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You can hyperlink text in Docs and Slides when you want to attach related information to a word or sentence -- for example, when writing a paper on Athens, you can highlight “Acropolis” and link it to a Google search result, a specific website, a heading or bookmark in your document, or even another file in Drive. 

Starting today, the link tool now offers you suggestions based on the text you are hyperlinking just in case you don’t have the URL you need offhand.  To try it out, select the text you want and click the “Insert link” icon from the menu bar (or use Ctrl K). 
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Did I mention these GIF tutorials are awesome? 
Please add Hyperlinks in Excel-Sheets  and of course slide numbers in Presentations!
+Google Drive do we still have to open Drive in another tab, find the Drive item we want to link to, open it, copy the URL from the address bar, go back to the doc and paste the URL in the box? Could you not have implemented the cloud picker to make linking to other Drive objects easier?
+Israel Lai - No, they aren't. "Video-like" tutorials are awesome, because of their immediate usefulness. But you can't stop an animated GIF: As it keeps "moving", I find it extremely distracting. There are very easy to use tools out there to make a short video tutorial - animated GIFs are therefore the worst possible choice (+GoogleDrive).
+Stephen Hind possible. when i see how buggy drive on windows is, i'm nearly glad, google has not (yet) released a version for linux.
Now if +Google Drive could tell me why my s4 doesn't open docs and just force closes I'd be in business :P
They've given a lot back as well +Stephen Victor , I'd love it on Linux too but you can't insinuate Google lacks conscience because their priorities don't line up with yours...
+Alexander Gryson there are various postings by Googlers in the official Drive Forum that drive for linux is one of the highest requested feature for drive and they are working hard on it. on of the first answers was posted few hours after the launch of drive in April 2012.
+Alexander Gryson Sure, they've given us gmail. They took away Picasa for Linux, but yes, we still have gmail, and Maps, and all the other things that everyone else has. But yet Android (based on Linux) has made them quite a bit of cash. They haven't reused closed systems like iOS or Windows, because of course they can't, yet those users have a Drive client. Why not users of the OS that has made +Google rich?
+Pascal Herbert lol for Google is working hard on a #drive4linux client. If they really are, which I immensely doubt, then it's very lame that they didn't deliver yet. Working hard for like a year, with no beta client or so?
Gimme a break.
Let's just hope, that they are not working on one. Would be too embarrassing otherwise.
Oh, and yes, I know that there are posts out there, where they are stating that they are working on a client.
I don't believe it. I will only believe it, once it's out. No sooner. 
Linux users, Google aren't about making platform specific software anymore. Google Keep and G+ photos were there last two desktop applications they made.
Has this not rolled out to all users yet? When I highlight text and choose "Insert Link" in the Google Doc, I still get the old dialog box.
This is an awesome update for linking to search or other GDrive files.
I've been waiting for this one for a while. Glad to see it's finally here.
+Google Drive I have to slap my own forehead: when the link tool searches it searches My Drive too!  Why didn't you announce this?
Great feature and fantastic GIF showing its capabilities .
The GIF is worth many words and exposes attributes that might otherwise have been messed.
Missed, not messed. Have to learn to enunciate.
Nice, this feature could come in handy.
Give them some credit ffs, these comments about Drive for Linux are really annnoying on completely unrelated posts like this.
+Long Nguyen I don't think they realise how few Linux users there are: a tiny, but vocal, minority.
I just noticed this today when I went to paste an article by +David Amerland that it suggested his exact article based on the text that was highlighted. I was pleasantly surprised needless to say. 

The changes you guys ( +Google Drive) are making are awesome. I would love to chat directly with you about how useful Drive really is. Thanks for making a great product even better, and thanks for the ping +Denis Labelle ( I literally noticed that not 1 hour ago)
+steven C it's not how I work, sorry, as I don't work for Google.  It is how Google works as they told me yesterday when I met with them!
This is going to be so cool +Rochae Cameron - might be a while till it is incorporated into Google Apps for Business with the release schedule though.
+Stephen Hind, right, so let me get this straight: you actually discussed with Google the reasons why they have not provided a Linux Drive client?
+Stephen Victor no, not the Linux Drive client specifically: it's how Google prioritises all product development.  You can see it's evident in the way they used to release updated, e.g. go back 2 years they released to iOS first, then Android as iOS had a far bigger userbase, now they release to both simultaneously as the userbase on both platforms is very similar.  We were specifically discussing Chrome support on Windows Surface and why was it so poor, because the usage is tiny (in Google terms) so Google do not prioritise for Windows Surface.  If that's the case you can extrapolate that to Drive for Linux.

Look at the issues that both the Mac and Windows +Google Drive clients have currently: +Google need to fix them first before looking at a Linux client.

In previous comments people have said there's nearly 20,000 signatures in a partition for drive for Linux: well that's 0.003% of the Gmail user base (I don't know what the figures are for Google Drive usage), so as you can see there aren't many.
Chrome 28 was first released ob Linux, so Google does care!
+Stephen Hind Thanks for the clarification. Speaking of minority platforms, there is a Drive client for ChromeOS, so we know a Linux client does exist. I don't know which user base is smaller, Surface or ChromeOS. At any rate, it's yet another example of +Google using Linux technology for their own gain. 
+Stephen Victor just an ingesting anecdote: our website gets over 45,000 visits per month; we get more Chrome OS visits than Linux.
+Stephen Hind A most ingesting anecdote indeed, but some context might be helpful. How many is "more"? How does the number of ChromeOS users compare with iOS and Windows?
Did you ever consider adding a tabs option to Google Docs? One that would allow us to use tabs instead of pages? Then we could could set the word count for individual tabs and jump to them instead of scrolling.

Also the ability to import selected notes from Google Keep and rearrange them within the document using a tablet interface would be very very welcome. 

And I would really love the ability to treat Google Keep notes like color coded blocks of text. So that I could choose to either permanently insert them into a page as a "finished paragraph", temporarily place them into a specific tab/page as a "locked paragraph" with the option to unlock and move them later, or move them from page/tab to page/tab as "active paragraphs".
I can't merge table in google docs. Please enable this feature.
Please make a save to Drive option in gmail for PDF attachments
I want to create a hyperlink within a cell on a spreadsheet... Haven't figured out how, if it's even possible. 
+steven C  i have never experienced any issues w/ my Google Drive. i mean occasionally it will stop working, so i shut off Google Drive Client, then start it up again, & it works just fine for several months.

I dont really mind wat "features" Google Drive for Linux brings, just as long as it syncs my files. thats all i want, 2 sync my files. i dont see how something like that can b so difficult. i mean we have 3rd party ppl who r able 2 do it, y cant Google figure out how 2 do it?

Also, hyperlinking things, thats Cool
Looking forward to this reaching Sheets and Sites as well!
Great! When will it be ready for Google Apps for Business?
Its all nice and easy but still we can't share public files to people without forcing them to sign in, pffff, and its a year old issue :(
+steven C +Scott Johnston Director of Product Management for Google Drive quote 18 Jun 2013
"The Drive for Linux team is locked in a dungeon and isn't allowed out (or to eat lunch) until it is launched"
So they're all dead then, hence no Linux client.
On a more serious note Google change their priorities all the time: 7 months ago this may have been a priority and now it may not be (or even the day after).  Google aren't obliged to make a Linux client just because someone in the past said they would! Google are in the process of removing the AdSense tool from Google Sites so now their own website creation tool cannot add their own ads - go figure.
+Stephen Victor Yes context is everything and it shows the rise of Chrome OS as this is the first month Chrome OS has surpassed Linux visitors, but it's also on a steady trend upwards - here's the breakdown of the last 30 days:
1. Windows 33,878    71.40%
2. Macintosh 7,884    16.62%
3. Android 1,619    3.41%
4. iOS 1,609    3.39%
5. Chrome OS 1,054    2.22%
6. Linux 1,016    2.14%
7. (not set) 224    0.47%
8. BlackBerry 47    0.10%
9. Series40 34    0.07%
10. Windows Phone 20    0.04%
So yes there's not much in it but Chrome OS usage on my site has grown by 25% month on month since January (sometimes a lot higher), so if this continues it will swamp Linux over the coming months.

+steven C if my site was selling fluffy penguins it would attract a disproportionately high number of Linux users: since my site is of equal interest to different OS users it's a good one to pick as Windows users can use Google Apps and Sites just the same as Linux users.  Linux has been available for over a decade and still its user base is a small proportion: Chrome OS is still embryonic by comparison and its user base on my site is already higher!  It just goes to show what can happen when you do Linux for the consumer right.
+Stephen Hind It shows how +Google can "do Linux for the consumer" by turning it into something they can profit from without giving back to the Linux community.

At any rate, my mind is still boggling over the dramatic difference between the number of ChromeOS and Linux visitors to your site: a whopping 2.22% for ChromeOS and a mere 2.14% for Linux. Staggering figures that really go a long way to explain why Google supports ChromeOS while ignoring Linux!
+Stephen Victor in not sure why you think they are not giving back? Chromium, the development version of Chrome, is open source: that's how you give back to the open source community, you share what you've improved; see You missed the bit about growth didn't you: growth of Chrome OS is amazing Linux is flat-lining at best. Also Google have full control over Chrome OS and no control over the myriad of different distributions: as soon as Google makes a Linux drive client users will say "why doesn't it work on x distribution.

Look at it another way: Google have released Drive for Linux; the Chrome OS distribution of Linux.
Still no google drive for linux... sad... just sad.
That's why +Dropbox  is still far better.
Fuck it go back writting and lick and send it .way better to day wey.
Simple linking to other documents is a feature I sourly missed.
But what I still miss in the suggestion dropdown are the Headings and Bookmarks from other Documents.
It would be perfect if the suggested Drive documents could be expanded (like the Headings) – and don’t forget to list the bookmarks too!

The most missed feature though are custom formatting styles :-(
+Stephen Victor True Google is getting so much from the Linux community: Linux based Android, Linux OS on their server.. and not giving much back. Unacceptable. In addition they don't pay much taxes. Stealing books copyrights. Not anymore a cool company :<
you should be able to share before your file has uploaded to google drive.. Esp if you have large files uploading and have to leave, just set sharing and it notifies once file is uploaded.
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