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Sign and store your documents in Google Drive with SignEasy

Google Drive works with a number of third-party apps that help you get stuff done on the go. SignEasy, a digital signature app, makes it simple for businesses to get your docs signed directly from your phone and tablet. With SignEasy's new Google Drive integration for iOS, now you can import a document from Drive, sign it digitally on your iPhone or iPad, and save the final document back to your Drive. 

Visit the SignEasy blog to learn how it works:
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HelloSign works on Chromebooks and Android.
Please can you make a folder on my Android sdcard where the google drive files can be saved? and +1 that for Google Music too. This isn't iOS, make it easy for users. At the minute the lack of straight file browser support on Android is severely restricting.
can my smartphone, install the google drive? My phone unit is sony ericsson w850i
+Mark Stronge FX file explorer is RIDICULOUSLY Good.  I know you were asking for something different, but as a straight file browser it has exceeded all my expectactions.  I even ditched Astro and ES  File Explorer
He's alls helping me out with everything and I thank him for that Sharon willis
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