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Save content from anywhere on the web to your Drive with a new Chrome extension, plus updates to images

Today, we're introducing a new Save to Drive Chrome extension that gives you a couple of ways to capture content from around the web and store it right to your Google Drive. Once you've installed the extension, you can click the Drive extension icon to save an image of a page, the HTML source code, or a Web archive. Or you can right-click on images or links to files and save them directly to Drive. 

We've also added a few new ways to work with images that are already stored in Drive. You can now zoom by scrolling or using the new fit to page and 100% buttons. And if you have something to say about a specific part of an image, you can select a region and add a comment to it.

Install the Save to Drive extension in the Chrome Web Store:
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that's awesome guys!!! you simply rock!!! #driverocks  
I am not getting right click context option! Whats up?
I've been waiting for this. Drive really needs to be integrated closer in the daily workflow to become a substantial part of my online experience.
Please introduce a clear strategy about managing images. What do you want us to do?

a.) Store images to Drive
b.) Store images to Albums on G+

Both without any connection between the two services does not make sense. Why should I save my images to Drive and not to a G+ Album? I am confused and start slowly to believe that Google does not have a strategy here...

Thanks for any clarification. A paying Drive user.
+Alex Reusch If you're using images as assets, save to Drive. If you're storing images to share, use Picasa Web Albums/G+ Photos. If you want to share assets, save to Drive and share them anyway. :)
+Alex Reusch Great question. The answer unfortunately seems to be "a little of both." And then there's Picasa albums.
+Rajesh Handa - Have you downloaded the extension from the Chrome Web Store in your Google Chrome browser? 
I was just thinking about something like this this morning. Good work!
That's awesome. I live in the Google world and this is a very useful feature to any fellow Goog. 
:-) +Daniel Price Yes. Something is weird, I don't see apps on new tab page as well. I am on 25.0.0 Dev channel.
Love it, been waiting for this a long time! Between this and the new search by image extension, my right click menu is complete.
If it was for some useable browser, it might have been interesting. ;)
Who care....still no native Linux client. This is low, to low google.
There is a size limit. Makes it useless for me. 
+Kristian Serrano thanks for answering. But why can't I use G+ Albums for images that I use as assets and don't share with anybody? I also can download a full album as a whole in G+. Also, I would like to get an official answer from Google.
PXE boot via Goole Drive.  Now that would be cutting edge.
About time but still very welcome
Hmm.. thinking about use in my cybercrime work. Are saves timestamped? Are they tamperproof? Guess I need to test and find out....
Nice extension. But please add an option to save the file to a custom folder.
Maybe I'm not using it correctly.  I couldn't get anything saved that looked even close to the original web page.  Maybe the problem is I'm assuming this is meant to compete with Evernote.
The link to the extension doesn't seem to work for me  :S
edit: but I found it manually.
Good idea & a step in the correct direction. If this application side-loaded I would have been heaven; but as it is a download-to-upload process & am slightly underwhelmed as I have this functionality already with the Drive Sync application.
Awesome. Now when will I be able to save online videos?
Thank you very much!! an option to change the default destination folder would be nice! ;)
Just installed it.  Great feature.  Now how about a Google Drive Sync for Linux.
That's great! Added with the ability to edit photos from Google Drive with +PicMonkey, this is a great feature!
yes +Google Drive wheres the Linux Sync Client ?! It can't be that hard to make one for ya Google Guyz
Can't believe that I'm the first person to +1 this post after it has received 169 shares but anyway these are great features but do y'all have any idea when I can expect to see the ability to crop pictures?
Aw, snap! And what will happen to DriveIt then? :(
+Kieran Sunderland, if you are using Chrome and have the +PicMonkey App installed, you can right-click on images in Drive and open them in PicMonkey for editing. 
an "install to chrome" right in g+ would be a killer feature.
Great, and just to remind you: wheres #driveforlinux . Next post from you should be: here's drive for linux support folks!
Looks like Drive is starting to compete a bit with Evernote.
Done....Oh this is all kinds of awesome...will save me so much time!
Phillip S
When will picasa get merged into google drive? It makes no sense to keep them separate. We need a My Pictures folder in google drive which has picasa integration. 
When will picasa get merged into google drive? It makes no sense to keep them separate. We need a My Pictures folder in google drive which has picasa integration. 
+Jason ON Thanks for the advice! I do use Chrome on all devices but I don't have the PicMonkey app installed because I didn't think I'd need it.  I'll wait for Google to add the feature but thanks again!
I just started to use evernote!! Waiting for years now, that Google brings out something out of the pockets like OneNote oder Evernote
+Google Drive  Can we get a "rename" feature in the built in "Save to Google Drive" when we print? I like to "print" my receipts to folders in Drive. By default Chrome saves them in the root directory of Drive and titles the file whatever the URL or title of the page was. I would like to be able to rename the file and choose which folder it's going to. That way I don't have to add two more steps to the process after "printing to Drive".
FINALLY! I was hoping some third party developer would do this so I could finally stop missing Evernote for this, and then you folks go make an official one! Bravo. The only thing that I'd like to see added is the ability to clip text from a page.
And what about Picasa? We need a consistent approach to images, please, Google (as welcome as this improvement is). 
Would be nice to have easy access to the webpage the image come from. (Pinterest way).

PS. Picasa, Google Drive, Google+. Images need merging now.
Very nice hey can anyone help me to learn how to copy and paste my own pictures? Every time I try to copy my pictures and paste them to my desktop I end up with a link instead of the picture any ideas anyone?
+Paul Plate I hope so! There needs to be a killer photo sharing and archiving solution where you an also get file access. One of these days I'd like to see photo descriptions embedded in EXIF so that there's an easy digital equivalent of writing on the back of a photo. Photos without descriptions are orphans for our future generations. 
Attempt to install in Chrome fails "Download not a crx."
lol....Chris I too immediately thought of Evernote....which I love! my best Florida (you may be to young to know about Good Times) Evans voice...Damn.....Damn....Damn
Sounded promising but ends up being pretty bland, it will download the file to your computer, and then upload to Drive, it has a too small size limitation and is woefully slow (esp. on the upload phase).
This is nothing more than a screen capture extension that saves to Google Drive. Big wow. If you guys at Chrome really want this extension to be really worth something then add right-click to highlight content to save to Google Drive as a Document, and you will get a big thumbs up from me.         
Good, now where's my Linux client? :P
finally, one more step towards getting rid of picasa
Wish the extension could allow selected text and images to be uploaded to Drive instead of an entire page. The option to upload the entire page as PDF would be good too. Thanks.
I agree with +Eduardo Feliciano, I'm not sure I get it either. I am saving a picture of a web page, or a picture on a web page to Drive? I was hoping more for Google Notebook (and the corresponding bookmarklet) type functionality. This doesn't come close to that from what I see. If Google has forgotten what Notebook used to do, see Evernote or Springpad. At the very least, I would like a clickable link back to the web page from which I posted the image.
+Google Drive  this extensions works great but needs  4 improvements

1 - Save as PDF
2 - Ability to crop images (pre or post save) - try the extension for a great example
3 - Needs the ability to specify how you want it saved (Full page, visible page, as G Doc et..) as point of save - not in the extensions options page
4 - Add default save location in the options page - so the root gdrive directory doesnt get cluttered
Full webpage, single photos, single links you can ,but why couldn't we save to google drive by just piece contents that cursor selected? CUT & PASTE! In fact, evernote cutting extension is better.
+Google Drive this extension needs
1. ability to save in different formats - html / doc / pdf so that we may copy text from it
2. ability to name the file and 
3. to store the data in a separate folder or user selected folder
It's a great feature but I'm lost regarding how to store, view, edit and share my photos. Picasa, google drive, google+?

It's your weakest point google, at least for me, an average consumer. You make me look for other tools and it's a pitty because I love google products.

I know you'll give us a great solution in the future but it's taking too much time. And you're usually very quick I don't understand the reason.
Please release a feature which allow to enclose files in an email from Drive. At the moment I have to go to Google Drive if I want to send an email enclosing a file from G Drive. I prefer to attach the file directly from Gmail
Awesome feature, something I was wishing for only yesterday. Would be nice to have a small enhancement allowing you to choose a Drive folder in which to save the image. Otherwise, thank you for this. Very handy.
This is great.
I wish you bring a more flexible arrangements of files.
We want both Folders and Labels / Tags.

What about a Bookmarklet / Notes / To Do application on Drive (With sync to Calendar and Gmail)?
Buena extensión pero no me gusta que recopile datos de mi computadora y de mi navegación.
Awesome stuff. How about some Picasa integration- it would be great if all the photo's in my Picasa albums were visible (and manipulatable) in Drive as well.
Needs some more options. At least a default save folder,
do you all have nothing to do but talk talk talk?
اتمني تطويرها بحيث يتم اختيار مجلد الحفظ الذي تتم فيه حفظ الصورة او الرابط
Add my vote to G+ Photo/Picasa/GDrive integration. I have my phone set to "instant upload" into G+ Photos and share them from there or manage them from the picasaweb interface. Seeing them as a folder in GDrive but withing the current size exceptions would be great.
than use NDE table in google drive I hear you
In general, the save has a little inconvenient: You cannot choose the target folder.
Whenever I save a picture; instead of instantly uploading to my Drive; I'd like to have an option to choose the folder to upload it to; my Drive is super organized and I have to go in every time to redo it after I use this extension. I'd like to see them update it with more capability to combat my clutter issues. 
Just got a chrome book and I am super frustrated that most of the picture editing happens from the Drive.  All my pictures are on G+/Picasa.  But apparently that means none of them are on Drive -?  It seems that I have to upload them to drive one at a time.  Totally wack.
can't be true! Can't you download them to Downloads folder, then drag them over to Drive as a group?
How To Google Drive sync for my html page in my website for store the data of my webpage ..

plz some one help me .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've used this extension off and on for a while. I really want to like it, but can't. None of the formats are very good. I like the idea of storing everything as a Google Doc but it renders horribly. Images are cumbersome. MHT files aren't the most portable things in the world (they should be, but aren't).

I like the way Evernote Clearly handles things, but I don't want to use Evernote.
looks like google building a WEB OS, part by part
Please add to Google Chrome on mobile/ Android devices
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