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Happy belated Earth Day 2012! Want to go greener this year? Instead of printing your docs, share them digitally.

North Canton City Schools' Technology Director 
+Eric Curts will be sharing his tips on going paperless in the classroom during our Google Education On Air conference next week. Visit the link below for details on joining his May 2 Hangout.
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Just convinced my english teacher to try google docs for correcting my homeworks today :) it is incredibly powerful and at least a 100 times more convenient than print the file out and then hand it in.
lab work certainly is a nice way to learn because of the immediate visual, tactile and sometimes audible and olfactory feedback. Let us not kid ourselves that it is required to learn the concepts though. I believed that electricity works according to the theory by connecting wires together and doing experiments that seemed to match the theory, but I could not determine if electrons flowed from + to - or the other way around. (It is just a matter of convention as to what we lable + and -). I mention this to illustrate that physical lab work does not teach us everything. I also understand that planets orbit stars, but never went to space to test it out. What lab work does teach is the mechanics of working with instruments and devices - which is more like vocational training that actual academic understanding. So will online systems handle what is currently done in school (and many university) labs - no - and do we actually need them - also no.
+Roland Postma Three major flaws with what you just said.

1. Don't kid yourself. Google is as profit oriented as MS. The fact that you don't pay money for GDocs doesn't mean they don't make money from it.

2. Students and teachers can score office on the cheap.

3. MS offers offics Web Apps for free just like Google.
Yet they still cannot be bothered to reply to loyal users and evangelists who are asking for an option not to downgrade their old documents to the new format. Yes, a downgrade, since in converting the older document into the new format, Google Docs actually loses functionality.
+Google Docs You should re-brand Google Docs as Google Work! You know, like how Google Play has sub-services like GPMusic, GPBooks, and GPMovies. It should be like Google Work Documents, Google Work Spreadsheets, Google Work Presentations, etc.!
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