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Freeing Quickoffice for everyone

Starting today we’re making Quickoffice for Android and iOS available for free, for everyone. With Quickoffice, you can edit Microsoft® Office documents across your devices, giving you the freedom to work with anyone no matter what hardware or software they’re using.  Plus, it’s integrated with Google Drive storage so you can safely access your files from anywhere.  While we’re on the topic of free stuff, if you sign in to your Google Account from the new Quickoffice app for Android or iOS by September 26, 2013, you'll get an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for two years, which will be added to your account in the next few weeks.

Download Quickoffice for Android: 
Download Quickoffice for iPhone and iPad: 
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So if we own Quickoffice from before Google purchased it we don't get the 10GB extra?
it says that you get it from signing in, not installing. So you should get it :-)
Rubbish! This app is now unable to edit or g.sheets. These formats will only open as a PDF. I still have Quickoffice Pro that work with and g.sheets and so on.
Again rubbish!!!
+Kenneth Holand You don't sign in with the older Quickoffice.  You can sync it with Google DRive so maybe that will work?
Nothing works better for Word documents on Android than TextMaker (Softmaker Office). Worth whatever I paid for it!
Does this replace the QuickOffice that's already on my Nexus?
So, if you have QuickOffice Pro... What do you do, downgrade?
Did anyone else not get their additional storage? I downloaded and signed in but my additional storage didn't  get added.
+Linh Nguyen it might be standard but it's still annoying. :P

I think this is kind of like the snapseed thing. They will eventually build all the Quickoffice stuff right into Drive, but in the meantime this was a quick way to sort of Google up Quickoffice and use it as a hook to get more people using drive.
#Google has been on a tear in the past month or so with no signs of a slow down. I suspect greater things to come, shortly.
Okay, it's now a free app....that can EDIT the documents...  How do I edit documents using this free app?  All it is doing is opening them up as Read Only - in what appears to be a PDF viewer.
reading comprehension is awesome. "which will be added to your account in the next few weeks."
I wonder why it doesn't want to edit Google spreadsheets? It opens them up as PDFs - hope this is addressed in a future version :o)
Also, if you try to copy the files over from G.Drive to the internal storage via QuickOffice, it converts them into PDFs as well.
i downloaded the app, signed in, and i didnt get the storage, is there any thing i missed?
thank you goooooooooooooooooogle , i looooooooooove you
+Islam Ahmad you missed the end of the sentence "which will be added to your account in the next few weeks"
Now I have this, plus the older version of the app that's baked into my RAZR MAXX that I can't uninstall short of rooting. Hooray, I guess?
+Google - Why can't we get the free space in +Google Drive for longer than 2 years? Why the time limit? Make it forever.
Dan Jones
"10GB of Google Drive storage for two years"

For two years? That's completely lame. You just want to get people used to having the extra space, so that when you take it away in two years, they have to pay for more storage. Bad form +Google Drive.
Guys, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we can edit docs and stuff that's already on Drive. I noticed the PDF thing also. If you create a new file, then there's no problem. Thanks +Google Drive rock!
I guess external hard drives will be more affordable when the 2 years runs out, you can go buy one and move everything over. 
Its a shame they left the legacy menu button in. Although it doesn't do anything so hopefully it is a bug. I'm on an HTC GPe if that matters. 
From Google Play: "with up to 15GB of free storage"... but isn't 15GB the default amount anyways? I didn't get any extra storage space after installing and using the new app. 
Single word for this: Awesome. Love you for that, Google. :)
Thanks guys! Love the new icon.The old icon for Quickoffice always looked like it was off a center to me. Much appreciated.
Always new features coming out but Google Drive is still not available on Linux. This is the work of amateurs. Google should drop this project and work with the Insync team on something better.
I stopped using office files when Google docs came out. No need for office files these days...
Looks great. What I miss, though is a way to print (Android). Why no Cloudprint?
This is cool, vut I'm kinda dissapointed it can't edit or create Google Docs, I guess that integration will be added later.
So wait. You guys are giving me free stuff, just because you want to give me more free stuff?

The next logical step is combine Google Drive and Quickoffice app together to an awesome app together.
what the hell is google doing? why can't they package that with drive. they really needed another app for this? 
+Kenneth Massada it's not a new app. It has existed for quite a while, they're just making it free. In the future they will prob merge Drive and Quickoffice.

Don't bite the hand that feeds.
So - what happens after these 2 years? Our data becomes hostage?
+Kenneth Massada you're actually complaining right now? A previously paid app is now free, giving you functionality not covered by any of their other apps, plus they're giving you 10GB in Drive. Yeah this does seem like a good time to complain.
I guess Firefox is making operating systems for cell phones now, so I think #driveforlinux  is pretty important. 
So I synced it with Drive and guess what happened - No extra 10Gb. Nadda, zilch.  I double checked on the web to confirm. :-(
An app from Google that doesn't properly follow the Android Design Guidelines?! Why do I have a legacy menu button showing on my HTC One when the app already has one in the Action Bar? Pffft. I'll keep using the Drive app. 
The storage upgrade is coming in a few weeks, just like it says in the original post
+Google Drive will signing to drive with Quickoffice bring + 10 GB to Google Apps accounts too? 
Will people read the whole post???

People just read:

+10 GB Free
Did they remove the paid apps from the Play Store? I can find them in the web, but no device is eligible for install and from my N10 and N4, they don't show up in the Play Store anymore. Do I really have to uninstall QO Pro and QO Pro HD and install the new "free" version?
+Markus Birth is there any reason why wouldn't you want that? Does QO Pro have some features lacking in the new app? 
+Tony Yee you just can't upload more files, you can still access them just fine.
Error when signin "network error" 
Just installed and saw the context menu button in the bottom right corner. My heart almost stopped!
+denis sorn: Well, it can edit tables. ;)

Also I didn't get any update information from the Play Store. Google could have uploaded a newer "Pro" version which notifies of the now free version.
+Isaac Campos Everything else is working fine. I am using HTC One from Saudi Arabia. I am posting now! error is "could not connect to network".
No support for open standards like ODF. Disappointed. 
+Markus Birth if I understood it well, the new app can edit excel sheets, but it cannot edit Google docs ones.

Can Quickoffice Pro edit Google docs formats? 
What's the point of Office 365 again? :)
Am I missing something or is there no way to switch which gdrive account it uses.
Does this mean QuickOffice will be available to everyone on the web as well?
We're (the company) using Google Apps and want this functionality in Drive and not in a bullshit application like this.... 
Just opened a spreadsheet from drive, went well but OpenOffice opens it as PDF? Not cool (but 10gb is)
+David Baker Quickoffice is not compatible with Google Docs, but Drive is, probably in the future they will merge the two or add compatibility between the two.

Just give'em some time, Google always delivers :)
I can't sign in. I select my Google account, I get that spinning icon, and nothing happens. How do I fix this? 
 Why do they need both Google Drive editor app and this? Couldn't they have integrated them?
I have no problems opening or saving any office document from/to Drive. Using Quickoffic.
Nothing has been, converted to PDF. 
Thanks for confirmation +Michael Vieux - nothing is converted, just spreadsheets open in QuickOffice as PDF
Done and thanks Google :-D I've even got the wife on iOS to sign up and use Google+
any perks if you actually bought it prior to going free?
As some people mentioned it before - it would be great if the app would support open document format.
+Jason Stewart
I think it's more the other way around. This is the start to getting documents out of Drive. It never made sense to merge them in the beginning. Why would "Drive" also do documents? I think they merged Docs in originally so that people would get used to have a central repository of their cloud docs, and now they can split it back out again, since they have a viable app property and people are familiar with Drive and things integrate well.
10GB for two years? Nice hook. I'll fill it up to 8GB and then I'll have to pay when the two years are up.
+Jody Ancar to keep you trying new google products.   The give out drive space for 2 years  for many things like buying a motorolla phone or trying some new toy.   
They lie! There's no extra storage.. and no decent integration with Google Drive. I'm expecting an update to drive that will launch quick office if you try and open a doc in Drive. Seems like that would have been a good idea. Back to KingSoft Office for now.
I downloaded it. It looks nice. Much better than Documents to Go which is what I've been using over the years. 
The default storage of Google Drive is 15 GB.
What happens after two years? Drive doesn't even have a 10GB paid option.
Hold up. So what happens to those 10 gigs after 2 years? This is their fishing net - I'm gonna have to be paying for it after 2 years, right?
After two years you won't lose anything in the extra 10GB. Just won't be able to add to it.
Looks promising. Hopefully only a question of time before Quickoffice is incorporated into Drive
Even if it's just for the extra 10gb
Nice! to bad the app won't let me open any .doc file ¬¬
I don't know about other formats, pdf seems to work fine anyway.
sorry if this have been asked before, but if I've purchased the original quick office, what will happened to it ? i saw in my phone its still there with old icon, and when i look up at play store, the google version appeared has not been installed. is it become 2 different apps ?
No, it does not replace the old Quickoffice +Josh Robertson . I've just downloaded it and it installed as a new app. Now I have 2 Quickoffices, this one and Quickoffice Pro.
and they still can't create a drive client for Linux #drive4linux. Even though their Google Chrome OS is built on Linux. You have to wonder kind of malicious code is within the Drive Client.
+Google Drive I have signed in and love your new app, but where is the promised extra 10GB storage? I do not see it. Only my standard 15GB free storage.
+Jasen Cummings Don'w worry, It will be given to you within the next few weeks. I logged in and didn't get the extra as well.
hmm... Drive documents open up as PDF.
Love you Google,
this is why Google is leading on leaders take such steps
ITs brilliant, however we cannot edit Google Docs / Spreadsheets!
I didn't get my extra 10 GB of space, am still with my old 15 GB... Not nice promising bonuses and then not giving them :-( 
I'd also like to have the freedom of using free file formats. I'm using OpenDocument filetype for my studies, and don't want to have a mix of different filetypes, even though I know LibreOffice handles .docx.
Awesomeness, although I already have a rock solid office suite ( office suite pro). But I'll have a look.
Ok guys, but still waiting for OpenDocument support...
I had bought Quick office a day before I was taken over by Google. The older version though slow was a good app. Hope this will be the best
+Benjamin Flyx I have that and I also know I can print from Google drive, si I'm puzzled add to why they didn't build it to the menu. Notwithstanding, the horrible dotted menu button on the bottom of the screen for 4.1.2 and lower devices. Feels like a bit of sloppiness got into the engineering/product management team.
+Mike Serediak +Moh'ed Farhan +Umar Shareef jeez no.... you like many other retarded people need to look shit up before you spread shit around, when the two years are up the only difference will be that you simply can't upload more files to drive. Google Docs and photos under 2048x2048 (or something) are and always will be eligible for infinite upload though... Plus I've got a good feeling everyone's drive storage will have been expanded within two years or they'll just end up letting us keep the storage forever anyways.
thanks, but it still has a long way to go before it reaches  kingsoft office....hope this can share/cast/stream power point presentations in the future.
If you can't find it in the Play Store you have to search for it as follows : Quickoffice - Google Apps
Handy for Office Docs, but it won't convert Google Doc formats.  QuickOffice Pro will convert, but on my iPod Touch, it has a bug that prevents the conversion from working.  I submitted a report (when the older forum was active) and was told it was a known problem, but it has been many months now and it is still not fixed.  +Google Drive , any news on that?
Awesome! I got impatient waiting for a big Google re-release of Qo, and I ended up purchasing it a while back. It's nice to be able to recommend it freely now.
Why on earth does it open all the GDrive docs in PDF? :|
The Google Search result for QuickOffice is a 404. Bad timing?
Why can't I edit my google docs ? Just make it capable of it. THis will be the ultimate app for productivity.
Help do I log in my google account from Quickoffice to get the free storage?
So the storage is for two years only.
I downloaded from the Play Store and installed logged in and it didn't give me my 10gb
"September 26, 2013, you'll get an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for two years, which will be added to your account in the next few weeks."

Just be patient +Elliot Cardona . I'm waiting for my 10GB.
Great, but when will it support ODF (ODT/ODS/ODP/etc)? It's useless for me until then.
+Lewis McGeary and +Thomas Christensen, thanks for your response. I Sincerly appreciate your care. 
Does people who had paid for this apps get the extra 10GB offer? It would be ridiculous if we don't...
To be true, I like Google Docs, Spreadsheets, etc. more than microsoft's. The only thing I wish for is offline editing of spreadsheets.
I guess in the next year Google will give us more space anyway. After all, the storage keeps getting cheaper.
In this thread: People bitch about completely free software that they're in no way obligated to use.
I hope we will get the following soon: 1. Be able to have similar product for chrome browser on the PC and Chrome Book. 2. Edit existing Google docs. 
Was going to download, but limiting the Dropbox functionality is a deal breaker, no thank you- I Pass
I tried using my Google email address and password, but keeps rejecting it
+David Boychuk I had same error. Report ur country and relative location hope it will be fixed . It is now working from my side.
+Linh Nguyen You loose comments in QuickOffice doc when opened and edited in Google Docs editor.
Does anyone has an idea whether Google has any plans to make QuickOffice open source ?
That would be a good idea
What about the paid version? I have paid for it. Where is ?
Free means you no longer get Dropbox support. Sad
+Google Drive I signed into Quick Office before the deadline, but I don't see the extra storage space. Did I miss something?
Yea I signed in before the deadline (the day the offer was made actually) and not showing up either 
Nice but today is the first this message has occurred
No free storage for me either. I installed and signed in on Day 1.
Give it a bit, remember how long it took for the 15 gigs to roll out?
Ajith N
I did not get the extra 10gb. Signed in many times for last two weeks. Freshly installed quickoffice on ipad
OMG people...  does no one read anything anymore?  Everyone is all like "tl;dr" - it clearly states - install and log in "by September 26, 2013, you'll get an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for two years, which will be added to your account in the next few weeks."  - GET IT?  NEXT FEW WEEKS!  Geez...  "refresh - nope" ; "refresh - nope" ; "refresh - nope" - "this is crap..."  Seriously???  Chill out and wait.  It won't kill you.

I'm more confused that I have to use a different app to edit my GDOCS... :-(
+Gregg Wilson others have recived their extra 10 gb space, so natural for us to ask, have we been forgotten then ? Still chilling and waiting...
Just checked again and mine showed up, hooray!
Ajith N
Yes it came for me also. :)
I wonder why the old Nexus 4 bundled Quickoffice didn't just get replaced by this new Quickoffice? It's possible to disable but not remove the older app. I would've preferred if the new one would've updated on top of the old one.
What does that "for two years," means??
Now please move forward in integrating #quickoffice with the browser or as a standalone app for the desktop, so we no longer depend on third party apps for editing Office documents.
I received a zip file that google says can be opened with ggogle drive. I have installed go0gle drive but I can't open the file. I don't see any connection.
S Weber
I like QuickOffice, but there seems to be a big problem. I created several .docx files on my android phone, and then synced them to my computer. When I tried to open the .docx files on my computer using LibreOffice, I couldn't: got an input/output error. Kingsoft Office and Polaris .docx files can be opened by LibreOffice but not QuickOffice files. Anyone know of a work around for this??
Google has completely ruined QuickOffice.  It was a great app with many features.  Now it is completely crippled.
QuickOffice was the most expensive app I ever bought and well worth it. Now it seems that as of March next year the Pro version will be useless. Part of what I preferred was the ability to link to multiple cloud storages from one app. I guess I will be migrating to CloudOn.
Any chance of a deal to keep the 10 gigabytes when they expire this October? What sort of promo or deal is available for us that are now at the point of needing this space? Thanks in advance!!!
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