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Save time with right-click sharing from your Google Drive folder

For those looking to share files more quickly, listen up. You can now share with others directly from the Google Drive folder on your Mac or PC. To share a file while inside your Google Drive folder, simply right click the file, select “Google Drive” and then click “Share.” This new feature is rolling out over the next few days.

If you aren’t already using Drive for your desktop, check it out:

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and those of us on linux are yet again left out in the cold.
hope the Linux client will be available soon 
+1 Google Drive and my chromebook =  heaven, but dont care about ios lol
Who cares about a web only service like Google Drive? There are far better services out there with native clients. Especially for Linux. That's such a huge fail from Google :-(
im sure there working on getting it to linux but with so much devs out there i dont see how this is impossible.
+José Olivo I doubt that Google cares about the users. After all, users aren't their customers. If they'd care, they'd have a Linux client by now.
Leaving us out in the cold sends a clear message. Not a nice one, though.
Tauno Erik
and Google Drive for Linux?
+Alexander Skwar ever thought that maybe theres not enough linux users out there? its a small user base compared to pc, macs and chromebooks of course there going to favor the majority thats the way the world is. just because they have not done nothing does not mean there not working on something. if there were a large amount of linux users this would have been done by now but thats not the case.
Should be able to in every folder, if it's allowed.
+José Olivo - Chrome OS? Linux.  PC? Linux (did you mean Windows?).  Android? Linux based (to a point).  Google's own development environments? Linux (and OS X, with a minority on Windows).  Most developers? Linux.

Also, I think Valve and others have already proven that the Linux community is worth the effort.
+Brian Tomlinson meant windows pc, chrome os, android and macs. regardless if to some point they have some linux coding. the point im trying to make is that for linux os theres not enough users to justify them doing this thats like asking windows to keep updating there windows xp even though theres not enough users using it at this point dont think microsoft will even spend the time in doing so. if its that important you can have a hard drive installed on your router like i do and use it as cloud storage thats what i do and still do to this day and it works just fine.
Double click on the icon near the clock to open the Gdrive folder. Double click on the icon near the clock to open the Gdrive folder. Double click on the icon near the clock to open the Gdrive folder. Double click on the icon near the clock to open the Gdrive folder. 

Thank you :)
Google Drive is incredibly useful and am very glad to see that it continues to get updated.
+Francis Peixoto i know this i have a steam account. was trying to point out what i thought google was doing. never said they were not going to. also it took how long for steam to do this? a long time and alot of complaints...not trying to point out the problem but like i stated if it were that important i found a solution until the problem is fixed a wireless router and a hard drive would do just about the same thing as google drive.
i just wish the app didnt sign me out all the time and have my sign back in. i wish it was as fast and stable as dropbox. then i would fully switch over.
do we need a client update to get this? does the client auto-update? there is no update option in the client...
Doesn't work here here, need  #driveforlinux  first. I'm a bit disappointed it hasn't arrived yet, AFAIK Google use Linux a lot internally. Heck, doesn't all Google servers run on Linux? Until #driveforlinux  comes, it's just another fancy Etherpad Lite for me. It shouldn't be too hard to create. After all, there's Drive for Android, which is a stripped-down Linux.
How do you 'right-click' with a mac, just asking...
+José Olivo No, I haven't. And I continue to don't think about that.

Linux users often are "good multipliers". And even more so, if we continue to get ignored. 

Further, that they've done nothing so far clearly means, that they give a rats shit about Linux. It clearly shows they don't care about users. As is often the case.
Andrea Z.
why not on linux? what is the problem?
I don't think  #driveforlinux  got a lower priority, or that they are too lazy to make it. There must be some reason behind it. Maybe because not every Linux distro is the same.
+Mathijs Planting it's not a problem for picasa for linux, google music for linux, dropbox for linux, skype for linux, steam for linux... so what is this mysterious problem of the distros? it does not exist, that's simple.
Is there a way to more quickly create documents? Right now I use scratchpad.
+Øyvind A. Holm well, while it's true that Android runs on Linux, it's not nearly the same as a real Linux. Android basically is a Java environment. Sure, Java is also available for Linux, but, well, Java… It wouldn't be what I'd call "native".
But, then again, Dropbox is just Python. But Python isn't so fat as Java is.

Reg. why no Linux - beats me. Can't be that hard (once you've got the logic). There are so many Linux supporters out there - Dropbox, Copy, ….

Why does Google keep on "delivering" such a frustrating fail?

+Andrea Z. Picasa For Linux?

There used to be a "port" using Wine. It got canned. And always lacked behind as far as features were concerned wrt. the Windows version.
+Andrea Z. Maybe it's not a distro problem, but there must be a reason for this... It's ridiculous it takes so long, how long are we already waiting?
Can't believe people think this is a technical issue. They don't want to release a Linux version, plain and simple.
lol the world will never be happy...time to 
Come on Google, this is so sloppy. I've had my Commodore 64 for 31 years now and still no Drive client for it. I'm going to start with comments saying you don't love me and finish up that it's a consipracy to stop me finding out about your plans to terraform Mars.

+David Benson yes. apt analogy there. Because Linux is akin to a 30+ year old computing platform.
+Alexander Skwar Well, that's your opinion.

For me Android is another Linux distribution, no matter if it is different to others: there are no more differences between Android and Suse than between Suse and Puppy Linux. And BTW, it doesn't only run Java apps within a sandbox, it also runs native code applications.

Anyway this is an eternal argument and not too much relevant, so I won't lose more time discussing it. Let me just quote wikipedia on the issue:

"Whether or not Android counts as a Linux distribution is a widely debated topic, with the Linux Foundation[76] and Chris DiBona,[77] Google's open source chief, in favour. Others, such as Google engineer Patrick Brady disagree, noting the lack of support for many GNU tools, including glibc, in Android"
+Francisco Marzoa No, it's not just an oppinion. The environment is totally different. On Android, everything is Java. That's not so on normal Linuxes. The only "Linux" thing about Android is the kernmore "unix like" el.

Android is very much more different to Suse/Debian/Redhat, then Suse is to FreeBSD. (Ie. Suse is more simmilar to FreeBSD, than Android is to Suse).
+Alexander Skwar yes, it is. so? it hooks up directly to the Google Drive API and works very well. even allows to sync symbolic linked files. 
+Sascha Picchiantano Didn't work well when I last tried it. Gave up since then (1 or 2 months ago). And I don't want to be forced to use a 3rd party app.
+Alexander Skwar Yeah, it is just your opinion. 

Please, read the wikipedia paragraph I quoted before, I think there are persons with a more authorized opinion than me (and you, indeed) on the subject like +Chris DiBona, that stated that Android is a Linux distribution, although others could not agree.

And no, I told you again: on Android NOT "everything" is Java. You can develop for Android using C and C++ with the NDK. I told this before, but It seems you didn't pass from the first line of my comment.

Here, read this:

And BTW, your comparison of SUSE/FreeBSD/Android is just false. SUSE and Android shares the same kernel, which is called Linux (incredible, isn't it?), with the same license, while FreeBSD has a completely different kernel with a completely different license.
I actually paid the money for insync when they released it for mac/windows (still in beta on linux). I've actually been very happy with it. 

my beef is it's a principle thing -- "hang tight it [driveforlinux] is coming" was posted > 1yr ago. and nothing since. I find it hard to believe that any one of Google's brilliant programmers can't knock out a #DriveForLinux  client. 
Please, do something about the equation editor.
It really lags behind...
+Alexander Skwar what difference does it make if it's a 3rd party "app"? I couldn't care less, as long as it works better than the Google original sync client. Which it does.
+Sascha Picchiantano The issue is, that it is 3rd party. Relying on 3rd party apps/adons for core functionality way too often led to frustration.

And it's not like there aren't alternatives like Copy or Dropbox out there, who perform at least as well and have 1st party support.
we can argue about this all day, yes it sucks google is not doing this for linux but we can always find other solutions. i mean what if google drive never existed what would you have done then...we learn, we live i dont think you guys should lose sleep over this.
no option to view formatting  in google drive
+Sascha Picchiantano That's not my assumption. But being forced to rely on 3rd party apps for core functionality is very bad. Just alone from a support point of view - if you've got an issue, you're more than likely to NOT find a solution.

Assuming that 3rd party apps for core stuff = good is a wrong assumption, as it too often has lead (and will lead) to problems.
+Sascha Picchiantano I agree with +Alexander Skwar for the most part, although I don't use that because I found the TOS of Insync unacceptable.
F*** Linux, release an extensive API instead so developers can make their own implementations for different OS's. Imagine that; Linux with Drive built into the core (or at least from the user's PoV), enabling individual folders becoming Drive folders.

Disregard, the API is already here... +Sascha Picchiantano +Francisco Marzoa 
Excelente, me imagino que también lo incluirá la versión para linux de Google Drive que debe estar prevista para el año...2076 o 2089 #GoogleDriveForLinux  
Damn it +Google, you are huge company. What is so hard about getting five developers to bring #driveforlinux  which will be used by hundreds of thousands Linux users?
This is a great new feature! Love it already.
The next big thing I'm missing on +Google Drive is complete folder sync!
Drive For Linux!!! 
I can't speak for Mac/Win desktop apps, but this right-click-to-share functionality has been available using Chrome/Chromium in Linux for some time (I use Linux almost exclusively now).

Honestly, everybody clamoring for DriveforLinux - the only thing the full-blown desktop client would get you is sync, and frankly, I'd prefer to keep track of that sort of stuff myself, whether in Linux or another OS. I've had enough sync problems in Windows programs to know that they're never fool-proof.

If you use Chrome/Chromium, all other functionality is there.
Linux would be nice to have, but full symlink support for all OSes (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) is a must. This works fine in Dropbox but without this feature in Google Drive I can't use it for anything serious.
Me gusta comentar para.conocer amigos 
Dropbox works on Linux, why can't Google Drive? That is main reason I'm using Dropbox on my Ubuntu box.
+Rick Henry sync issues? What sync issues? Sync works pretty much flawless in Dropbox and Copy. Why shouldn't it in Google Drive?
Doesn't work for me. I'm on Mac OS 10.8 and the contextual menu is not there... #googledrive   Version 1.9.4536.8202
Booo hoooo, google are evil because they don't make a linux client.

Grow up.
+Alex Stansfield: I'll bite. Nobody is saying google is evil. For many of us Linux is our main OS. And it's especially frustrating because without Linux/open source Google wouldn't exist - that's what runs on their servers, that's what the ChromeOS is built upon. So you'll have to excuse us if we Linux fanatics get a little pissy about this.
OMG, I've been going nuts wanting this feature.  I can finally ditch dropbox now.  I don't understand why I can't get the update now though and wait for sometime in the next few days.  The app download on GDrive site is still not updated either.  :/
Pretty cool! Thought this was one of the more useful features of dropbox; good to see it come to Drive as well.

How about opening the Drive folder with a double click on the Taskbar icon, just like Dropbox? (instead of right-clicking and then "open drive folder")
selective subfolder sync? want! need! will switch to dropbox soon if not..
also, ffs, be more vocal as to what your roadmap is for the google drive clients. feature wise and all..
And please when can we share info also Between Google Sites and Google Docs? In public? In private or protected (only some groups or friends)
2 days now and still no sight of this new feature?!?! 
+Bill Kroll so, what? Why do you complain? Just hang tight... In the usual Google timeframe, it'll mean that in a year or two there might be an answer.
+Sandro Ducceschi Google more vocal? Like they should communicate? Google? Looooool. They are Google. They don't. Heck, that would mean that they'd have to listen to what users want and not just their customers, to whom they sell ads.
good option, but it would be great to copy secret public link to this file.
alexander skwar LMAO, that was good, and so true.  Still no dice, I'm wondering why they didn't just wait to tell us about it until it was actually ready for deployment, but oh well.
So Im pretty much going nuts on this at this point and here is why.  I just got google drive installed on the wife's computer for the first time and this new feature is right there and working great.  Still no dice on my machine.  I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled gdrive app to no avail.  WTF is going on here?
Sharing, editing do not work on a Mac. Obviously, Google is in no hurry for a native Mac app. #fail Thank God, for Dropbox and Evernote!
There should be a way to find out how many time the file has been downloaded.. Otherwise for Google Drive always has a thumbs up from me..
You know what would be nice? guessed it ... a Linux client. 
It would be nice to use this feature on my mac, but ever since I installed Google Drive, I can't right-click in Finder! 
Since the service has been released, visit the page of the application to see a version for Ubuntu, however, always see the following sentence: "It is not compatible with Linux (yet)." It is absurd, services for Linux is always left last.
Still not seeing this in OS X. Drive 1.9.4536.8202 was released in April but is still the current version. You said May 10th the new desktop share functionality would roll out within days. Any status update you can share?
I am having the same problem with Google not showing up in the contextual menu. It was working for awhile, but stopped a few weeks ago. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Google Drive app, but this made no difference.
BTW, this stopped working before the 10.8.4 update was released. Another user on my network lost their ability to right-click in the Finder recently. She is running 10.7.5
Not working on latest version of OS X with latest version of Google Drive
Not working on 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) either.
Once the new GDrive is installed... forget about having a right-click-menu on all your folders/files.
Tried to use previous versions of GDrive but they are not longer supported. Please test the apps before releasing them!  ;)
I also lost this functionality recently. I'm on OS X 10.8.4. There was an OS X software update recently but I'm not sure if the two incidents are related.
If you want to recover (until reboot) your right-click-menu just relaunch the Finder from the Force quit window  ;)
How can I share Folders to other G+ users? If I fill in the G+ username, my colleague will not been found.
Nonsense, today there is a Linux version!
My right-click Google Drive functionality was magically restored a couple of weeks ago.
Confirmed, no longer working in Mavericks..
I had this working for a long time and then it has dropped off my 'right click' menu - any ideas on how to reinstate it please.
Installed the 1.18 version and still no right-click Google Drive contextual menu in Yosemite. With the release of the new chrome extension that allows "open with" external apps, maybe Google is swaying users to stay in the Chrome browser for GDrive use.
Too bad, no reaction from Google for MONTHS. wtf?. I did heavily use this. Very unprofessional from Google to "loose" that essential feature without fixing it for so long time. Don't they run testcases or care about customers reactions?
Currently migrating to paid Dropbox ... :-/
Broken on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, please fix this urgently 
It's not working for me on 10.10, either. Please bring this option back! :D
"Save time", yeah, right. If someone could teach me how to enable the contextual menu on my desktop drive maybe i'll believe that*. "you're a moron!", you're probably thinking. Yes, maybe i am a moron, but thet guy who developed this piece of crap is another.

*after checking the box "enable contextual menu" over a million times.
Has anyone heard anything new on a fix for the Mac osx Yosemite - Google Drive right click menu to share problem?
I just noticed that the "View with Google Drive" and "Share using Google Drive" now appear directly in the contextual menu upon right-clicking a file or folder within the Google Drive synced folder on my Mac. I'm using version 1.20.8672.3137 on Yosemite 10.10.2
+Matthew Duett , I'm running the same app and OS version(s), but don't see what you are seeing.  Did you recently install?  Reinstall?  Are you running any Google development environments or something else that might make your computer do this where the February commenters (and myself) can't get it?  I'd really, really love to get this working.
Right click to share in OS X is working now. Yay.
It sounds great. Too bad it doesnt work.
doesn't work for me ;-(
  v1.21.9226.6034 on OSX Yosemite10.10.3
not working with me too :(  ... Yosemite version 10.10.4 (14E46)
Not working since many days. used to work before.
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