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Home screens for Docs, Sheets, and Slides are officially here!

Now when you visit,, or, you'll find an easy way to get back to your most relevant and recently edited documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

And don't forget: you can quickly create something new with a click on the + button, edit Office files by installing the new Chrome extension (, and once you enable offline editing, everything on your home screen is editable even when you’re not connected to the Internet. 
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Awesome! I was just writing some stuff on Docs and Slides! Thank you, Google!
i had folders so that i can organize my files. now no folder shown.
Client for linux google drive please
I didn't see what was wrong with the Drive interface.
I'm not clear what this change adds?
So far I can't see how to get to a regular folder view for other files? 
By any chance could you make each page accessible using the app launcher in chrome. Otherwise I see no point in using them!
Hi +Josh Unwin. You can pick a folder by clicking the folder icon in the upper right hand corner or open Drive by selecting it from the main menu that under the three-bar icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
404. That’s an error.

The requested URL /docs was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
Horrible experience.  No folders = not gonna use it.  Also, what is up with the monster menu button with the ugly formatting ?
Nononono Google. Now you take the layout from Apples guidebook. iWork is a different platform. I'd say bring on the folders and differentiate yourself from the rest.
I don't mind iWork but it's silly that Google goes the same way. Android users have mobile clients that can handle folders, so why....
+Simon Cousins you still have folders in Google drive - this is just like using excel recent files. They're two totally different purposes.
I feel dumb. What is the point of this? What's the use case that makes this better than just opening my Drive?
+Eugene Lishnevsky because some people have book marked Google docs still before it became Google drive, this will be a slow transition.
Somethings wrong... my Drive is screwed up now and I can't get the little google ball to stop spinning in docs
The offine editing feature is just awesome. 
None of my docs/slides/sheets appear. Also, google drive has trouble showing them.
Now, when I click "Google Docs" from my chromebook's app list, instead of being able to directly write on a new document, I see that useless interface. What a productivity loss...
+Alex Shaw He was talking about getting a drive client for Linux. This update works cross-platform since it is web based.
Walt B.
Went there and my docs did not show up, tried sheets, sheets did show up, went back to docs they showed up then disappeared.  I chose list view they appeared, then grid view and they appeared.
First attempt showed no docs, seems to be working now.

+Google Drive, there is a bug in the interface.   When I go to, I briefly see an icon view of my files and folders, then they disappear and are replaced by an icon drawing of a monitor, a tablet, and a handheld device, along with text stating that I can access my stuff on every device.    The navigator on the left permits me to view the contents of any folder, but I can't see the contents of the root (i.e. files not in a folder).

If I click on the tri-colored "Drive" triangle in the upper left corner enough times, eventually the annoying "any device" ad disappears and I see my root folder.   But I have to do this many times before I see that view of the root.

Please, get rid of that splash screen and go right to the root folder - I suspect many of the complaints you are seeing here will be resolved.
I'm not clear of the benefits of making separate home screens for different "apps". First with more third party apps now by this thinking, shouldn't they also have their own home screens too? Second, we could end up with almost endless home screens. I would think unification might be easier to use. Unification goes with the thinking of I shouldn't care what type of file it is so long as my drive can open it. Thoughts?
Question related to slides: until a couple of days ago it was working great with chromecast, today presentation crash after few second... Is this happening just to me?
I need open ODF documents! It's important for a lot of users.
I do love Google Drive. Still getting to know the drive when it comes to downloading recipes, but still love it. :)
Very nice Google.. Just saw it on my chromebook 2 before! 
+Google Drive I love and use Drive all the time! I even stopped using Dropbox. One problem though. I use iOS and OSX and want to know why the iOS version doesn't have scanning. There's really no reason why the Android version has it and not the iOS version. It's the one little piece that keeps me from buying into bigger storage especially since Apple is coming out with their own solution. You could've had me a long time ago! No reason to gimp iOS versions of apps since people that like iOS won't switch for something like scanning on the Google Drive version on Android. Just a thought. 
+Nigel King I read of the other posts by +Google Drive and they said that people were asking for a consistent interface across both mobile and desktop. On desktop, I certainly like the normal Google Drive interface, mainly because I have a bunch of folders. On my phone, I prefer separate Apps so I can quickly find my Docs/Sheets/Slides, both offline and online. I guess some like the option of having it both on mobile and desktop.

To others: The more features they have in a single app, the slower and potentially less stable it gets, so that's probably why they didn't keep a single app. In addition, separate apps allow for a more stable offline client.
They are becoming apps of their own again, rather than just spinoffs of Google Drive.
Hooray ~ new Google Drive is now on stable Google Apps for Business ~ 
+Nigel King Oh, it adds a unified interface for desktop and mobile! It worked so well for Microsoft, Google thought they'd try it out, too. Except that it didn't work for Microsoft.
What happened to keyboard shortcuts? I used to be able to open any file with CTRL/⌘+O, but now I have to click on a cutesy little folder icon instead. This is especially confusing since in Drive, the folder icon assigns a file to a folder rather than opening the folder. And if I want to create a new file, instead of just starting to type (like in the old version), I now have to click on a cutesy little plus sign in the bottom corner. Boo!
We need some real improvements in the new Drive:
1. Better PDF viewer.
2. Latex support in Doc and Presentations.
3. Sync of shared files.
4. Bring back the option, using Control Key, to create copies in several folders using the "Move / Copy" menu. Some of us really prefers the "Label" / "Tag" model over libraries.
M Ku
404. That’s an error.
The requested URL /sheets was not found on this server. That’s all we know

I use https instead of http
Thanks Google! Is there anything planned for a Database app?
Long overdue update that greatly enhances the user interface. Was pleasantly surprised the other day when I opened Docs and discovered the new format. 
That's amazing for some one that appreciates drive like me 
Echt mooi geworden. Doc app op Nexus 5 loopt tegen verwachting regelmatig vast 
nice - constant improvements by Google - thanks Googlers
Any chance of adding an MS Project replacement? That's the one app that's sadly missing. Yes, there are third party viewer extensions, but that doesn't help if you need to edit/manage a plan.

+Google Drive - Could you please tell me why you do this? Where is this implemented? It's not in the App Launcher icon/menu and can't be placed there. So I can only go to these new sites by typing in the address??
So you now find docs shared to you by others in your own files. Can I move those to some folder without having them disappearing for the actual owner?
+Google Drive It would be great if it was possible to sort the files in the different home screens. Just like it's possible in GDrive. Fx "last opened by me", "last edited" etc.
Google ad 's are becoming invasive
I use this things on my laptop
Can't download to desk top only to
Would be nice to have it for the default drive view too. Beautiful nonetheless.
Sorry I don't have desk top all I have is my phone
It's more or less impossible to work with files to manage which of multiple folders they are in now - try taking a PDF or other non native file format and put it in a second folder (then a third folder without removing it from the first two) or adding multiple files in a list into an additional folder.
+Edward Barker Can you clarify how you use Drive? Are you making multiple copies of files and putting them in different folders? On Chrome, I un-collapse my list of folders in Drive on the left menu and then just drag and drop files between whatever folder I want. On Android, I hold tap and then in the pop up window I select move. I don't have to take a file out of a folder and then put it in another folder. I just go from folder to folder.
+Joe Wehry  I tend to have quite a few situations where it is appropriate to keep a single file (or folder) within multiple folders in a classic 'many to many' relationship.

Under the old Chrome/Win7 interface that is pretty easy to manage.  You can see what is going on from the checkboxes in the 'Move' window. So take a file/folder that is already in two folders and you can add it to a third and fourth with a real expectation you can succeed in the task.

With the new interface there are a few document specific features to manage, say a Google Spreadsheet from its editor window. For a pdf, jpg or folder, only the new 'move' window stripped of checkboxes is provided. I have tried all sorts and simply have never succeeded in achieving the task set out above of taking a document already in two folders and adding it to a further two.

It may well just be that this functionality is lagging but I really wouldn't like to see the ability to put files/folders into multiple folders deprecated because to me it is Google Drive's little publicised killer feature.

In the older interface you can make multiple selections of files which have various combinations of folders they are associated with in order to say remove them from the current folder and add them to another one without disruption any other folders they are variously contained in. Even the multiple selection is now prevented.
Ahh. I think I understand. (So, like in list view of all files, the checkboxes helped move multiple files at once into another folder, or something like that?)  Yes. Agreed. I miss the checkboxes. It did make multiple file management much easier.  

Maybe +Google Drive could bring checkboxes back, or at least a setting to turn on for those who want it back?

Sometimes I get the feeling that people who design the updates don't actually use the products they're updating.  I'm usually scratching my heading wondering, "what are they thinking?"...
Mmm 300 spreadsheets in my Drive account. Not being able to arrange them in folders is going to SUCK!

As long as the classic drive view is kept in parallel to this new /sheets view I won't mind. 
+Eric Watkins when you open Drive you will see all file types in the folders. What is explained here is that when you are in Sheets for example, you will only see Sheets files and when in Docs you would only see mm Docs files. This does not replace the Drive option, that still exists. It just depends on what you are doing at any given time. 
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