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Global Android Dev Camp

If you want to follow what is happening at the 48 confirmed participating Android Dev Camp sites on 6 continents over the next 48 hours, then add +Global Android Dev Camp to your circles. You can also search for #GADC .

Here is a map of all the participating locations:
Android User Groups hacking at the same time worldwide - 17/19 February 2012 #GADC
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how - did - i - manage - to - miss - this ?!
We at GTUG goa are surely rocking this :D
We are from Sri Lanka GTUG..... it's going nice so far...
Gainesville GTUG is a late, but active, entry!
I need to find a group of Android lovers here in Kansas...
Wish there was one in Denmark :-(
Had a blast at the last two #RHoK events in Aarhus...
great!! so sad that there will not be one near my country :(
Brussels started with two projects this morning. Be surprised!
Thanks for the shout out, guys. It's real fun to be part of this awesome community of dedicated hackers. Stay tuned for the great results turning up tomorrow.
last man standing at Richmond UK GTUG
We have 10+ ppl here, a lot of pizza, snacks and drinks as well as some leftovers from the breakfast (16 hours ago).
2 People left in Brussels, heating off, music off...
Good luck to everyone on the final day, from your friends here in Mountain View. Happy hacking!
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