?
+Google Drive please bring the mobile experience up to desktop standards. I had to replace my Android tablet with an ultrabook in order to get the Drive experience I need. Thank you.
+Stefan Sutter you can try to export your old spreadsheet to xlsx, then upload it again in Drive, converted to the new file format. It worked well enough for me. Clearly not as simple as having a button "convert to new format", but well...

Another option is to create a new spreasheet, then in the old one click on the sheet tabs and choose "Copy To". Once you've done that for all sheets your formulas should be okay in the new spreadsheet.
Tried it for a few times, great version! 😄
Every day it impresses me more and more. Keep moving. 
this dos not matter as long it dos not work fully on a ipad
Grreeaat fix Google slides because it sucks!
That's nice +Google Drive but when will the windows client be able to handle basic authenticated proxies like DropBox and your other competitors have done for years?  
The new Gsheets handle some very complex spreadsheets now. Get your most complex Excel sheet, upload and convert to Gsheet and be surprised!!!!
Google always show improvements, great (y)
In the new google spreadsheets the scripts (gallery) are /is gone. So I will stay here.
The New Google Sheets now have "Add-ons" which are small script apps.
The only thing that holds me back of completely migrating from excel to gsheets is that you can't select non adjacent cells......... that simple thing!!
+Julio Eguigurems You can now in the New Google Sheets. Just hold down the Ctrl button and select the cells you want.
+James Waller I was trying today morning and I couldn't' do it!...... Is just frustrating you know, because google office package is such a good concept....
LOL I have tried today another shoot at it and it seems that new sheets are NOT VISIBLE ANY MORE form Android Systems, wt* !?

Before couple of weeks they ware visible but not able to open. Now they don't 'exist' any more when viewed through gDrive on Android.

I have made one open to anyone with the link so try it if you can from Android:

Just to clarify that gDrive is at newest possible update for KitKat...
+Roger Cauvin True you are!
As of today (or yesterday?) it simple works ;) (only a brief 2 seconds it shows the server is unavailable massage but then it continues straight on...
LOL aaaaaaaaaaa +Roger Cauvin  Sorry, IT WAS WORKING, but it does not any more :( :( :(

What have i changed after it has worked 1st time:
Deleted second sheet and changed time zone and land. After committing this changes it is again a big mobile NO NO NO :(
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