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A new way to view files in Google Drive

Beginning today, Google Drive will let you quickly preview more than 30 file types and quickly flip between files until you find the one you want. 

From the preview window, you can click on the side arrows to flip to other files, watch video files or scroll through multi-page documents. You can even select and copy text from the preview -- even for a PDF. And you have one-click access to share, download, print or open a file for editing. 

Learn more about the Drive viewer here:
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Awesome...  loving every update that comes along to Drive.
This is a really nice enhancement to the Drive experience. Now it will be even more difficult to choose where to save my online photos. Picasa web albums, Google photos or Drive. What will it be?
+Mathijs Planting Because Drive is the place designed to store your files. G+ advertises the fact you can store all your photos here via Instant Upload, but it's using the Drive back-end, including your Drive storage allocation if you choose to store full-size photos.
+Ulf Michael Skogeng Picasa is being phased out. A blog post a while back about spring cleaning said that storage from Picasa and Drive would be combined. It's pretty obvious at this point that Picasa will be ditched. Especially since Drive is slowly gaining photo-friendly features like those released today.
I've only been using Google Drive for a few months and this update already comes as a relief. 
Please, +Google Drive  fix the renaming of files ending on numbers between () like file (434).bak to file (1).bak

Until then , file sync is useless for me :(
I'm still waiting for raw files. It would be a sensation in this kind of service. 
NICE! I hope that with the purchase of QuickOffice Google will put something truly competitive for when MS finally makes Office available for Android and iOS
+Khalid Boutin so that leaves us with just G+ and Drive. Still don't understand why Google is offering two different "photo services" with different features. Wouldn't it make sense to focus on one service in order to make it really stand out?
Dear +Google Drive, it would be nice if we can easily combine HTML5 Microdata with Google Places to help people plot their business and content overlays on the map. See this link for example schema in use that the search engine could find through Local pages: (view-source)

I shared the post by today, and it would seem more intuitive if there were domain names by location already available instead of the need to register an entire new domain. If we could link our Google Drive "Folder" to someplace on the map with some FQDN like "" assigned; yes, that would be  more intuitive.
I wonder if we will ever see a Sketchup previewer in Drive?
I'd rather be able to actually download a file from the app.  It would also be nice if copying links to my files was easier (maybe by adding it to the right click menu).  Cool additions though.
Dear +Google Drive , since data space is already shared with Picasa, why not merge or allow access to photos? And add Picasa Featured Photos as a tab within Google+ Photos
Still no love for audio file types? :(
+Ulf Michael Skogeng It makes sense, to some degree; because Plus is a social destination, it's expected that users can share photos here. That makes sense to me, anyway.
I honestly wish it was all just branded Drive and shown something like "Share your Drive photos on Google+" but I can see why they'd keep two brands, even though it's all essentially being served up from the same place.
Well done +Google Drive
If you make the synchronization as reliable as dropbox, with desktop and mobile clients, most people will move on!!
Hate to be a negative nelly but you broke spread sheets with hidden rows even more. The previous version just ignored if rows were hidden. Now if there are hidden rows it refuses to load the sheet. 
Sad there's still no support for open standard ODF files like LibreOffice, OpenOffice, AbiWord and many others (even MS Office) create.
now if only there was a way to view photos from Google+ Photos(Picasa) directly on Drive, or the other way around. The lack of integrations between the two services is really bugging me.
Dear +Google Drive , please make it so that I can type an essay from the tablet app, that would be grand! Right now, its only good for typing notes.
Now just give us more space! 50gb will be ok :)
+Google Drive  Guys, I am confused about Drive v. Google+ v. Picasa for my pictures.  They seem to be interconnecting, but not entirely and I am not sure how to share albums with my family easily, etc.  I am a pretty savvy user, and if I am having trouble, maybe some rationalization is in order?
+Vance McAlister Picasa will be closed down. That process is slowly starting. It seems to me that Drive and photos on G+ are basically the same, but presented differently for different use cases. If friends and family don't use social networks, use Drive with them.

To elaborate, G+ photos are positioned as social and an easy way to back up all the pictures you take via Instant Upload. But that feature uses Drive storage if full size upload is selected.
+Khalid Boutin  I suspected that Picasa was going away, but I can't get a definitive answer on that.  Have you gotten a firm word that this is happening? As for Drive, are all of my albums going to be automatically accessible on Drive at some point?
+Vance McAlister One of Google's spring cleaning posts a while back mentioned that Picasa and Drive storage would be combined. That's the logical first step for closure of Picasa and I'd expect to see more information in the coming months.
Given this and that Drive has gained photo-friendly features lately (not just today) it seems pretty obvious. Especially as Picasa still (to my knowledge) lacks really obvious features, such as sub-folders for albums. Drive just seems like the sensible place for photos.

G+ obviously needs to be able to post photos for sharing on behalf of users. I'm guessing that it was decided that trying to push the Drive brand at more casual users (say than those using Gmail and Docs/Drive already for productivity) who are on Plus to socialise would probably be bad brand messaging or confusing.
+Khalid Boutin  dropbox give me 30gb free spece, Mega give me 50gb space.... even skydrive give me more space than google.
+Dejan Kosi And without context that seems like a bad deal. But Dropbox gave you more in referrals, for acting as a promoter, not out of kindness. Mega is unproven at this point, except for wanting lots of attention. Skydrive gives a bit more than Google does, so it's down to personal choice.

Which of those providers is giving you a great web-based office suite that gets updated weekly at least with some new feature(s) and doesn't count storage for using their own formats and has amazing search? That's right, Drive.
Space isn't everything in comparing and I was going to get a Chromebook anyway. The bonus is nice, but unlike some I don't feel the need to complain about a free service because it gives me less raw storage than some others. Feelings of entitlement just make people sound whiney to me. I have no tolerance for that.
Very smooth and efficient. Great job Google.
+Khalid Boutin Only some Chromebooks come with the 100GB space, and in any case it's time-limited to two years. I see nothing wrong with complaining about a free service. "Free" does not confer automatic permission to suck. We have the right to tell other people about the pros and cons of products and services, whether or not they are free. Nothing is truly free and you can bet that if a company offers you something at no direct monetary cost then they are profiting from you in some other way. I am very cautious and selective when it comes to free services; I use G+ (obviously) but not Facebook, Dropbox but not GDrive.
Let's say one has a popular slideshow of photos on Picasaweb. Let's say one's boss is unaccountably attracted to the idea of this slideshow remaining on one's web page. What are the chances of one retaining his job with Picasa going away?
one question, why Google has so many place to store photos? Picasa, Google+ photo, Google Drive? I think it is better to have only one place
Another nail in MS Office's coffin...
this is great but there are 2 needed features for it to work with g+

1 - posts/share photos from drive to g+
2 - in g+ create an album and add photos from drive
This is nice. I would prefer a black background for the images I am previewing. Seeing Google Drive partially appear in the background is a distraction. Dropbox implementation more pleasing aesthetically IMO. 
Does not work for me. The preview opens as a new column on the right side, not as an overlay.
I want to be able to see my G+ photo albums inside Drive and I want to be able to upload a photo album to Drive and see/share it inside G+ photo albums.
+Alex Reusch I don't think that will take very long. This new preview interface already looks a lot like the photo viewer in G+, you can already share Drive files from Drive to G+ directly and you can already pick files from Drive when sharing a post on G+.

Probably just a matter of time ;-)
+David Jao All new, current generation Chromebooks come with it. The models that do not are old and/or second-hand. Yes, it is time-limited, but after the two years runs out you don't lose access to files you've added, you simply can't add more. So it's not like they entirely take it away. Besides, by then there will be some other offer.
Realistically, as storage prices continue to drop, companies like Google will give more and more away, because it's not their primary revenue source.
ODF for +Google Drive please! ODF was one of the first formats supported by Google Docs, so why not support it in the viewer, too?
Looks good. How about letting us see file and folder sizes (and number of files in folder)?
Google drive is getting better and better. 
At the moment, I am getting lots of errors while opening PDFs in the new preview. As we have lots and lots of PDFs to work with, this is not very productive. Anybody else having this problem?
I find that there is a problem when searching for documents using windows 7 search. It will not find anything in Google Drive on the PC.
Need to add these features to the mobile Drive apps.
Awesome - that is the one feature I've been waiting for every since Drive launched. I cannot see any reasong to continue Picasa except that grabbing image url to use on external site is complicated.
+Khalid Boutin There are new (prior-generation) Chromebooks available in stores right now that do not come with the storage upgrade. So one still has to be careful if purchasing a Chromebook specifically for the storage upgrade, as you suggested. As for future improvements, I and many others rightly compare what's available right now, not in some possibly nebulous future.
It's about time! We just started using G Drive to share photos from our shoots and it was kool at first until we realized you couldn't preview more than one image at a time. After skimming over some comments here I'm going to be really disappointed if the storage capacity is really small. 
The more I use the new Preview feature with PDF's - the more I hate this new behavior. Sorry. There should be a way to directly open PDF's on Drive or at least a setting, where I can switch off Preview for certain file types.
I agree with +Siegfried Hirsch . Now Drive no longer works with bookmarking properly. Bookmarks point to the Drive default page, not to the actual document you're viewing. 

If anyone has an app to use instead of Google's native "preview" for documents and PDFs, or knows how to opt out of this irritating feature, please let me know!
I got to agree it is a little surprising that default action for clicking file is to preview - I would have prefered keyboard combination eg ctrl+click
I got it... The preview function is only activated by simple click if it's a non-Docs document eg. PDF, video, image... GD documents, spreadsheats, presentations eg open the normal way. If you really do want to exclude the preview function you can use ctrl+click
The changes roll our incrementally +COPINE Patrick takes a week or two for everyone to see the update.  I'm sure it has to do with resource management regarding their update servers.
will the browser replace the desktop?
At last.. I believed in you guys..always!! :D Thanks for all the nice works !
Like +Siegfried Hirsch and others, I'm having trouble with my PDF files. They open with the new preview feature, but trying to download or print opens a new tab on Chrome with an infinite url loop until I get a 310 http error. I tried +Davíð Þórisson 's CTRL+click trick, but it still doesn't work properly...
That viewer is perfect. But please make it available for links shared with people without signin. Right now it still uses the old viewer. I would definitely leave my current galery provider for Drive if I can share my family photos with a decent viewer!
I love this addition Google! Keep up the great work. I'll be uploading all of my pictures from iPhoto soon. Now implement image editing directly into the preview mode. 
Excellent!   This is something I was waiting for. Great work guys. :) 
I use Google Drive all the time now and it is getting better all the time.
Ari Jal
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Awesome. Now if only Google didn't oblige me to buy an iOS tablet   just for offline docs editing on a tablet it would be even more awesome.
<sarcasm>Is offline editing for Android a possible feature that the dev team is eventual considering or is Android another Google product planed to be discontinued?</sarcasm>
The update is fantastic.  Great work!  Very similar to viewing photos with Picasa.
AMAZING. this was a pleasant surprise
ohohoh lets get previews like this for gmail attachments!
this is annoying actually. I use Drive to review PDF's and I prefer them in a separate window while reading them (I have two monitors) and now I am forced to click twice to open it in a separate window. Anyway to change the settings for different documents? Obviously this is a nice feature for photos, but for my purposes not so much.
+Robert Ford you are not the only one, with this kind of problem. I have complained about the preview for PDF's but at the moment, there seems no solution. I would like to have the option to tell Drive, that I do not want the preview for some kind of file types. But because PDF's are shown with the default viewer, there is not easy solution to install a different viewer for PDF's because this would be even slower (I guess).
when are we expected to get drive client for linux.
For those of you folks who, like me, have problems downloading and printing their files on Drive since the update, I've just found that you can email your files to your gmail account and download/print them from there...
Now all I need is an app which allows for basic photo editing while using the preview window.

I mean, PicMonkey is all nice and well - but having to reload it for Every. Single. Picture. I want to edit is very, very tedious...
No quiero ver los archivos con google viewer, quiero volver al formato anterior ¿Que hago?????
Google Drive should add Creative Kit integration the way it is in Google Plus to allow users to edit photos!
Would be great to have the function to rename the file in the preview
+Teresa Trevino Martinez, +Davíð Þórisson and all those like me who had problems printing or downloading their files through the preview feature, Chrome just gave me the answer in its error message : you have to enable third-party cookies. I did it and it worked correctly. No need to CTRL+click...
Since +Google Drive implemented this new preview feature, I have been unable to print from Drive. The page hangs and ultimately says "The app is currently unreachable." +Benoit Hamel suggests that you must enable third-party cookies. I haven't tried this yet. But I'd like to know why enabling third-party cookies should be necessary to print? Who are the third parties and why would they need to be able to set cookies in order for me to print?
This is great +Google Drive and there are only 2 things stopping me from storing all of my photos on Drive, they are being able to view exif data and location data like you can in Google+. Once this is added (hopefully) then I'll use Drive for accessing all my photos from anywhere :)

Oh and also a better photo viewing experience in the Android Drive app, so I can view thumbnails for photos rather than having to click on each one to see what photo it is :( so that's 3 things lol
I guess I don't get it.  If I click on a single PDF (not converted) file in Drive it takes me to this new (Voila) viewer which shows a a plethora of documents.  I just want to open the one I clicked on in the Drive file list.  Now I have to go to this viewer, flip though the files to find the one I just clicked on in the Drive list, and then click on Open::Google Drive Viewer (bottom right).  

I can't find a way to make Google Drive Viewer the default viewer app for PDFs and I can't find a way to disable or provide the file types that Viola should be looking at.

It's probably just me but I don't see how this is better.  If I click on a file in the Drive file list, I'd like it to open.  Doesn't that seem reasonable?  Somebody educate me please.

[UPDATE] - I noticed in a comment above that if you ctrl+click the Google Drive Viewer opens.  It seems like this should be the default for a single file and Voila should be the default if you are (pre)viewing multiple files.  
hey, this is cool new feature but, it would be nice to have it be optional - I like the right-hand preview feature because it lets me scan and organize 'office' documents so I can rename them.  I use temporary Drive folders to organize meeting notes and rename files with letter prefixes to put them in discussion order like 'a. , b. , c.'.  Then I can open the documents in order during a meeting or direct others to do so when I share the folder.  The full preview is cool too, just wish I had both.  Maybe a third button for vertical split preview option......
My account doesn't work like this at all. I can only check to "preview" one pic at a time. There is no option to scroll and the preview is only off to the right of the file view. Do I have to install an extension or something?
like a lot of Google stuff, it gets rolled out randomly, it'll probably show up soon
Where is HTML5 video rendering support? Dropbox already has it. When I upload a WebM video to Google Drive, it renders in Adobe Flash only!??!?!? Wtf? #FAIL
stupid, stupid idea
Is it possible to create an Album in Plus from a google drive folder full of jpgs?
David B
I love Google Drive.
The new drive is garbage.  Won't even load on my web browser (spinning ball of doom).  had to use IE just to revert back to the less shitty one.
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