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Did you know you can organize your files into folders right from the doc?

To add a doc you're currently editing to a folder, click on the folder icon next to the title of the doc, select the folder in which you'd like to store your doc, and click 'Apply Changes.' #DriveTip
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I've used this a number of times while organizing docs in my local Google Drive folder and not really knowing what a doc might be. I just open it, and then organize it from there.
I can't find it, perhaps I've done something wrong. I never see the file name when I'm doing spreadsheets. Only when I'm working on a document.
+Google Docs Just like to thank the team for their support and effort towards Google Docs because It has changed the way I use word processing and also my education has dramatically improved! Thanks all!
When that launched my whole Drive folder became super organized!
When I create a new document from the mobile app, it’s allways apear in the root folder… I must wait to go back on webapp to organise my docs. I hope you solve this soon.
Google Docs is about to become my favorite writing-tool. Can't imagine when I opened my LibreOffice.

Discoverd that I can upload my music but I'm not able to play it there. I've done something wrong.
Any chance you can fix sharing with Groups in Google Apps? You can share individual items with Groups, and you can share Collections with individual Users, but sharing Collections with Groups doesn't work. This makes using Collections sort of aggravating in a organisation.
+Scott Corbin Thanks. And I see that Google Music is exactly for this. But: it's not (yet?) available in Germany. So I'm still happy with my walkman ;-)
+Keivan Zolfaghari no error. The UI looks like it works, but members of that Group can't see the Collection or its contents until I add them individually. I do need to double-check this, as it was some months ago that I had this problem. I will be delighted if this is now fixed.
Editing file names is a task -- with the pop-up and the confirmation. I suggest it be editable when clicked upon, the way it works for Hangout names.
I wish there was a way to manage folders and files more visually.
So, what's this about Google Docs eventually being automatically a part of Google Drive? I get that you're merging Docs into Drive (right?), but will there a be a way to keep them separate in the future? If not, do my current GDocs count toward the 5GB that we get for free?

On the GDocs homepage, a pop up says to click on it to learn more; it basically just touts the virtues of Google Drive but has no info on any of these pretty basic things that human beings might want to know.
+Carlos Ochoa In Google Drive you can now see a different view where files appear like they do on your computer, and drag and drop them and folders into each other.
+Jose Gonzalez Docs is already merged into Drive. Google Docs don't count toward the storage limit, only non-Docs files. So you can have thousands of Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheets, and 2 GB worth of Photoshop files, and you'll have 3 GB left over.
Moving to another folder while in my document is great! Now can you add creating a folder on the fly? Thanks!
One of the best features Drive brought to +Google Docs!

What I'd love to see is in Spreadsheets is when I use the File / Import tool is I can import the CSV files from My Drive rather than having to upload them again. Will we see it any time soon?
Good tip, thanks! Never noticed that symbol before, DUH!
That's a useful one I hadn't spotted before.
I'm trying to write a novel in google docs and well, I didn't know about this tip! O///O
Wasn't this possible before or did I imagine that? What I'm really missing, however is the ability to have the same doc in multiple collections. Please bring that back!
+Eduardo Cereto Carvalho When Google releases Google Drive for Linux, I'll care about sync. In the meantime, I miss collections. Edit: the ability to put the same file in multiple collections was one of the best Google Docs features. I already have Dropbox, SpiderOak, and UbuntuOne. Why must I lose web app features in Google Docs so that I can have more of what I already have elsewhere?
+Eduardo Cereto Carvalho In Drive, the Collections are still there... right? For me (in Drive), I don't see the "Collections" branding anymore, but the same folders are still there. In addition, I can still move/tag files with multiple folders (f/k/a Collections). IMO, Drive is just about the same as Docs ... just a slight rebranding.
+Eduardo Carrillo +Daniel Lucier multi-inclusion is still available in Drive but just not by default. If you want to include a Doc in more than one folder, choose the file, go to organize and then hold ctrl or cmd and click on the folders you would like to add the Doc to.
Collections or labels are more efficients. In old Google Docs you can add multiple collections to a single document. In GMail you can add multiple labels on a conversation.
+Javier Silva Did you not see +Ted Juch's comment? You can use the Drive Folders exactly like Docs Collections: when you go to Organise hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard (the Cmd on a Mac) and click all of the Folders you want the object in and it will go in all of those Folders, just as you could with Collections in Docs. The only change is you need to hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard (Cmd on a Mac).

Holding Ctrl and clicking is how all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) allow you to select multiple objects in their file managers, so now Google Drive works in this way it's actually more consistent with what you do already.
+Stephen Hind I think I prefer the previous method of selecting multiple folders. I dislike holding the Ctrl key. Of course, life certainly dishes out more to worry about than pressing a Ctrl key. ;-P I'm just one pea in the pod. I do understand and probably agree with the change to the current method... as you say, it's more consistent with other systems.
I didn't know the Ctrl tip! (because it doesn't work in Opera). Thank you!
+Oscar Fernández Opera? People are still using Opera? Only joking; it appears then Opera has a bug! Try any of the well-used browsers and you won't get this problem ;-)
+Troy Windhorst I agree that the old method was more simple and obvious but things change and we need to adapt. After a couple of weeks or months you'll think nothing of it. And there's definitely more to worry about than pressing the Ctrl key! :-)
Smart! Reminds me of the Gmail feature where you can label an outgoing email, so it's organized when you get a reply.
Wouldn't any other teachers appreciate a sharing setting for Google Docs so that docs linked on sites would automatically open as copies on student computers or tablets? In our paperless curriculum, all worksheets are linked on Google Sites. Students always have to make copies of them to start working on them. This isn't even possible for students with iPads.

Is there something I can do to the URL of the doc to make it automatically open as copy?

Teachers, any other workaround? No, saving the docs as templates isn't feasible. We have literally thousands of worksheets.

The only "work around" which isn't really a work around is to share the Doc as view-only on your Google Site. This will force users to have to "Make a copy" before they can edit. This is advantageous because users won't edit your original file and users will have their own copy to edit and share.

The idea was brought up before about having personalizable template galleries for Apps but it never really took off. I completely agree that it would be a great addition to the Apps suite! However, my guess is the the workflow I described above is the exact same as using a Doc from a template gallery. First you find the Doc you want, click on it to view it, and then click again to have your own copy. Whether you are using a template from a gallery or making your own copy of a view-only Doc the flow is the same. In effect you could create your own template gallery in Sites fairly easily with the exact same amount of steps you currently use.
+Ted Juch I was going to suggest the same, set the docs to view only. I'm on an Android now so can't check but when you right click on a doc does it give you the option to "make a copy of"? That would reduce the workflow a bit, but really it would be nice if one could just save a doc as a template that functioned as they do in a native office suite.
Still not helpful for iPad students unfortunately. All our docs are linked as view only so when students open them from the sites, they of course have to make a copy. Making copies isn't possible on an iPad with the mobile version of docs. We have figured out workarounds using paid apps, but it still isn't as fluid of a process as it should be.

It just seems strange to me that with all the other teachers using docs with their students that this issue hasn't been brought up very much. There doesn't seem to be much chatter about it on the web.

There used to be a mod to URLs for forcing copies. Doesn't work any more. 
+Stephen Hind but does it work? I haven't tested searching for Docs that are shared at the domain level recently but last time I was testing it was pretty unreliable. How do you access just your domain's gallery though?

FTA: Your submitted template will appear within your domain tab and the My Templates tab. - Where is that?
Taking the template route doesn't really simplify the process. It still presents a step needed before working on the doc. Not even sure if this would even be possible for iOS users. Thanks. 
+Teresa Wu, what do you think about this type of support for iOS in the future? I'm sure the end goal is that everything you can do from the desktop you can do on the mobile app.
+Stephen Hind oh wow that is great! I found it on my domain and there are actually templates out there. I think there should be a link to this in Drive/Docs List :).
+Mark Roberts The URL takes the form of /copy?token=AC4w5ViX96JbA-wx-symWbVrkP5Ri4yr5A%3A1337813770000 suffixed to the end of your doc instead of the /edit. If you can manage to crack the ?token= bit then you've done it!

Google deliberately got rid of the URL copying facility so it couldn't be done, forcing you to make templates then making you consider Google Apps for Business. I'm glad the "Make a copy" feature is there as this means I can now effectively have templates on my Google Apps free domain: thanks for bringing this up +Ted Juch

Oh and iPads just aren't up to the job Chromebooks would be a better choice: at leats you'd be able to type on them properly ;-)
+Ted Juch there is: use the Create button, then choose From template... and there you will find what was in my screen shot.
+Stephen Hind, +Ted Juch

i agree chromebooks are a better choice than ipads. All of our students use their own equipment. Classes consist of students with their own laptops and netbooks. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the iPad, there are always three or four student with them in each class.

In your above post, are you saying that it is still possible to modify the URL? Or are you saying that this is no longer possible due to the token?

+Mark Roberts You can use the URL, provided you can figure out what the token is meant to be: it's not only different for each document but different for each user, so the token only works for the user it was generated for (i.e. you cannot get one token to work for anyone to copy: that's the point of the token, to mak copying by URL impossible).
oh, k. guess this just isn't possible then.
Derek L
Please, please, don't remove the tags option. Not every file has just one place. Can't we have both?
This is all very well, but I have hundreds of files... how do I see, from all those hundreds of files, which ones are IN folders already, and which are not??? Seems like a very basic thing that is missing. We need a way to clearly see where things are. ATM it is a bit messy.
Also Drive should open with MY DRIVE selected and expanded by default.
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