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Viewing shared folders in Google Drive just got a whole lot prettier. Over the next week, users who are invited to open a shared folder will notice a much improved visual layout of the folder’s contents. You can even click on an item to preview and flip between the content.

Want to keep the shared folder? Use the “Add to Drive” button on the top right to store it directly in your Drive for fast access across all devices. 

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Sweet, would this then use both the sharer's storage and the sharee's storage? I assume in doing so they effectively have a fork of the original?
Not just prettier, but also easier to use. :-)
+Google Drive  I am wondering how and when this will tie in with Google+ photos? Will Photo Albums eventually be synced as Drive Folders? Will we have the option to do so?  Is there any time frame for the transition away from Picasa?  Is it going to fold entirely into G+ Photos alone, or as a combined service with Drive?  I know, I have a lot of questions.  :0)
+Alexander Gryson no I would guess that it would sit in the "shared with me" folder same as when a person shares directly with you. If this is the case then the document would only use the creators storage.
+Google Drive Wonder when you gonna fix issue with drive on chromebooks. Crashes always while trying to move multiple files from SD card to drive. Crashing always while trying to move more then 20 files from internal to drive. Those issues were been reported many times.
I recently shared a folder between my corporate account and personal account and saw this feature.  Very nice with small preview of each document in the folder.  Mine has several GDocs, Sheets and Slides in it.
Thanks +Alex Shaw , I figure that's the case, though I thought sharing with someone automatically added it to the "shared with me" folder - what does the new button add to the mix? Does that now become optional?
Could you please repair the PDF-Viewer in Drive preview. It is still horrible slow and needs an extra click to use the PDF on Drive.
Hmm +Siegfried Hirsch. It's not slow for me. And I wouldn't like every PDF I view to be saved in my Google Drive. I like the option of keeping the PDFs I view separate from my personal files.
+Ben Smith we have more than 35000+ PDF files on Drive an use it daily a lot. Preview is ok (often slow), but I can not comment on the PDF or change the default viewer. So this is still not ok. If there were only the option to switch back to regular PDF viewer, but there is none such option. For other file types, it is possible, but not for PDF :(
how can i use Google keep from web?
+Alexander Gryson it just means that if I send a folder to via a link you can easily add it to your own drive rather than having to use the link again
Can I ask for a little little feature?

When I double click on the small icon (windows) of Google Drive, it really should open the Drive folder rather than open the menu.

Can you please add this small adjustment? :)
So does this make it possible to see "Folders" in the shared with me?!   Or is this just a change in how a shared folder is viewed?  Currently the ONLY way to access a shared folder with full hierarchy is by searching for the folder name and "starring" it so the folder and structure shows up, otherwise only files show in the shared with me.  There are many situations where you do NOT want to add to your drive one of them being our use case, we have about 250GB of videos that are shared, we do not want users adding these to their drive as it will totally hammer the sync and our bandwidth, but STILL want them to be able to easily access the entire folder structure.
I wish I could point to an arbitrary directory on my HD and say "Include this in my GDrive as That Folder."
I have noticed that most Picasa links now take you directly to G+ photos
Now if only searches persisted when you went back... or sharing worked as one would expect... or...
These days my public  +Google docs  can't be viewed from my +Google Drive  unless the viewer is logged into a Google account. The text is actually sent in the web page, but is not rendered visibly; what's up with that? 
I love it. I wish it could view .sfw files though.
+Mathias Lindberg I know that; and my document is set for "public". The problem is that when someone tries to view it who is not logged in to any Google account, the <div> containing the page that is served is not rendered as visible.

This used to work, and now it doesn't and it's a PITA.  
Google don't seem to be taking corporate users seriously. By this i am referring to proxy support. Currently if you are behind a work proxy, you can't access the drive 
Hmmm!! Multifaceted we can share lasaaaaarge files!! Wow!!
Or get rid of your iPhone and get a Nexus 4
The organization feature that +Google Drive really needs to add is Gmail style labeling.
still waiting for that shortcut on google drive desktop/mobil  to view my google+ albums. love Google Drive =) 
+Ben Horowitz not for ubuntu.... ubuntu is not an os... why people always saying "for ubuntu"? Ubuntu is bullshit... just the same linux as all the others. We need #drive4linux ... not drive for ubuntu...
Great News.
What about improving the Equation Editor in Docs?
And why don't you fix the bug that renames files ending in numbers between () making it useless for syncing between computers?

Almost a year and such a basic thing not fixed
A REQUEST TO Google Drive  Developers : 
While sharing , we could only share a whole file now, i need an option to share a particular  part or a particular page only. Can u do it?
I totally agree with +Vance McAlister I want to have my Google+ albums as folders in Drive as well. For my sanity it would be good if all content I have in my Google account was kept in Drive.

Calendar files kept in Drive but accessed in Google Calendar (obviously)

Sent and received mail attachments (or even all my mails) in Drive and the corresponding mail linked to it so the mail can be accessed by Gmail.

Each and every picture

Each and every file

My Gtasks, shopping shortlists and Play store wishlists, my Google and Chrome Bookmarks all being merged with Google Keep - all shown in Drive.

All my ebooks, movies, music and audio files, be it from Play or elsewhere (maybe with some mechanic to deny Pirate Bay like sharing).

I want Drive to handle the storing (of everything) but not the sharing of things. That's when I want to have G+ taking over. 
+Google Drive Could you please do it for picture folders like it´s done in SkyDrive by Microsoft. I just found it out and it looks exactly like i´ve wanted to have in google drive. In other words, I and guess lot of others would like to upload pictures into google drive and share the folder link and have it like portfolio page with full screen option and small thumbnail option. I did example folder in skydrive, you could chek it out there.
Is it possible to enable a setting that automatically adds shared folders to "My Drive"? +Google Drive 
This is nice but Chrome back-button is broken!  It no longer takes you to the previous folder (after opening a doc) - you go back in history to some folder or the root?! :/  I end up [Ctrl]+[clicking] everything to open in a new window now.
^I've been ctrl+clicking since the day I was born. Google is always messing with the settings. Personally I don't mind though.
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Since one year now I'm working on a chart projet and i'm using Google Draw to put text on my charts.

I did about 200 charts and I was more than satisfied with the tool.

The issue is the following:  Since last week I noticed that what I see on screen is different than what I get when i'm downloading the image

I explain: For a year,  everything was fine, i was "rotating" text and it was staying clear.  Since a week, i do the same thing and the text as some "blur" or characters  are not align, BUT when I download a copy on my hard drive everything is fine.

Do you know if Google has changed/updated something on Draw?

How do I copy a photo from my G+ albums to my google Drive directly in the cloud without having to download/upload via my computer - which is further complicated by having to unzip the downloaded files. This makes no sense, I want to work exclusively in teh cloud and cannot transfer photos between different google services.
My team of system administrators is trying to use Google Drive for our shared documentation. Some problems with the PDF viewer which I hope are addressed soon.

1. Google Drive will only search the first 100 pages of a PDF, which makes it impractical for many technical manuals, documents, etc.
2. The page numbers displayed by the drive often do not match up with the page numbers displayed inside the manual.
3. I cannot go to a specific page. If I need to view page 153, for example, I have to scroll to the bottom of the document, wait 30 seconds as Google Drive stalls at page 100, and keep on scrolling. Please let us jump to a specific page number-- this is a basic feature which should be present in every PDF viewer.
4. Many of the clickable links within the PDF are not clickable within the Google Drive viewer.
NOT HAPPY. Been to the Google Drive User Forum, lots of people complaining like me that the "Share this link w Anyone" capability has recently stopped working (April 11, 2013). Was a known issue back in Jan, fixed, but now seems to have returned. No tech support responses in the chain. The Google employee Teresa W. who seems to own that Forum hasn't posted anything in months, it appears. Looking for help, finding none, just a lot of other frustrated users. So I thought I'd post to the "Google Drive Just Got Better" page!  Hellooooo?
] kod: 8nnn (Orange Go).

I'm trying to publicly share a folder in Drive, but when I set it to public (no sign-in required) and then try to view when I am signed out, it says "500. That’s an error.
There was an error. Please try again later. That’s all we know."

Do viewers need to be signed in even though it specifically says "no sign-in required"?
I am having the same problem as Eric Gross.
I have two folders that are "Public on the web"

1. First folder
The new link returns a 500 error
But this old link works

2. Second folder
The new link returns a 500 error
But the web hosting link works
I have the same problem, Do you know if Is there any solution? thanks
Why haven't I got this new view yet?
Any way to embed this view in Google Sites? I have tried with iframe gadget with no luck
There's a bug with this - this new view of shared folder contents is prettier like you said, but when you click on a Google Document someone has shared with you this way, it shows up an old draft version - I've just had this problem sharing a folder of forms with someone, who told me that it was not finished (it was, but the preview he clicked on showed the wrong, old version),
oh crap, I hope they figure that out. 
I have created a document and when I go to make it public it won't let me change the edit link. Meaning public can edit it. I hold the mouse over it but it wont' me change it.
Anyway around this?
Wish you could rotate pictures on the drive. :(
how do you download an entire folder from folderview? im trying to share a folder of mine with someone that doesn't have a drive account and isnt planning to get one, but they are unable to download the folder that i shared with them.... after searching for a solution, looks like ill be using skydrive or dropbox 
+Alden Quimby  that seems like a function that Google Drive should have. I guess someone could click the "select all" check box at the top of the list of checkboxes, then when they download, they can have it go to a specific folder on their computer. 
Share still has a 500 file limit, even though there is no warning to the sharer or sharee, it just cuts off. I really want no limit or a configurable limit. Posted in various Google product forums but no formal acknowledgement or response :-( 
does anyone know if you can see those who have added the shared folder (or even accessed it)? I am sharing with my high school English classes and wanted to give credit for those who took the effort to actually view and add to their drive....
+alison adams Gbridge is good for file share direct from your computer, check it out. It may or may not be for you!
Thank you it came as a surprise when someone mentioned it to me, I didn't know what it meant.
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