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Introducing our Developer Relations team for +Project Glass: +Timothy Jordan +Jenny Murphy +Alain Vongsouvanh +Ossama Alami 

2013 is here, and that means we're getting Glass ready for developers with the Google Mirror API. It's a cloud API that uses RESTful web services, so you should feel right at home if you've already developed for YouTube, Drive, or Google+. And, you can use any programming language that you prefer. We recently shared this information in a Glass Developer Update to our Glass Explorers, who signed up to test Glass during #IO2012.

We're inviting some of the Glass Explorers to a hackathon to help us test the API and give us feedback. It's still early and so the documentation isn't publicly available yet.  But stay tuned for more updates this year. We know you're eager for information and we can't wait to see what you will build.
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How exciting!! I truly can't wait to see the types of tools we'll be able to create with the Mirror API.
Why don't you guys send me the glasses and API and i can check it to make sure everything works
The Google Developer's channel is one of the few channels I get gmail notifications for new content...They and Vihart!
Why dose she say 'Welcome to 2013' as if we just got here. I was here since it started. ... maybe its because she just arrived ... who knows
why google hate native programming language. I think using language like C++ we can do more thing and get more efficiency--graphic processing,data mining ect.
Huh....  To your producer. This tastes a bit like canned food.  I love Google geeks in the wild.  Google geeks running on scripts... just plain awkward.  This product is good enough to let people talk about it.  Why make them speak from cards?
I was interested enough to click play, but the delivery is just painful. +Andrew Stillman "just plain awkward" is right. If they're interested in what they're doing, just let the poor guys enthuse about it.
ther ewas a glass developer a block way from my crib,till all the shit blw up
always wondere why he was allways trying to bite his ear off
It looks like all they've done is move the masking tape from the bridge to the hinge.
You need to watch other presenters and compare your body language.  Your head was bouncing too much.  Yes, the discussion sounded very scripted and unnatural.  I know that many people are truly psyched about this technology.  Please revisit the drawing board about how you prepare for these presentations.
Very exciting, but I think your folks need a bit more practice reading from a script...
there are so many option for networking that I feel some people are just taxed out.....  as a developer I feel simple GUI push and click with video explanations of what is accomplished is the most effective way to reach the public,  do you agree..?  how would you present this ..?    Thanks Rickey Thomas in Denver
They need to stop reading from a teleprompter and use a script only as a guide.  The timing of their speech is too uniform and they do not seem to be engaged with each other and their viewers.  Use the script as a guide only, so that their language patterns are more natural and contains some pauses.  These advocates are busy people, but they have time to do several takes to get it right.  The glass project is an amazing opportunity and has so many peoples attention.  It is one of the projects that makes younger people perceive Google as a true innovator where they would like to work.  I am personally so excited about Google Glass.  I wish I had been at the last Google IO so that I could have signed up for the explorer program.  I am looking forward to what developers do with Glass and the mirror api.
Is there any documentation on the Mirror API already publicly available?
Curious -- for the GLASS contest -- will there be any way for "winners" to program the GLASS or we they (me???) be restricted to whatever Google and others have developed or are developing? (Thanks)
Where can I download the mirror API  - I am a Google explorer 
I don't believe that the mirror API is currently available to the PUBLIC...?  send a email to tech development team .  or research the API beta ,  or try different wording .  when you find the link please forward to the rest of us... Developer
Really its amazing...can't believe...Hats off  to Google.. !! Its just released and in Beta version , i desperately waiting to explore this api....looking to get more information......!

Pankaj Singh
Hanu Software Soln, India
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