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Did you know that we recently released a feature that allows you to share your forms directly to Google+? Share forms to your circles using the G+ Share button from within the form editing window. #DocsTip
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Now we just need to be able to share documents with particular circles or Google+ contacts.
That's awesome! I didn't know that. That's going to come in handy!!
Could we get that to happen for Google+ for Business pages?
I wish there was a way to embed PDF files uploaded into Google Docs directly into a web page.
+Google Docs Will you be tweaking the forms so that we may customize them... ya know.. so they don't look like... err... what? The phone? For me?...........
Doesn't work really well. Is there a list of URL controls somewhere? All I have is "/open?DocID", and that's really not what I wanted to share.
+Ian Lake You can in pretty much the same way. Just share a Doc, choose 'Anyone with the link' option and the next screen allows you to use the URL in a Google+ post that you can share with whatever circles you please.
This is fantastic! What worlds really rock is if you add that feature to the mobile app.
What would be really cool is the ability to publish interactive spreadsheets -- like with Zoho Sheets or Excel Web app...
Ohh ok. Well I have the mobile app but when I click Share I thought that just gives share options to specific people. I didn't see an option to share directly Google +
#TXTNLRN_asks #googledocs #form :
1) I created a form.
2) in its sheet I have a cell that checks the answer and based on the answer it places the result (I do this using the =If function).
3) I have pasted the =If function in the rows 2 thru 20.
4) when the answers are entered in the form, the row 21 is being filled and therefore the column that has the =If function is not getting executed.

What am I missing? or is it the way the form and sheet works? #TXTNLRN_apps_test

Thank you.
The G+ button is fine. But seriously - where's the update to forms? When can I insert an image into a question field? Or how about just a wysiwyg editor for each question so I can format text and insert images? It's been a long time since forms have seen any significant upgrade. Pretty please....
I just want forms to support a date picker. Seems so simple, but I guess it just not a fancy feature like these other things
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