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Image editing in Docs

Just like in Slides, you can now crop, rotate, and add borders to images from right inside Docs. Get all the details in the Help Center. 
<p>You can adjust and customize images you have added to Google Docs and Slides by cropping or masking them, and by adding borders.</p> <h3>Crop images</h3> <p>To get rid of parts of&nbsp;an image y
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Good God! Just merge it with G+ Photos already!
halp I'm having a heart attack  (woot)
This is great and all but now I can't connect to google docs and I need it working on the work account ASAP so I can send out contracts.
Can't connect at work to Google Drive. They think it is a security issue..
+Google Drive Great add, however, I am still missing the ability to easily attach a caption to an image!
Is this what just caused our Google Docs to stop working?
Any word on when it's coming to GAFE domains?
The crop worked great, but the mask with shape is not available as an option on my chromebook.   The help page, describes that
About time! Cropping before was a pain!
This is good but please make the text wrapping better.
Superb. What about merging cells in table? Are you even listening what is important to us? Where is the problem? Why are we waiting 3 years for basic function? At least explain it to us? It's patented stuff or what? Bunch of my friends jump to office365 only because of lack of information is this functionality will be even possible in future. 
A useful Table of Contents and more heading style options would also be useful.
What I really want is to import images from android app ^^
But it's a cool feature too!
+Nigel King isn't the one available in the insertion menu enough? And there is a plugin for automatic numbering of the headers. But yes, the styles are still very basically implemented yet...
+Josuah Demangeon The current ToC doesn't have page numbers, there aren't enough header styles. It lacks these basic features that order WPs have,
You just can't do this in +Google Drive for mobile phones. I know I can add images in a Google document when I am using my browser chrome, on my laptop. But not in the mobile Google Drive or the New Google Doc Mobile App. I've tried in my Nexus 5 and nothing. It must only work on tablets. Oh well.
+Fred Delventhal It took awhile for apps status dashboard to show it, but a disruption of service was reported CST, my time, between about 1:15 and 2:18 today. I work at a Google Apps high school in IT and had quite a few calls and emails. Some staff claimed it was the "wireless" when it was JUST Google Docs!
Awesome, +Google Drive, but you still can't format a title page separately (for APA) academic writing, and WYSWYG format for printing from sheets is terrible. 
Why not go to the drawing functions embedded inside the document
? How about expanding the list of international currencies? Despite all rumours to the contrary, there is more world out there beyond the borders of CONUS. 
+Google Drive please improve the Windows Desktop Application as it's very slow upload speed comparable to dropbox and your Application has a problem in files Conflict 
I'm a bit confused. can you only edit and crop a picture of it is in a google doc or slide?
on slides it's working, but not with docs. how come?
+anthony correia quite ! It is possible to crop a picture imported into docs or slides, but not edit a picture directly stored into Google Drive.
But in Google+ photo, you can choose to also display the photo that are stored on Google Drive folders.
You may then be able to edit them from the Google+ photo editor.
I'll try it at home...
This does not work correctly. I was able to crop an image and save it. I also was able to download it as a Word document (and it stays cropped). However once I re-upload that document back to Drive the un-cropped image reappears. 
is it possible to add option: choose folder and convert all photos from jpg to webp format ???
Would be great to resize images using height width parameters instead of the blue handles. Also, having the ability to add shadows to image borders would give images a little more polish
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