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You can now create and share hosted websites when you store HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in Google Drive. Check out this example to learn more. 
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Will there ever be the possibility to embed iFrame code in a Google Doc? I can't seem to get an answer about this issue from anyone. From Google+ or Google Docs. Would just appreciate a clear explanation why it isn't allowed. Thanks
Andrew Lemke
+Jack B. Erhart iframe usage is a nightmare from a security point of view. Issues include injected code, phishing, broken trust etc. Cease and desist. 
+Jack B. Erhart it seems to me like a very easy way to introduce injection vulnerabilities, what if you source your code from some site full of malware, you may be exposing your drive content
im going to keep to +Dropbox for that because they support Linux with native integration not a just browser
Jojoojo. Trato de ver el archivo de ejemplo y me sale: "Error de Google Drive: Hay demasiados usuarios viendo el archivo en estos momentos. Inténtalo de nuevo más tarde".
This is one of the oldest feature on Ubuntu One
Site44 has been doing this for quite sometime. You can use your own domain name too. Site44 works via Dropbox only. I think they support lua WebScript for Ajax calls too
I use xubuntu, but I use google docs, just more convenient. Reinventing the wheel tbh
hello my name is marvin n. i am new to gmail
I love to write poetry and carve wood to create staffs and things.
Hugo A
only need MySQL or Postgress and it will be great
Niiiiiice, thanks, this is great. Call me a greedy nerd, but i'm looking forward to PHP/MySQL ;)
does 'public on the web' not mean that anyone can see it? Bit confused about that step. Why not just select 'Anyone with link' ?
Jay Tee
Awesome, semi-free web-hosting from Google.  Thanks!!

+Ian Grainger, different audience and intention.  Public on the web means everyone can see it.  Anyone with link is more intended for people you know and not meant to be passed out.
Can you make Google Drive for Linux?
A Google Doc isn't a web page, it's aimed at replacing paper documents. Google have invested a lot of effort in making Docs work offline: if the doc was offline what should appear where the iframe content should be?
Do you could own a domain and link with a HTML redirect to the google docs html files?
So not too different from google app script ? That even allows you to create a db like driven pages ... 
works with swf, images, mp3s, xml as well from my brief testing. Nice!
This is awesome and a great start, but here's the issue I see with it: as of right now, you cannot edit the HTML/CSS/Javascript files after uploading. This is understandable, seeing as how they are not google docs format, but I would really love to upload a webpage I am working on and edit it with some collaborators in real-time. Please consider adding the ability to edit these uploaded files as a feature. It would turn what is currently a neat feature into an amazing collaborative tool. 
Awwwww yeah. The only issue then is non-chrome collaborators....but who doesn't use chrome? Haha.
Waitwaitwait. Neutron Drive is certainly not free, it is a free trial. 
+Steven Porter You are right there. However, I shall be buying it as it is simply brilliant. I expect payment for coding I do so I am happy to pay too when it is this good. +Neutron Drive 
it's very cool, but the server is busy,.....can Google tell to me, what the reason, or may be this just for upgrade the Google+ trading topic.....
My project html css js work fine But I uploaded in Gdrive doesn't work any more. with jquery ui and jquery min1.8.3
+Steven Porter search for notepad or something in the chrome web store. There is an app with drive integration that allows for editing of such files. I tested with .json extension and it works
Bem, é cedo para suspirar ou dizer "alarme falso", mas espero que seja uma forma de prover o <link rel> CSS e JS para Google Sites - Faz falta.
If the "public" site is intended to be secured (e.g. intranets), then we can follow the Drive standard of "anyone who has a link" where a Google Search would not reveal it.

To accomplish this, the Index.html file can have the following:

<meta http-equiv="googlebot" content="noarchive,nofollow,noindex,nosnippet" />
<meta name="robots" content="noarchive,noindex,nofollow" />

What else can be done?
(...) Como ocorre com o Google Sites, o CSS só funciona se estiver dentro do próprio documento HTML - foi o que meu teste demonstrou.

Como o arquivo não pode ser editado, o download é necessário;
Separei as linhas de códigos CSS do arquivo HTML e criei um arquivo CSS;
Subi o arquivo CSS, compartilhei e copei o ID;
No arquivo HTML, na seção HEAD, no lugar do código CSS usei a TAG "<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" 
   href="ID do CSS>";
Subi o arquivo HTML, visualizei e...SEM FORMATAÇÃO CSS.

Correções, críticas serão apreciadas.
Really nice ! :) Exactly what I needed! :)

When will we be able to edit HTML code right into Drive?
I have the preview button on my HTML files, but not CSS or JS.  How do I get the shared URL for those to link in to my HTML file?  HTML isn't very much fun without CSS or JS!
+Scott Frost use relative linking: you don't need the URL of the hosted folder and if you did link using it then things will stop working if the URL ever changes.
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" />

Working if "style.css" is in the same folder than the HTML file. I haven't tried with another path.
Are there any bandwidth restrictions?  Can I use this as a CDN for my JS and CSS files?
I renamed my file.js to file.js.html and got the preview option. I could then link that js file from a blogger page.
I just read this post and i'm happy to hear that #googledrive   is so flexible. We just need to hook our site to a domain and we're ready. It's free #cloud #hosting    ;-)
This hopefully can be used to redirect someone to another site like linkedin? Since sites doesn't allow it and configuring Google Apps to redirect your domain to a different site is terribly confusing.
This is pretty cool. Can we have an ETA for google drive becoming available for Linux? This is really needed.
I don't see a preview button on the html files. I use google apps. Is this feature not applicable to Google apps.
+Sundar Nadimpalli A suggestion: Make sure the file is uploaded with the .htm/.html extension. If you upload it as a .txt file and rename it to .htm/.html there's some meta-data somewhere that prevents the Preview-function from working.
+Christian Scott Thanks for the suggestion. I have uploaded the html with the .html extension and with Google doc conversion off. But I still do not see the Preview button. Could this feature be a limited release, before Google allows this for everyone?
You only see the preview button if the ENTIRE FOLDER is set to shared --> public on the web.  If you change just the one file to public on the web, it won't work.
Hi +Scott Frost, the entire folder is shared as public on the web. I just rechecked that. I must be doing something wrong.
Not sure what I am doing wrong but I can't get this to work.  I have my HTML language that I put in a new document and shared it, but I cannot get it to link to a webpage for viewing...

Any help would be MUCH appreciated...
Chris, You can't start an HTML file on Google Docs as a Document. You have to upload a text file.
+Chris Morales Create a File.txt file on your local hard-disk, put the text "<html><head></head><body></body></html>" in the file as a starting point, and rename it to File.htm. Make sure you turn off the function "Hide extensions for known file types" before you rename the file (Google to find out how), or your file will really be called File.htm.txt, and it won't work. When you're sure the file is called File.htm, upload it to Google Drive as I explained above.
i cant seem to set my html file to available offline?
When will Drive be able to edit these files?  It's a lot of work to develop locally (especially on a Chromebook), then upload the changes, then delete the duplicate files.

Note: A lot of work for my 8 year old, who wants to play around with HTML.
I would be great to edit html and css in drive.
+Will Findlay Thanks, that worked like a champ!  So easy even an 8 year old can use it.  (Once the dad sets it up)
I am thinking about hosting my css and javascript files on Google Drive and then importing these files from my server. I think that this trick could decrease the loading time of my website. What do you think?
Zane A
can someone tell me why mine wont work.. i created the HTML doc and then uploaded it to the gdrive,, then shared the file as public. but it wont give me the link.   very weird !  i don't get a preview button either on the doc editor like im supposed to.   AHHHHH
Today this thing started working on my Google Apps account as well.
+Zane A You have to create a new Folderl, upload the html file into the folder and make the full folder public.
I ran into the same problem. My public folders with HTML, CSS, JS worked before yesterday, now "Not found".
Tried "reshared". It didn't work.
any idea?
Zane A
lol, mine never worked... if you or anyone finds out please let me know ... I don't even get that preview button that they say is supposed to appear on the toolbar.
Hello, everyone. Seems like a great feature but I'm a little confused as to how I should link to a CSS file hosted on Drive from a third-party site (e.g. Blogger)? Is the link to the CSS file on Drive really supposed to have /edit on the end? 
when is google rolling out gdrive for linux???
I have done this and have put all the website files into the folder and shared it to "public on the web", but for some reason my images aren't showing up. I have put these files in, too, so I don;t understand why this isn't working. Can anyone help?
very interesting and very needed for all..
Where is HTML5 video rendering support? Dropbox already has it. When I upload a WebM video to Google Drive, it renders in Adobe Flash only!??!?!? Wtf? #FAIL
may I store  php files also??? dude. Ftp is dead. Insecure. Unless you enjoy being
hacked...ssh / sftp or ftps at minimal.
dude! it's still ftp just this time + SSH which equals: sftp
what's the procedure for relative linking css to html file on google docs? i've used the fileName.css and and every other iteration i could think of. All publicly shared...any ideas?  has anyone done is successfully?
Yes, the link here is dead and the instructions I found via searching no longer work.  Does Google not support this anymore?
Is Google ever going to support custom domain names for Drive hosted websites? There are MANY people who are using workarounds, like myself using URL forwarding with masking, but none of this is an actual fit. The limitations here keep Drive from being a lagit place to host a website. Without domain support, it just seems like a gimmick to get developers looking into writing code for Google. I think Google needs to fix it or forget it.
+Felipe Gonzalez It is still available but a bit confusing to get to.  One day I will blog how to do it for real...
+Google Drive  The link you provided is dead. One of the most frustrating thing when developing Google product is documentation is never maintained well. So many outdated samples, dead links, insufficient documentation. :/ 
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