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Sort files in Drive for iPhone and iPad

Drive for iPhone and iPad now lets you sort your files -- a useful feature many of you have asked for. Use the “Sort” button next to the search bar to arrange files in your Drive list by their title, or by when you last opened an item. The Drive app rolls out today with this and a few under the hood stability improvements. 

Check it out:
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Zero need for Drive and their measly 15GB storage when I have 300GB on +Copy lol
+Randy Hoopes Dont you have to pay to get 500 gb of storage? I looked it up on their site.
+Randy Hoopes in +copy you also don't get more than 15GB for free. I don't understand your post.... To this is not really comparable as it don't offers similar features to drive. It is a simple cloud storage. Drive gives you a full office suite to your storage.
+Wolfgang Granon Um yes you get 20GB free just for signing up and for every person I get to sign up with me got another 5GB so do the math ;-)  Way better than Drive with zero referral program 
+Clark Kent I gave on up waiting for google to make drive for linux, instead I switched to copy, and I do not regret it.
+Randy Hoopes Both drive and copy have their place. It's all about preference. I prefer Drive because I've all but ditched Microsoft Office and I'm deeply entrenched in the Google ecosystem. It makes sense to stay within Google. Drive and Google+ unlimited photo storage is all I need. Copy is a basic online storage service. 
How can you replace office with drive? It doesn't even allow you to open files on your desktop? 
+Randy Hoopes We've mostly replaced office with Drive quite nicely. Why do you need to open files on the desktop? That seems to be missing the point. 
+Judi Smith Um, cause every normal person opens stuff on their desktop.  Like I send files multiple times a day to customers, and I would rather attach something right from my desktop rather than pulling it up on drive first. 
I hate the favoritism that Google give to iOS. They receive all the improvements first. Why do not first in #Android? A lot of people trust in Google´s Android OS, and they don´t care.
+Randy Hoopes my main issue with google drive is that it cannot handle large excel files. With documents and slides I am more than happy to work in drive, but excel is still having issues.
+Randy Hoopes I don't need a 2nd application to open my files on the desktop because I do it all in the chrome browser. Nowadays almost everything is ran off the browser. When you send files you need the internet to send the files right? Why would you want double work by attaching the file and then waiting for the email to send. Drive allows me to share it without attaching anything. Maybe you're old school and don't like change. Whatever the case may be the future is cloud computing. Oh and I hope you're not one of those that has all your document files on your desktop. That is incredibly annoying. 
You can open files in chrome? Never knew that. No I don't have docs all on my desktop just once in a while and im more concerned about my home business which doesn't use gmail. It's garbage godaddy email. 
+Randy Hoopes Ah yes godaddy email is awful. I've had to deal with that for 3 years with local small businesses. I always tell small businesses to use google for small businesses. 
Thanks +Judi Smith
I found the post about the new features just after i put my comment here, it is awesome, but as the say on the blog, there are still things on our wishlist as "power users". I'm now testing the new filter views and working on some of the charts. Thanks again for the heads up!!
Is there a feature in the works for the iOS app which will allow us to attach a file on our Google Drive to an email?

Maybe if Apple security prevents this you can develop a link mechanism that is easy to use on an iPhone? 
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