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TGIF! What's your favorite tip for staying productive at work on Friday afternoon?
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Not playing on +Google+ all afternoon (which I'm obviously not doing)
Keeping off G+ (like right now)
what we are supposed to stay productive on Friday Afternoons? maybe next week
Have a vacation planned for the following week - the most productive Fridays ever
Afternoon? Work's done and I've a free weekend coming :-)
Most of the time on Friday I review the projects from the week and start planning for the next week.

Helps to create this to-do list on a Friday while the status of your projects is fresh in your head. This also helps clear your mind for the weekend so you are not worried about this or that. Your tasks are already captured and planned so this can help you enjoy your weekend more.

I look forward to other suggestions.
Rain helps, here in L.A at least :)
finish your work today so that you won't have to on the weekend...
One does not simply be productive on a friday afternoon... might as well get lunch at the local pub and waste it properly.
I loves me some Rammstein on the sound system in my truck FEUER FREI!!!!!!!!
We just shared a couple laughs about this special delivery I just received... nothing beats making fun of each other!
Finish all my open tasks to get peace of mind for the weekend and have a good start next week.
Playing with new features in Google!!! Though it may seem unproductive to be messin around with new fun tools. .. It's actually very productive because Google apps always help me to be more efficient and of course totally productive!!
Put on some good music and stay focused.
Work with tons of forms, and pivot tables :)
Forget productivity! Who needs it anyway? It's Friday! =P
Friday afternoon? I have Friday everyday :P
the same thing we do every friday afternoon Pinky, we are going to try and take over the world
let Friday's be the 20% day of the week.
reading Google+? j/k he he..
It's looking forward to Monday, the more that can be done at the end of the week, the less there will be left over for the busy Monday.
Finding a career you love... #webdevelopment
It's still going to be there Monday morning, so I might as well get it done now and get it out of the way.
I like to schedule staff meetings at the end of the day on Friday. There's a lot of incentive to pay attention, stay on topic, and not run late.
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