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You can now delete a file from Docs, Sheets and Slides without having to leave the editor. Try it out by going to File > Move to Trash. 
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Nick A
I can't tell you how many times I've looked for this in the menu.
I'm shocked that this wasn't an option in the first place.
Another great update from the folks at Google Finally.
Yes! I was waiting for this for a long time.
Thank you for all the improvements to Google+ and Drive! I have really come to depend on all of your services, and enjoy them!
"Make a copy " would be great to see on mobile.
Thank you. I did not know where the settings appl was. How do i make it a permanent part of my home page?
With each new Enhancement...the line continues to blur between Web APPS and Native installed APPS. Long live the WEB! :)
Now, if I hold down the shift key while click Delete, does it by pass the trash and goes into the ether directly?
Finally my Drive won't have any Untitled Sheet files 👍
Keep up the great work. And don't for get Drive for Linux!
Now THAT'S A GOOD IDEA! Long waited...
We're now waiting (anxiously :) ) a way to find (in a smart way) files in our GDrive ... those options we have today are simply awful.
I see File > Move to NSA
Good update, when will you all make it so that you can split tables?
When will you make it where we can merge tables in docs (not spreadsheets)?  There is never an answer on that one!
Now I just need offline editing on my phone. I can have my sheets/docs offline, but can't edit them? Why?!?!
+Shawn Latham it doesn't work without data service. It opens, after I get the "open on device" popup, but it doesnt allow editing.
Now just need breadcrumbs or some way to go up one level.
Cool!. Can you implement a 1st page without numbering feature?
When will we be able to avoid downloading a double set of local files every time we get a new device?
I find that much more useful as most of us are on limited download quotas every month.
Small changes one by one makes a huge innovation! 
If you Can add security system for your Google+ app i think it's better for us
Wanted: Google Drive, Google+, Google Maps for WP8.1
I love it when I find something new in Apps. I don't understand why this feature took so long to release though.
OK what if I deleted google account but I have backup with google takeout I can't import backups to New account? 
I kept changing my file names to "delete."
Great! I like google docs. Google Docs, sheets and slides can instead Microsoft Office.
+Google Drive how about adding a date field to doc that automatically updates the date like in ms word
This is my most wanted feature. Now I can start using google docs and sheets for scratch work :)
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Dave Ca
Can it be used on an ipad??
Si los mensajes fueran en español sería mejor 
I actually do not care for the new update & separation. It consumes too much memory. Hopefully they will address this issue and I can switch back from MS office.
+Shannon Deconnick It's sending you updates because you're following Google, not because you know anyone. You have the option to unsubscribe from the commenting at the bottom of the notice. That's what I had to do. :-) 
jor Kkg
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