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Learn R programming on GDL

Watch these videos: R 1.1 - Initial Setup and Navigation

Most developers learn the R programming language in bits and pieces, which can leave significant knowledge gaps. To help fill these gaps, we created a series of Introduction to R Programming videos, brought to you by +GDL. These videos provide a solid foundation for programming tools, data manipulation, and functions in the R language and software. 

The series of short videos is organized into four subsections: Intro to R, Loading Data + More Data Formats, Data Processing and Writing Functions. We created a YouTube playlist so you can watch them all: R 1.1 - Initial Setup and Navigation.

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This video is currently unavailable.
I'd like to check this out; however this is the 2nd YouTube G+ link in a row to divert to a 500 error. Hope it gets fixed!
It worked for me on Chrome, but not on Chromium. (On Xubuntu 12.04 i386.)
+Google Developers The whole playlist (I actually only checked the first 4 or 5 videos) gave me the "this video is currently unavailable" error. And, as I said above, the error only occurred in Chromium (with JavaScript, Flash etc enabled). The videos played fine in Chrome (with JavaScript enabled but without Flash). My OS, as I indicated above, is Xubuntu 12.04 (i386).
Is it possible to download the state.csv and stocks.csv files to follow along with? Really enjoying these - thanks!
I would also like to get the state.csv file to experiment.  Could this be provided?  These videos are awesome for learning R!
tj b
thank you for these! Is there a transcript or maybe slides somewhere that I can use as a quick reference guide?
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