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What are some ways the Google Drive viewer has come in handy for you? 
Working with a designer to refresh your business’ website? Or maybe a wedding planner on the look of your wedding invitations? Sometimes, you might not have the right software installed to view certain file types—like Photoshop files, Illustrator graphics or HD videos. With Google Drive, you can view these and 30+ other file types directly in your browser, no downloads required. 

Plus, you can even comment on them to leave feedback and receive notifications when others add and reply to comments too.

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Feature suggestion: KML files could open the Google Earth plugin in Chrome vs. the current state which only lets you download the file.
Feature suggestion: Option to open locally synchronized files with the according desktop application through the web interface.

E.g. a click on "Open on desktop" for a *.psd in the web interface results in an API call of the Google Drive application to open the local file with Photoshop.
We really need better iPad app of google drive.
+David Polak, try insync, works great on Linux and syncs Google drive without issues.
Al Fama
+Carl Sims  Umm, the iPad app for +Google Drive was created by and is supported by Google. The app is Google supporting Apple users. They don't even have a +Google Drive  client for Linux, so I wouldn't say Google is all in supporting the open source community. I'm not trying to bad mouth Google or anything, but they are not an open source company, nor to they pretend to be. And no, I do not own any Apple products nor do I want to.
+David Polak, totally agree, would like to see it as well in Linux, but it also lack some functionality like choosing offline files etc. Compared to other alternatives.
It can't open the files I created on gimp (SVG)
when it opens, it shows only the code
sad panda face

But besides that, I love that I can see Docs and PDFs without having to worry about opening Adobe Reader, it's scary to use Adobe Reader because of the security problems they have. Thank ya Google ♥
It helps me with all of my school work, especially when it comes to collaborating with other people.
Need better android app!! Better way to share and view pictures... and we need to see the folder size in the web. Also we need to sync with the pc the subfolders, not just root folders... WORK has to be done to get where you really want to be.
Yes, I use Linux and there is no #driveforlinux So There's A Program In Development It's A .Deb U Run Jt Install Application The WebSite Is
Magnific... the best cloud option..
I find it useful to keep my reference numbers for less sensitive things, e.g. electricity or gas account numbers, so I don't need to keep the paperwork with me. An option to encrypt/password a specific document would be really great too.
Oh, please let me be able to change the folder name first, I don't like the space in "Google Drive"
Could you bring back "Labels" to Google Drive. It would be much better than folders we have now.
+Anthony Ridley, No I don't. I would be happy to have them both.
While folder relates to the physical location of the file, Label relates to the context of the file.
The nice thing about digital files is they are not limited to the physical world limitations (One distinct physical location).
+Anthony Ridley Some prefer Folders, while others prefer the Labels. Why not give both mechanisms independently. Let everyone uses what they prefer.

I can easily imagine a situation where these are useful both ways at the same time. For example, documents for various clients stored in separate folders. Beside the different files could be attributed to various labels, such as the urgency of the matter.

In this way, through the label would be access to urgent issues in a manner independent of the folder.

Personally, if I have to choose between Folders and Labels then I choose Folders.
I find though I have Google Drive I don't trust it with my files because it messes with them. Images I upload get scaled. When I download I never know what I'll get files get converted. Plus no #driveforlinux. So I still use Dropbox, because it has as Linux client and because it doesn't screw with my files.
Would love to be able to see thumbnails of photos stored in gdrive.
More free space would be pretty epic and still waiting on master's edition.
If it didn't mutate what it displayed it'd be great, as is its garbage. I'd rather take the time to make a jpeg proof for clients, then use this and have them think that I'm the idiot that put the pdf together wrong.
Has anyone else noticed that Google has started half-assing everything they've released in the last few months? It's like they're not doing ANY in house testing anymore.
A very nice feature would be to be able to download gmail attachments directly into Drive without having to download to the local system. But if you do this, for the love of all things holy, PLEASE do real beta testing, in house, I'm sick of trying out a new google service to find out its a bad clone of itunes (ie play music).
actually, I'm still waiting for offline editing(I mean real editing, like MS office) on desktop and mobile devices, and the integration of Google docs files and .doc files(I mean why do we always have to convert to a separate Google docs file from MS office files? can't I just view and edit .docx/pptx/xlsx files from Google Drive?). If that is integrated with viewing&editing attachments in Gmail, I would immediately stop using hotmail and MS office. Come on Google! Can't wait!!
I have a problem with downloading excel workbooks. At my job I need to download workbooks compatibile with Microsoft 97-2003 but lately i can't download only with extension .xlsx. Can someone help me with that. I'm kinda new user on google drive... so still learning, but my PC from office it's kinda old and can't have Microsoft 2007 installed. I really need to edit workbook on Google Drive and then download them compatible with 97-2003. Help pls:)
This is really nice. I've been trying to get my contacts to join Google Drive, this might finally convince them! Keep up the good work.
I've started saving a lot of images in Drive for searching and reference purposes. What I really need is a direct link to Picasa, so that I can either share my photos directly to +Google Drive or have them imported automatically.

Why do this? So that I get Google Goggles-like search-ability (along with OCR) for every picture I take.
Unfortunately Google consistently for years is going ahead introducing new functionality in Google Docs/Drive, but without making available functions work on acceptable and usable level.
One of the things is that what came recently with fanfare that all newly uploaded files have been processed, but now NONE of uploaded image/PDF is OCRed. You simply can not rely on Google provided services. Sometimes they change a code and remove/adjust functionality that it doesn't fit your needs anymore. But even more often Google changes code, and then you get various bugs - and no real contact point where to address them. Somehow I managed to get -surprise, surprise -an online direct contact with support staff for Google Drive - but chap on receiving age was just disaster - he knew even less than me about the product he intended to provide support to customers. To "scream in the desert" for help with bug on Help Forum - I think you have less than 1% probability that it will attract Google staff or some contributor with senior level will elevate your request to them: I posted close to 100 times about different bugs, NO SINGLE respond - so it's just complete waste of time.
Microsoft WebApps DOES work for functions they provide, eg.Latvian spellchecker - in Google you even don't know if there is or not spellchecker in Docs - the fact that the language is in teh list under File, means nothing. And if there is no spellchecker built-in, then you don't have spellchecker at all, as already two years Google Docs doesn't allow browsers' context menus in Docs.
With Google Drive Viewer you got a number of problems that normally should not be there: when viewing non-converted DOCX that contain tables that goes for many pages, then both the lower edge of page and footer is displayed very incorrectly.
Then  you don't have real understanding what size of DOCX files can be viewed - 4MB viewer doesn't accept.
I confronted a.k.a. Jake Smith - the live Google Drive support with this issue, I have given a shared link to the uploaded file, that couldn't be viewed - and I've got some garbage response, like did you try to download the file ..??? The moron on receiving end even didn't try to open the file in viewer and investigate what the problem is.
And you don't have any contact pint where to address the problems with individual files that are not handled properly, mostly in viewer, in Google Drive.
When it is a doc, spreadsheet or presentation in internal format, then at least you have the option to Report-Issue under the help. For problems with individual files in Google Drive you just left  on your own, or should post in Help forum - then that post without link to the file is meaningless, or you should compromise your privacy and post the link to file.
In respond to my inquiry about the general MAX SIZE limit for files for Google Drive Viewer, during two sessions that moron from Google Drive support team finally learnt from me that the size limit for viewer is 25MB - and thus it corresponds to Gmail attachment limit. I have to press and squeeze him hard to come to software engineers and check the issue, as he tried few time sin a row to sell me size limit for conversion of files. Finally, they updated Help content on the issue after this discussion.
This makes support service non-existing.
Therefore I can't recommend anyone incl.myself to use Google Apps since quality is such inconsistent and you will hardly will have any reasonable support staff respond if you will need one.

I acme in length about that to illustrate that basics in Google Drive doesn't work, but they still come forward with more new features.
These new features are introduced and presented in weird way: would be here no post about e.g. Trello, I would never knew that Trello support Google Drive integration, as Trello is not listed under Google Drive app - it is just Chrome App. So, again, Google employs many seemingly bright people, but unable to organize basic things, even for teh ebenfit for its own very business - to mark somehow a Chrome App in Chrome Web Store that it got Google Drive integration.

Basing on all this, as basics doesn't work here, I am considering to move completely to Web Apps/Office 365, especially as Windows * is coming, but Android is such a pity experience, reminding Symbian for it non-ergonomics.
We used to make huge use of Docs for form submitting and bookings it was great, but we have stopped using it and I do wish that google would listen to the huge numbers of folks who say we need a date picker for forms.  This would be my single one feature I do wish all other development would stop until this was done. Yes Very selfish I Know.

If I have an swf file stored on drive and I click it just let the browser load it instead of trying to preview it. 
an invaluable tool.  it has saved my bacon on a number of occasions.  Works on Drive and Gmail and many varied file types as the post says. I dont think that the MS Skydrive or Office 365 is up to par or has these abilities.  does anyone know?
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